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This is the very first page of Scott Lobdell’s Superman #14.  Here is the narration that accompanies it:

Her name is LOIS LANE. She is an Army brat made good. 

Not even thirty and she’s already won her first Pulitzer.

The nightly news magazine she executive produces on GBS has been nominated for an Emmy.

She’s as comfortable interviewing the President in the White House – as she is filing from behind enemy lines in Quaraq.

Let’s just say there is only one Lois Lane and leave it at that.

As her best friend, he has seen her at her best and at her worst.

As Superman, he’s caught her in his arms while she suffered from hypothermia at 40,000 feet.

As Clark Kent , he escorted her to the last royal wedding where she committed the international faux pas of looking better than the bride.

No matter how many times he lays eyes on her – even as he does here with his x-ray vision –

He’s always taken aback at the realization that Lois Lane is the most amazing woman he has ever met.

The new 52 Clark/Superman doesn’t have the introspective self awareness to be saying or thinking this . . . yet.  It is not an editor’s note.  But it is a glimmer of hope for Lois Lane fans.  And fans for the iconic triangle-for-two.

Lois is amazing — and in these first few pages of this issue, she is the mature one in the room.  A character that has always moved forward (inspiring a super man), she is taking a very important step in her life.  Her sometimes boyfriend is moving in with her.  Is it true love?  Doubt it.  But Lois Lane does not pine and we know how she is in the patience department.  There is only one person she has every been patient with — and that’s Clark.  But five years of patience with no pay off — yea, a woman needs to move on.

Matt Idelson, DC Editor, said this  —

“Clark most definitely has feelings for Lois, but he not only sees her as unattainable, but also unavailable.”

“Clark does indeed have feelings for Lois, unrequited though they might seem to be.”

“My hope is that ultimately, we’ll all look back . . . and see that without Lois in his life, that human representation is something he had to grow towards, and that the absence of Lois in his romantic life held him back.”

Why does Clark think she is unattainable and unavailable (before she hooked up with Jonathan)?  Because of the fauxmance bullship playing out in Justice League.  DC Comics decided Superman’s marriage in the previous universe had to go — it made him unrelatable and boring.  Better to have him in a love triangle. (Where in the hell did I put those puke buckets from Season 7 of Smallville?)  So Superman has been kissing the available Wonder Woman perhaps while under the influence of  magical parasitic lesser gods who feed off loneliness and grief of the living–five years after they met.  One of their kisses showed up in Superman 14 beside Clark and Lois arguing.  (Bangs around closet looking for puke buckets and anger meds)  That’s the bad news which fans will be uncomfortably enduring over the next few months.

Now for some good news (or speculation).  Clark Kent/Superman thinks Lois Lane is the most amazing woman he has ever met.  Just think about that.  (It brings up a whole plethora of questions about what’s wrong with this Clark Kent that he hasn’t made a move in five years — but that’s another subject altogether.)

What we may be seeing here is Lois is always Lois.  She may be the only character in the new 52 Superman story we can hold onto with any kind of secure familiarity.  She will also be an inspiration to Clark, as she has been for many years.

According to Scott Lobdell, Lois has dropped everything (her boyfriend and soon-to-be-invaded apartment) to speak to Clark about his leaving the Daily Planet.  Clark vs boyfriend moving in — she goes for Clark.  Promising!  The conversation that ensues shows these two don’t want to lose each other.  Lois wants Clark to return to the Daily Planet despite his aversion to Morgan Edge and Clark doesn’t want her to go to the next level with Jonathan.  But of course, they get interrupted.  *sigh*

Will we see how or why these two remain best friends (or more) — despite more crossovers, the fauxmance, and DC execs misconceptions of the characters in the Superman mythology?   Time will tell.  Hopefully we will see the fog parting by the time the 75th anniversary of Clark Kent/Lois Lane/Superman in the Spring and Scott Snyder’s yet-unnamed third Superman book.

If Clark/Superman is the one to open Pandora’s box to release hope into the universe — because he has the strongest heart.  We Lois fans know it is because Lois Lane will have inspired him, opened his heart, and given him hope.  That’s our desire for the Man of Steel.  For him to become Superman and save the universe and inspire us.

In March, Andy Diggle will be taking over the Action Comics duties and has expressed how excited he is about writing Lois Lane.  We know that creators work under editors and editorial mandates — we’re anxious to see what this new writer will do with our beloved characters.

Take heart!  Clark Kent/Superman realizes Lois Lane is the most AMAZING woman he has ever met.


6 Responses

  1. […] you’re interested on how I felt about Superman #14 — at least the first page, check out this Lois Lane blog.  Something for us to hold onto while the fauxmance bombs keep […]

  2. When I read that line, “Lois Lane is the Most Amazing Woman Clark Kent has ever met.” I couldn`t help but be reminded of when Dr. Gregory House & Dr. Lisa Cuddy finally got together on House. She said the exact same thing.

    That all she knows is that for good or bad House is the most amazing man that she has ever known. They gave being a couple a shot — House screwed it up. By becoming something akin to the Worst Boyfriend Ever! I lost all respect for him and interest in the show and stopped watching it. Will I ever give it another shot? Maybe… But that`s neither here nor there.

    At first I had to roll my eyes after reading the first page of Superman #14 by Scott Lobdell. I mean come on… The amount of praise, adulation and hyperbole thrown Lois Lane`s way is kind of the textbook definition of a Mary Sue. But beauty being in the eye of the beholder. It occured to me that perhaps it was just Clark who saw her this way. And from what I`ve read so far; along with your article:

    I think Clark may feel that Lois is unattainable and out of his reach. Because her human achievements humbles him. And she sort of intimidates him. On a scale of merit and as a citizen — she trumps him. Look at all she`s accomplished as a woman and a human without superpowers. Unfortuantely Kal-El will never know what its like to be normal.Because of his special abilities he could succeed at almost any profession as the Graphic Novel Superman: Earth One showed. But who would he be — how successful and accomplished would he be if he was a normal human?

    Its been said that we accept the love (and treatment) that we think we deserve. If you see someone else as the most amazing person that you`ve ever met. Then the question becomes: How do you see yourself?

    • Hi Son of Prometheus,

      Thanks for commenting. Yes, according to Matt Idelson’s quote, Clark does find Lois unattainable. BUT even in the new 52, despite the death of the Kents, Clark led a relatively normal human life until his teen years. Geoff Johns has shown us in Justice League that Clark played team sports in junior high and high school (football). He probably acquired his powers during adolescence. He knows what it is to be ‘human’.

      The new 52 mindset from the beginning was to alienate him from humans — thus removing the Kents and Lois, his closest human relationships, from the narrative. In any good writing, there has to be back story to build a character — and the Kents and Lois are part of that back story which we have not be allowed to see. (the five year gap)

      Grant Morrison complicated matters even more with making Lord Vyndyktvx change when the Kents died, and how Clark went to work for the Daily Star instead of the Daily Planet. Some of the ‘old’ universe came into play with the Death of Superman story in Action 16. How the writers of the new 52 will fill in this 5 year gap with ‘pre-history’ is yet to be seen. We will probably have to wait until after the editorial mandated Superman Wonder Woman alliance is done.

      As I said in the opening paragraph, the new 52 Clark has no introspection or self awareness — and even if he did his world, reality, and life is manipulated by the many mind altering, reality altering, time altering villains he has encountered since the reboot. He’s confused and we’re confused.

      It has been said that Superman/Clark loves Lois Lane because she is a better reporter than he is. He chose reporting because it gave him an even playing field with humans. Lois is a superlative reporter and human being. She surprises him — and that’s a unique thing for him especially with all his sensory powers. She also challenges him — which makes him a better person.

      (Lex Luthor on the other hand HATES Superman because he is a better being than he is.)

      Lois Lane has never been a Mary Sue. But unfortunately, we are dependent on the writer’s narration boxes to get any insight into how Clark sees and feels about Lois Lane. Some say Clark is young yet, but he is 27 years old in the Superman book. He has shown more maturity in Action when he was 22 years old. Geoff Johns writes him in Justice League pretty much the same way we saw in the old universe. It will be interesting to see how Andy Diggle writes him in Action in a 3 book arc covering the 4th year of the five year gap. Scott Snyder’s book may give more dimension and answers especially since it is ‘celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Superman.’

  3. Reading this gave me renewed hope.

    Thank you internet stranger. You made my day.

  4. I’ve always love Lois and Superman love. They are soulmates..when I heard they are pairing WW with superman I can’t figure out why?? Its absurd but I know it won’t last for 75 years..we all the fans of Lois n Superman knows that pretty well

  5. I love Lois n Clark/Superman relationship ,priceless..hope dc new 52 will go to the right direction soon. WW/SM new comic will be out soon but I dun think they will last long..Fans of Lois are confident of it…

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