The Broken Hearted are the walking Dead – Clois Season 9 Introspective

By Erika Blake
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The Broken Hearted are the walking Dead – Macy – crazy jewelry store owner in COMMITTED.

If last season was all about Clark & Lois openly denying their feelings for each other, the fear of losing each other is an underlining theme this season between Lois and Clark. For Lois it’s been more subtle than Clark’s tormented brooding. In SAVIOR/METALLO – Lois appears lost without Clark around. She is happy when Blur calls her and becomes his sidekick (it’s very exciting to be singled out by a celebrity,) but this is a pale substitute to what her heart really wants. She caresses Clark’s nametag, she goes to his house hoping to see him, she clings to his dog for dear life and even pup-naps Shelby in hope that will bring him to her, and when she finally does see Clark at the end of METALLO we get a reunion of absolute and unguarded joy. Wow you must’ve really missed me! Clark has no idea how true those words were all of her greatest fears that she experienced when she zapped back in time from the end of PANDORA had vanished the second that she laid eyes on him again.

In her flashes there were two events that we never saw until Clark took the deep journey into Lois’s brain. We never saw:

  • Clark nearly being beheaded by Zod
  • Clark being stabbed and nearing death.

It’s possible that Lois might unlock some of her other memories, but somehow I doubt it – the producers did a great job of picking just the most important moments in the whole event to show us – Chloe/Lois/Ollie battling to get to Watchtower – eh not so important – Lois wouldn’t have thought that ass-kicking was traumatic. Clark nearly getting beheaded and getting stabbed after she had had the most amazing night of love making in her entire life with him; these 2 events would’ve likely been the most traumatic to her and would be the 2 key points that she would not ever want to have to relive. It’s very telling of the depth of her feelings for him that those 2 events would’ve been completely blocked. It would explain why she’d be overcome by PTS whenever Clark and Lois started getting close (end of RABID, IDOL,) because a part of her brain had locked away the fact that she had firsthand witnessed Clark being nearly taken away from her forever and as a strong woman who’s completely in love, she just can’t handle that.

The biggest lesson that Lois brought back from the future was that she fears losing Clark more than anything else in life. Remember her parting words to him where What if I never see you again? And in his final breaths Clark smiles and assures her that she will, because Clark Kent is all about hope. And to him Lois IS hope personified. Lois unfortunately doesn’t remember this because her memories got all Swiss cheesed on her return journey to the past.

There is still an underlying fear in her that Clark will leave her which relates to her own abandonment issues. She’s repeatedly been disappointed by the men in her life and has erected sarcastic walls around her heart to protect it. Clark’s the only person who she’s ever, EVER really let her guards down around. That started clear back in season 4 in LUCY. For years Clark and Lois have been circling each other waiting for their right moment. Lois can sense it’s coming, but is terrified that she’ll screw things up somehow, because that seems to be her pattern with men (although one can argue it’s more her bad luck/choices than her specifically.)

This current growing fear can even probably go back to COMMITTED when Lois refused to admit that what she said under duress was the truth to Clark, and in BRIDE when Lois left by her own choice when Blahna showed up again because she’d rather protect her own heart than risk having Clark stomp on it again. The crazy guy in COMMITTED said that lies hurt people and starting last season Lois’s denials of her feelings towards Clark were starting to wear on her. Jimmy told her that guys snark at girls like Clark always does when they like them. Her eyes got truly widened to reality that perhaps Clark actually does feel the same way towards her and yet when faced with Blahna returning, she did what she did in KANDOR and triggered her flight reflex. Lois is brave about everything – except allowing herself to be vulnerable. And like Clark she’s also self-sacrificing (a trait that will later come in handy because it’s what allows her to willingly share Clark with the rest of the world.) She knew that Clark and Lana were something epic and she took herself out of the equation for Clark to see if he could work things out with Lana. Why? because Lois truly loves Clark and wants him to be happy – even if that means being happy with someone else. When Clana didn’t work out and she returned and Clark didn’t meet her to talk about their near kiss – Lois gave up hope for them and did the only thing that she could do, she put those walls back up around her heart and made him chase after her because she was tired of allowing her emotions to be tugged on strings with Clark as the puppet master.

In RABID – I always believed that when Lois asked Clark if he had a secret that he wanted to reveal to her that she was hoping that that secret would be that he loved her. She told HIM her greatest desire which was that she didn’t want to be alone anymore. Clark didn’t get where she’s going with her subtle comments that they’re directed AT him and he was too wound up around her talking about how wonderful the Blur was that he completely missed her point entirely. Later she flirted for him to keep his secret and work his mystery for as long as possible, because she knows that he really does have feelings for her and she enjoys the chasing game that they’ve been playing for five years. Clark’s grabbing her arm when she went to punch him was a turn on for Lois because it showed that he’s ready to mix up the rules of their game and perhaps ready to take charge. Of course this is why she’s shocked and confused when he shows her the glasses in IDOL – that was NOT what she was expecting to be his BIG secret, but finds it to be adorable and such a perfectly dorky Clark Kent thing to be scared of revealing to her.

In ECHO – her thoughts at the Ace of Clubs were stabbing Why would you do this to yourself? Why would you allow yourself to get attached? Clark got to hear firsthand how utterly terrified she is of commitment and even more importantly that she really wants him. In IDOL she told her shrink that she’s worried that Clark would “disappear” – the shrink astutely asked if that was connected to her 3 missing links, which it was.

Why would it be “easier” for Lois if Clark and the Blur were the same person? Because if she knew that Clark was part hero it would be easier for her to put him up on her high pedestal and hold him up to the standards that she expects out of people. If he’s only human – humans are frail and full of faults – like she is. The very fact that Lois would think that it would be easier for Clark to BE Superman shows that she is far beyond an ordinary human. Only someone who is truly extra-ordinary would be able to endure the stress of knowing every day that her husband was off fighting battles that could mean life or death to millions of lives. Growing up in the military taught her to understand country & duty before self.

A part of Lois wants to be a part of something greater – to be a part of something grand and special. Her heart and mind are telling her that Clark is the answer to all of her dreams. She even figured everything out on her own in IDOL but was cruelly left in the dark thanks to her annoying cousin’s machinations (I fully believe that had the phone not been ringing, had she not slipped off of the flagpole when she did that Clark was ready to reveal his true self to her in IDOL.) Instead she’s left feeling like an idiot and confused as hell. Now if we take her memories from the future into account here, nobody told Lois that Clark was the Blur, the result was that when he faced off w/ Zod at the end of her future trip and got stabbed by the Kryptonite laced knife, Lois just saw that he played hero and got himself killed for the effort. My thoughts, they keep going back to Clark, that scared guy who stepped out on that ledge to save me. Clark NOT being superhuman is beginning to appear as more of a superhero than even the Blur because Clark exhibits heroism to her because of his very nature and moral center.

Can we all blame Lois for being confused over all of this? Lois has seen firsthand how horrifically things went down between Clark & Lana – why would she want to risk putting herself into that same situation? Clark’s relationship poison as much as she is.

The end of PANDORA with her Really? comment to Clark’s offer that they’d, do it right, we’ll take things slow was her taking a giant leap of faith. She said the word while she carefully studied him and realized that their game was over – Clark allowed Lois to win – the snark was completely gone and all that was left was absolute sincerity and genuine affection in his offer. The fact that her memories are now gone from her trip in the future means that she’s free of that nagging worry that Clark will vanish on her and they can go about their courtship without those memories impeding the advancement of things. Clark took that pain away from her and has to take on the burden of that knowledge himself. Like a true hero he’s going to have to do everything in his power to make sure that that future never happens again…even if that means stuffing her w/ her beloved maple donuts so that she’ll NEVER be hungry again.

And he will do it all for Lois because he is nothing without her – a fact that he discovered loud and clear after walking through her memories Lois, I died when you left. He now has zero doubt at how important she is to him and with her huge kiss at the end of IDOL, he knows that she feels the same way about him. He has every reason to be walking on sunshine – both of them do, their hearts are mending as they are about to launch a new phase in their relationship. By understanding the perils in her journey into the future, Clark can try to change everything and keep the world safe for everyone. And maybe, just maybe, both of them will conquer their greatest fear and will never have to be alone again.

2 Responses

  1. I am a puddle of goo.

    Thanks for this, Erika!

    About more memories — now I’m torn. They could go either way on this. Shut them off completely since there would be no way for Clark to get the info again (that would make it too much of a convenient plot device) or have Lois remember via dreams (sans fear), she tells Clark about them, and Clark trusts her ‘instincts’ since she does have additional info. Either way — it will be Clark to take the pieces of the puzzle and make it a better picture this time. This will be his time to shine, to show us all that SVClark has the heart, guts and brains to be Superman. It’s really exciting! Can’t wait!

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