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Smallville Closes in on The Modern Age for Clark & Lois

Wallpaper by Erika - Click on thumb to view

Smallville Closes in on The Modern Age for Clark & Lois

By Erika Blake
OSCK & Superverses Admin
Smallville HD Screencap Collection

In the Modern Age Superman comics Lois Lane has to endure her father thinking little of her because he feels that she married beneath her; he thinks that Clark Kent is a wuss and not nearly good enough for his daughter. Considering that Clark is actually the most powerful person on the planet – this is hilarious, however, it goes to show you how beautifully Clark has managed to divide his two identities such that no one in their right mind would think that sweet, mild-mannered Clark Kent could actually be Superman.

For years on “Smallville” fans have had screaming fits because Clark repeatedly let people walk all over him and never straighten out his backbone. It’s been beyond frustrating, particularly when he would do it for those who were undeserving of his grace and forgiveness (Blahna kidnapping and torturing Lionel being a single case in point.) However, it was that wide-eyed innocence and blind forgiveness that Lois always saw from him which allowed her to formulate her view of him as a simple, honest (albeit at times annoying) farmboy and never saw him as anything beyond that. “It’s Ok if your signature move is driving a tractor.”

“Smallville” is a wonderfully unique take on Superman because they introduced Lois so early in Clark’s life. In every other incarnation of Superman they meet on the job, Clark is stupefied in love at first sight, and Lois rolls her eyes at the big, doofy fresh off the farm bozo who she’s paired with in the bull pen. In this go around, Lois quite rightfully got to think of Clark as a big dork in their early years – because face it – that’s what he was when he was stupidly mooning & brooding over Blahna and refusing to get off of the farm.

Flash forward five years and Lois & Clark are duking it out for top stories at The Daily Planet all of the while battling their growing feelings for each other. From season eight, we’ve known that Lois was in love with Clark Kent – the farmboy who she only sees as shy and selfless. At the end of the season when he lost her, Clark realized how much he loved her as well. The pain of her disappearance spurned him to disengage himself entirely from humanity as he lost interest in the best part of himself.

There are several wonderful things that we’ve learned about this couple this season. First off – neither of them function well if they’re at odds with each other. Second as a team they are unstoppable. Finally – after years of seeing each of these two characters struggle with trying to love the wrong people – seeing them blindly trying to find completion in each other is a wonderfully delightful emotional roller coaster ride. After years of melodrama and guilt ridden angst, we have a couple who put everything emotionally out on the table and keep nothing between them. This is the couple that we’ve been waiting for and this year the triangle built for two is in full swing.

Clark this season is no longer a dufus boy but a grown mature man. He now understands that he has responsibilities in the world and that being a hero is his true calling. As he’s grown into his powers and can now control them, all that he desperately wants to do is to share them with the woman who he loves but doesn’t know how to do that without putting her life at risk.

As the Blur Clark’s 100% confident – he saves lives and commands respect. When he used to call Lois as the Blur he could share that part of himself to her that she doesn’t know exists in his daily existence. The problem is that the Blur hides in the shadows and as the season has moved forward, Clark found that people could impersonate him since no one has ever seen his face. Plastering his symbol all over wasn’t infallible, people can copy that as well (IDOL). People can use voice modulators and masquerade as him to those who he cares about the most and put them in danger (Zod.)

This is a broken triangle that Clark needs to figure out how to fix – fast!

In “Charade” The Blur “broke up” with Lois and in doing so, Clark was utterly devastated. He was heart-broken because this now meant that in no way could he share that special part of himself with the woman he loves. Now he would have to be a hero in the dark with people only blindly being devoted to him. The Kryptonian hero who protects humanity but cannot interact WITH humanity. Clark loves mankind, which as we’ve learned this season makes him very unique as a Kryptonian, for most of the Kandorians see nothing special about humanity. Not being able to show his love for them is killing him, however, Clark is also reluctant to show his face to the world because he’s not interested in being viewed as a savior or a God. Clark Kent at his heart is a humble man and “Smallville” has always brilliantly shown how uncomfortable he is with becoming a symbol – something that is unattainable because Clark is the most human person on the planet.

By severing the Blur’s connection to Lois – both of them are now lost and without purpose. For Lois she’s got a double whammy – she lost her job and her calling as sidekick to Metropolis’s greatest Superhero. Literally half of her existence has been ripped away from her. Clark doesn’t realize fully realize at this point how important Lois is for bolstering his confidence as a superhero. She is the fuel that makes his spine tight and made of steel. When Lois supports him, Clark can carry the world on his back without breaking a sweat.

The roof scene at the end of “Charade” officially is the turning point in the series. For all of his life, Clark has always denied his Kryptonian destiny and has been happy to perform acts of heroism without any credit. Now that he’s made the decision to go public, he won’t be able to keep that part of himself from Lois for the simple fact that she’s extremely devoted to his alter ego and admires it in a way that he’s always longed for. There’s always been a deep-rooted desire in him to show off for her – case in point when he was on Red K in “Crimson” all that he wanted to do was show to her that he was more than a dorky farmboy and usurp the Green Arrow in Lois’s mind as what a real hero was like.

Lois herself has a hero complex. She’s attracted to men who want to make the world a better place. This comes from her military family background where duty and country comes before family. Clark is the water to her fire – he provides balance in her life. Her mild-mannered boyfriend is the diffuser to her temper and is always polite and considerate to her. His simplicity makes him heroic in her eyes in that as a human being he is about as perfect as you can get. This is why Lois is so rattled at the end of “Charade” when she realizes that in reality she’s been cheating on her perfect boyfriend with a faceless hero, sharing a part of herself to the mystery man that she doesn’t share with Clark. All of her life she’s seen Clark as an Ok sidekick to her, but she always manages to see him when he’s at his weakest. Lois sees herself as his protector and she broke his trust.

Clark’s immediate acceptance of Lois’s “cheating” on him with the Blur bothers Lois because she realized that doing it was dishonest. Lois doesn’t like dishonesty – particularly in herself (STILLETTO.) Clark of course has no problem with it since she was actually cheating on him…with him…or with him in spirit. “I guess if a part of me has her trust and a part of me gets the rest then it all works out in some strange way, right?” Clark however, doesn’t want Lois to be a target so he holds firm to his decision to keep her in the dark which only further paints his human alter ego Clark Kent as being a sweet and gullible pushover. “God, you don’t have to be Ok with it, Clark.”

For years when he blindly forgave people – it was beyond irritating. Finally, we get to see that all of those trials were there to prepare him for the hardships that will come with the massive responsibility that will go along with living his dual life as Superman/Clark Kent. People have faults. They are flawed. Clark has faults and is flawed as well. He is however indestructible and humans are not. People make mistakes, but none of them can possibly be as bad as his having to constantly lie to those who he respect and love about who he truly is. This is why he’ll blindly keep Lois in the dark until he realizes that she is the key to his complete happiness. “It would just be so much EASIER if they were the same person.” Lois will love him for all that he is: the selfless hero for humanity and the sweet, mild-mannered reporter who melts her heart. At the same time, because she has her own life and is independent, she can confidently share him with the rest of the world because she understands his higher calling.

From this point forward both of them have been given glimpses of what life will be like for them when they’re fully open with each other. When Clark got to talk to Lois as the Blur he got to be free, open, and joyously happy. For Lois, she felt like that she was a part of something that was bigger than herself, that she mattered. Lois will be a part of the greatest journey in the universe, being the woman who keeps Superman in the air protecting humanity all of the while keeping Clark Kent firmly on the ground and in her arms.

Clark has never had anyone, other than possibly J’onn J’onzz expect much from him or provide any sort of real direction on where his destiny should take him. That question that Clark posed to Lois at the end of “Charade” wasn’t entirely directed at her but to himself. Clark has always been happy to just go with where life took him, to deny his destiny – but all of that has now changed. Because Lois is the key to the cryptogram that is his life. Her love, her passion, her spirit, and her devotion to truth and justice will be that last piece of the puzzle that will make Clark a complete man. In “The Adventures of Lois and Clark” Dean Cain’s Clark said that “Clark Kent is who I am, Superman is just what I do.” On “Smallville” this is not going to be the case, this triangle is much deeper than that.

Clark on “Smallville” has never known exactly what sort of a hero it is that he’s supposed to be. Jor-El’s teachings always made him think that he was supposed to be a cold, god-like hero which as he’s discovering as the Blur just doesn’t suit his personality. In “Infamous” outing himself completely didn’t work because that made him a target of mistrust. At the moment he is still lost particularly when you think of his question in its entirety, “I suppose the question is now that he’s gone, am I enough?” For the first time, Clark has to face the fact that perhaps the woman he loves will only truly accept ALL of him and that his human alter ego that every other female in his life has always coveted, might not be enough to hold her full attention. Lois is a rare jewel, she’ll be able to handle both sides of him equally. No other person in his life has ever been that accepting of all of him – excepting his mother.

With that question out in the open this series is now shooting straight into modern comic mythos. In the comics, Clark Kent is Superman FOR Lois Lane. He is that hero because that’s what she wants him to be because she loves what Superman represents to the world – hope. In their relationship, Lois is all strength and Clark is all heart – they balance each other perfectly.

Lois loves Clark, but she has always known that there is more to Clark than just being a dorky farmboy. It’s why she shoved the application for The Daily Planet into his hands at the end of Season 7. Her gut told her that Clark doesn’t really want a bicycle but a Harley, but he’s always been too selfless for others to want things for himself. Lois wants Clark to fully live life rather than sit and watch it from the sidelines. When Lois confessed her feelings about how working with the Blur gave her life purpose, Clark has a new challenge & goal ahead of him – living up to the expectations of the woman he loves, trusts, and respects more than anyone on the planet.

Clark and Lois work because they see the world through the same glasses – the world is morally black and white to them. They’ve always been straight-forward and completely honest with each other (other than the one blaring omission of Clark’s true parentage.) Because this is the relationship that they’ve always had they’ll be able to weather whatever emotional storms head their way. Clark just needs to realize that Lois’s devotion to protect him is as equally strong as his desire to protect her.

Where will they go from here? We’ve only got three episodes left for the season and the producers promise a massive climax season finale for Clark and Lois. With a new Modern Age Superman film coming to theaters, could it be that it will take off where “Smallville” ends? If that’s the case, Clark and Lois will have full disclosure. For the series where Clark has spent years trying to fit in; trusting and confiding in the great love of his life, and finding peace and balance in his life would be the perfect way to end the series. I for one, am hoping that that will ultimately be how the series ends. After the years of angst and emotional torment that these two characters have experience on “Smallville” Clark and Lois deserve that happiness that we all know is waiting for them.


2 Responses

  1. I love the posters that you have done. I have done a few and would love to post them around the net, so far i have not found a way, so they stay stuck on my blog page.
    Hope you have a look.

  2. Holy moley that’s fantastic. You just summed up the spirit, the love and destiny that is Lois and Clark. Bravo!

    Hope to read more in the future. Season 10 is like a dream come true level of wow.

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