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FAN ARTISTS- Enter the Superverses WE SHIP THE MYTHOS Challenge

Welcome to our first art challenge of 2010! This challenge is for SMALLVILLE and is for promoting Superverses as the place to come to showcase that “We ship the Mythos!”

Rules and Regulations:

What is Allowed: Anything Smallville related that’s directly related to the DC mythos of Superman. Non-Mythos characters (Chloe, meteor freaks, etc) are not allowed. You may manip the characters as you wish. Superman manipping is allowed.

Text: Text must say on it “Superverses – We Ship the Mythos” and include our community’s URL somewhere: “http://redkryptonclark.proboards.com

Sizes: Wallpaper must be 1280×960 or larger – no larger than 1680×1050.

What can you use? High Quality Images only. Any brushes, textures, fonts etc are fine.

Deadline is April 18th. SIGN UP ON Superverses and send entries to ERIKA ( DETAILS HERE)

Winners: Winners will receive banners AND winning wallpapers will be featured on OSCK & Multipleverses!

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