Update- Erica Durance News Update Winter 2009: “Final Verdict” to air on Monday Feb.2 on Lifetime Movie Network

Erica Durance urges you to go Green

Erica Durance urges you to go Green

I did my weekly search on my DVR today and managed to get an update on “Final Verdict”- it is premiering a week earlier than we previously reported! Set your DVR for Monday Feb 2, 2009 to the Lifetime Movie Network.  Click here to go to the network’s page for the film. On  its premiere date on Monday it will be part of an Erica Durance double header- airing with repeat showings of “I Me Wed” the comedy she made last year for Lifetime. You can get DOUBLE DURANCE after going way too long without her this year!

Her Robin Hood movie should be airing on SCIFI this spring- watch our site for more details as they become available. Erica will be returning to Smallville in March with the next batch of new episodes for the series once the Lana filled winter episodes are done.

This week the CW premiered a new public service announcement for going green featuring the cast of Smallville including Erica! Catch it online- and you can head over to our gallery on Multipleverses to see my caps of her from the PSA HERE.

From my archive- here is a trailer for “I Me Wed”
I Me Wed Promo

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  1. Check your local listings- the movie airs Sunday Feb 1 through Monday Feb 2- make sure you set your DVR/ VCR to watch it!

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