About CCC

CCC is a Lois and Clark Smallville/ Superman fan site and this is our blog promoting our efforts to get the powers to be to listen to the fans and have more storylines and episodes in Smallville’s final season to feature Erica Durance as Lois Lane. Lois and her journey toward becoming the Pulitzer prize winning journalist that Clark Kent falls in love with and marries when he is also Superman , Lois Lane’s story has been developing over the past 4 years on Smallville and it is now time for her step into a primary role on the show and that means we need to see Erica in more than just her typical 13 episodes per season.

Beyond this petition drive and campaign we will be sharing our artwork and videos focused on Lois and Clark and Erica Durance in this blog- and of course fun CLOIS , Lois and Erica news stories.

For general Smallville spoilers, news, trailers and info on the other stars of Smallville please visit the OSCK blog– links to it are in the blogroll here on this site.

2 Responses

  1. I’d like to thank and congratulate you for putting up this website for CLOIS. I am a huge fan of Lois and Clark since 1978, the first time I watched them on the big screen. They’re “soulmates”!

    More power :)

  2. Does anyone out there know the song title and/or artist played in the love scene Erica Durance / Steve Beyers Final Verdict

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