Erica Durance Fans join forces to Support Their Lois Lane!

By Kate Blake- admin CCC and OSCK

Divine Intervention which is one of our affiliates and the largest home for CLOIS fans for Smallville online with over 5,000 members is launching a fresh campaign to show their support for Erica Durance as Lois Lane. This season she was supposed to get more than her usual 13 episodes- it looks like that number has not been expanded on as promised. In an effort to show how much Erica’s fans enjoy her portrayal of Lois Lane on Smallville, DI members have launched OPERATION WILD CHERRY to push for Erica to get a full time full season contract for season 9 of Smallville- if there is one. If there isn’t one- the campaign is one big show of support and thanks to Erica for her memorable portrayal of the woman who will one day be married to Superman.

You don’t have to be a DI member to participate- we have all of the info here on our blog for you- just click on the OPERATION WILD CHERRY PAGE HERE for the addresses of where to send e-mails and postcards and letters showing your LOIS LANE appreciation! This isn’t a shipper campaign- just a LOIS campaign. This blog was started to show our support for Lois Lane- it is time for Superman fans from all over to show their support for our favorite female reporter!

Campaign will be starting exactly one week from today on Monday, February 23, 2009 and will continue throughout the month of March and possibly the month of April (or until we receive confirmation of a Season 9).

For updates- check with HELIO on DIVINE INTERVENTION in the offiical Operation Wild Cherry Thread
Here is Baudyhallee’s video supporting the OWC Campaign….


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