Twitterama Tomorrow April 23, 2010 for #EDfor22

by Holli

Are you enjoying the fabulous Lois and Clark, Clark and Lois action on Smallville this season?  Want to see even more?  Are you tired of waiting through Loisless episodes?

Wait no more!  #EDfor22 has a petition for Erica Durance to be in 22 episodes in Season 10 — BUT they’re not stopping there.

Friday, April 23rd at 4 pm Eastern Standard time, they need your help  in trending #EDfor22.


Use no other hashtags besides #EDfor22 in your tweets.  Each tweet must be unique or it is considered spamming.  And most importantly use the hashtag only once per tweet.

Afraid you’ll get locked out of your account?  It is estimated you can do 200  tweets in four hours relatively safely.  If you are determined to get our Lois Lane in every episode next season, create a backup account.

C’mon, let’s do it!  For the greatest comic book couple of all time!  Let’s get Clark smiling every episode!

Don’t plan on having a twitter account?  Then sign the petition, please.

Sign petition if you do  have a twitter account.  Thanks.


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