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Have you been hankering for a really good Lois Lane story?  Well, get down to your local comic shop and have them put Superman: Lois Lane #1 on your pull list.  Don’t have a pull list or a local comic shop?  Then be sure to either subscribe or pre-order it digitally.  On February 26th, Lois Lane will get a 48 page one-shot written by Marguerite Bennett with art by Emanuela Lupaccino.

Lois Lane is known for chasing down stories — but what happens when the story is her family? As her father gains more power in the government, Lois’s sister Lucy has become involved with a deadly drug scene! Meanwhile, Lois thought she was rid of the influence of Brainiac, but now she finds that the the computer tyrant of Colu is calling out to her again!

Here’s what Ms. Bennett has to say about Lois and her book:

Lois’s tale is an adventure story—a sci-fi noir, if you will. Lois Lane is the first lady (queen? khaleesi?) of DC Comics, and I was in fits to offer up a story worthy of her. There’s an elegance to the structure and a poignance to the plot that I hope won’t strike a nerve so much as twist it, and leave our readers avid for more.

For Lois, I had envisioned not the clean, bright, idealized superhero art of Superman, but a deep, rich, and somewhat darker human world and underworld. Not the grit and grime of Gotham, naturally, but a place of depth, texture, emotion, and consequence—a place where things must be seen with their scars, and not from high above.

Regarding her favorite thing about Lois:   Oh, Lord, just one? May I say her general magnificence? May I say her audacity in the face of danger? May I say her willpower, when all the world is going to hell? May I say that she is neither a believer nor a cynic, but one who will face the world on the principle of truth and truth alone?

I love the conviction in Lois, how the same woman can maintain such calm and resolve and yet be so invested in the world and all its struggles. She cares so completely as to plunge into the fray, a war journalist or investigative reporter, because she knows that the truth must be brought to light, no matter how ugly, no matter how terrible. Yet she doesn’t permit the darkness, corruption, or trauma of the world she has seen to sully her. It can try and try and try again to dig its hooks into her, but she is fiercer and filled with more conviction than any human or superhuman foe can break. Within her discipline and self-reliance is, I believe, an inherent compassion—an understanding of our suffering, and a trust that the truth will better us—a trust that we will better ourselves.

Thanks to G-Man at Comic Vine for the exclusive interview.

This is the queen without a crown, the first lady of the DCU. Her resolve is legendary, but that same resolve has its consequence. Even in her youth, Lois was called upon to be the example, the good soldier, the mother to her younger sister, the lieutenant to her father. Her complexity is phenomenal, but it has a price as much as a reward.

This is the woman who has stood toe-to-toe with gods and watched them blink first. This is the human heart of an increasingly superhuman world, its center of conviction, compassion, and resolve.

This story is hers. She is no one’s supporting cast member, and her very foundations are rising up against her. I have read and loved reading Lois, from Lois the girlfriend to Lois the war reporter, but for this moment in time, I felt she deserved a story about her family, her friendships, her relationships, her mess, her struggle, her climb. (Things explode, too, but the story is a poignant one.)

For familiar characters, you’ll find Jimmy Olsen and Clark Kent, Lucy and Sam Lane, and Lois’s mother, as well, in addition to several original characters (one for whom I have high hopes).

The complete interview with Vaneta Rogers at Newsarama.

Hold on, there’s more from the Newsarama interview:

With Lois, however, if there is fan enthusiasm for the concept, and if the sales turnout is strong, Dan DiDio has told fans that a Lois series would be there for them. It’s entirely within the hands of the readers, though. For my part, I hope they love her as much as I do, because I would be overjoyed for fans to see what she can do.

Let’s get our girl her own mini-series or ongoing!

As of this writing Lois has psionic powers (see Brainiac reference in the bolded solicit under the cover), is interrupting the fauxmance, and has the Parasite after her.  Superman: Lois Lane #1 will be coinciding with Superman #28 (same month as Lois’ book).  General Sam Lane has become US Senator Sam Lane who is investigating something called The Tower (mentioned in Superman #26 and Action #27).  With her current psionic powers she knows Superman and Clark Kent are one-in-the-same, but that could change with Superman #27 later this month.  And Clark Kent apparently will be making an appearance in her book.  He’s gone back to writing and pining for the Daily Planet.

Lois is the key!  The big giant key like Superman used to have at the Fortress of Solitude.  Marguerite Bennett knows it and let’s make sure DC Comics sees we know it, too.   A strong, visible Lois Lane always inspires Clark Kent to be a better Superman.

So are you ready?  Let’s get the word out about Superman: Lois Lane #1.

If you are on twitter, use the hashtag #GoLois! in your tweets.  We want to get the buzz and the info out there.  Prepare your local comic shop and let DC Comics know, there will be a demand for this book!


Please feel free to use the banner above to get the word out.   Thanks to kiki!


Join us to trend #LOISLANE75YRS



April 18th marks the 75th anniversary of Action Comics #1, which made its debut in 1938 featuring Superman and Lois Lane. Before Lex Luthor, Perry White, Jimmy Olsen, Ma and Pa Kent, Krypton, The Daily Planet, and flight, there was Lois Lane. For most of Superman’s 75 years he has loved Lois Lane, and in the process generations have fallen in love with her too. Through countless incarnations—both in print, animation, and live action—Lois Lane has proven herself as a HERO in her own right, an INSPIRATION, and a ROLE MODEL.

Unfortunately, it appears as if DC Comics is poised to ignore Lois in their celebration of Superman’s 75th anniversary. Variant covers designed to honor Superman and his mythos have been announced. While Lex Luthor is guaranteed his own cover, co-publisher Jim Lee has said there’s only the possibility Lois will appear on a cover, and if she does Lee says it will probably have to include Jimmy and Perry (who both have less longevity and significance than Lois Lane) because he’s not sure a cover with her would sell and DC Comics is too focused on promoting the Superman and Wonder Woman relationship to let Lois share their transitory spotlight.

The premiere female of the Superman mythology DESERVES BETTER than to have her legacy ignored or shared with lesser supporting characters. She deserves RESPECT. To show DC Comics that Lois Lane is a legend in her own right, please tweet #LoisLane75yrs from 7-9pm on Thursday, April 18.

For important details about trending and special icons for the occasion, please click here.

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We’re All A-twitter Over Erica Durance!

by Holli

Smallville's Lois Lane, Erica Durance

The CW is having some of their stars tweet during their episodes this week. Smallville’s Lois Lane will be tweeting on the CW site.  Fans have decided to not only honor her on that site but also on the regular twitter venue.

This announcement is chronological:

If you have a twitter account, please tweet #EricaDurance starting this Friday, May 7th at 7pm Eastern time. That’s 4 pm on the west coast. And the trending stops at 9 pm Eastern, 6 pm Pacific.

Same rules apply:


Use no other hashtags besides #EricaDurance in your tweets.

Each tweet must be unique or it is considered spamming.

And most importantly use the hashtag only once per tweet.

Afraid you’ll get locked out of your account? It is estimated you can do 200 tweets in four hours relatively safely.

C’mon, let’s do it! Let’s show this great actress how we feel about her portrayal of our favorite heroine, Lois Lane!

You can officially following Erica at CW_EricaDurance on Twitter now.

The CW site will be taking questions for Erica to answer.

Her session begins at 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific.

If you do not wish to have a twitter account, this would be a good way to see what all the hubbub is about and talk to your favorite Lois Lane.

Use: or

Just type @CW_EricaDurance, type a space, then type your question or comment and send it! The site automatically adds Smallville to your tweet for you and adds it to the ongoing Smallville discussion feed! Erica will see the tweets and respond to the one’s she can!

Thanks to #EDfor22 for some of the info.

Twitterama Tomorrow April 23, 2010 for #EDfor22

by Holli

Are you enjoying the fabulous Lois and Clark, Clark and Lois action on Smallville this season?  Want to see even more?  Are you tired of waiting through Loisless episodes?

Wait no more!  #EDfor22 has a petition for Erica Durance to be in 22 episodes in Season 10 — BUT they’re not stopping there.

Friday, April 23rd at 4 pm Eastern Standard time, they need your help  in trending #EDfor22.


Use no other hashtags besides #EDfor22 in your tweets.  Each tweet must be unique or it is considered spamming.  And most importantly use the hashtag only once per tweet.

Afraid you’ll get locked out of your account?  It is estimated you can do 200  tweets in four hours relatively safely.  If you are determined to get our Lois Lane in every episode next season, create a backup account.

C’mon, let’s do it!  For the greatest comic book couple of all time!  Let’s get Clark smiling every episode!

Don’t plan on having a twitter account?  Then sign the petition, please.

Sign petition if you do  have a twitter account.  Thanks.

Erica Durance Fans join forces to Support Their Lois Lane!

By Kate Blake- admin CCC and OSCK

Divine Intervention which is one of our affiliates and the largest home for CLOIS fans for Smallville online with over 5,000 members is launching a fresh campaign to show their support for Erica Durance as Lois Lane. This season she was supposed to get more than her usual 13 episodes- it looks like that number has not been expanded on as promised. In an effort to show how much Erica’s fans enjoy her portrayal of Lois Lane on Smallville, DI members have launched OPERATION WILD CHERRY to push for Erica to get a full time full season contract for season 9 of Smallville- if there is one. If there isn’t one- the campaign is one big show of support and thanks to Erica for her memorable portrayal of the woman who will one day be married to Superman.

You don’t have to be a DI member to participate- we have all of the info here on our blog for you- just click on the OPERATION WILD CHERRY PAGE HERE for the addresses of where to send e-mails and postcards and letters showing your LOIS LANE appreciation! This isn’t a shipper campaign- just a LOIS campaign. This blog was started to show our support for Lois Lane- it is time for Superman fans from all over to show their support for our favorite female reporter!

Campaign will be starting exactly one week from today on Monday, February 23, 2009 and will continue throughout the month of March and possibly the month of April (or until we receive confirmation of a Season 9).

For updates- check with HELIO on DIVINE INTERVENTION in the offiical Operation Wild Cherry Thread
Here is Baudyhallee’s video supporting the OWC Campaign….