Update- New promo photos for Erica Durance in Final Verdict

We have some news on Erica’s movie Final Verdict thanks to Luke and Emi on DI.

Emi found out that the movie will be airing in January. 2009 in Canada on TMN CLICK HERE for the network info including dates and times for showings. No word on air dates on Lifetime here in the U.S. yet.

Luke found some new official promo photos at the movie producer’s site HERE which we are sharing here.





Full movie plot details:
Eight years ago, State’s Attorney Megan Washington ( Erica Durance)  made her career with the high
profile conviction of restaurateur William McCauley for the murder of his wife. When
nearly a decade later, new evidence emerges which raises doubts about the case, the
conviction is overturned and William McCauley is once again a free man, awaiting a new trial and suing Megan and the District Attorney’s office for fifty million dollars. Now, as Megan re-opens the case, she quickly unearths a mystery long since buried and uncovers a secret which has her in danger of losing her career, her relationship and possibly…her life.


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