Lois and Clark- a formidable team in all Superman Incarnations- now appearing on Smallville!

906_Crossfire 024

By Kate Blake- Admin CCC/OSCK

It has taken 5 seasons but this year we are finally getting the payoff that Smallville Superman fans have been waiting for. Lois Lane and Clark Kent are both working at the Daily Planet, Clark has taken on a superhero disguise and is running around on hero duty and he and Lois have admitted- though not yet to each other- that they are crazy about each other. The recent episode Crossfire gave us an insight into the hearts and minds of both of our beloved characters. Crossfires opens with Lois and Clark on a job interview doing a test piece for Good Morning Metropolis- a local morning talk and news show. They are fun and sweet together and get hired as a team! Clark is not sure about this as he needs to keep his identity a secret from the world but he can’t disappoint Lois.

At the end of the episode Lois and Clark don’t get the job and they are both back at the Daily Planet. Clark makes a huge decision and finally makes a move on Lois Lane- kissing her with the sun shining down on them through a stained glass window illuminating them in a glowing warmth that is fitting for such an iconic moment.

If you have not been tuning in or gave up on the show a long time ago- I recommend that you catch up! You can download this season’s episodes of Smallville on iTunes or Amazon- links are here on our web page. Both Tom Welling and Erica Durance are doing a great job as our favorite reporters and seeing the love between Lois and Clark blossom on screen is not to be missed! Smallville airs Friday nights at 8 pm EST/PST and 7 pm CT/MT. Check your local listings for stations in your area! If you do not have a local CW affiliate- catch up online and then watch new episodes a few days after they air on the CW website at http://cwtv.com.

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