BRIDE Season 8 Episode 10, midseason cliffhanger

Review by CCC and OSCK Moderator Baudyhallee

Written by Turi Meyer and Al Septien. Directed by Jeannot Szwarc, who also guided NOIR, REUNION, VOID, EXPOSED, BLANK, RECRUIT, SPELL, VELOCITY, PERRY, the 1984 Supergirl movie and on the Season 7 DVD Supergirl featurette stated, “I don’t think anyone would be interested in a superhero’s sex life.” (insert reaction here)

This episode had pushed so many of my hot buttons, I couldn’t write a thing afterwards. I kept typing and erasing, typing and erasing. It could be attributed to good writing – which it was. The actors did so much with NO dialogue – in fact some of the best scenes were wordless. Tom and Erica can convey so much with their facial expressions and body language.

So I guess the best thing to do is just get this bottled up emotion out of my system. (Thanks to South Park.) YOU KICKED LOIS LANE TO THE CURB AGAIN, YOU BASTARDS!!! Oh yea, and you threw Jimmy in for good measure. That is so wrong!!! Not happy.


The pre-credit scenes did not have a previously on Smallville. There just wasn’t time – not even for everything that was actually in this episode. Yep, we even got the kitchen sink in this one. These initial scenes are from a hand held camera perspective. First are Clark and Lois giving their comments on a pre-wedding video – looking very much like a couple. This is the first season we can actually say that. Yea, Clark Kent and Lois Lane, go figure. Clark is sweet and sincere. He promises, “Your wedding day is going to be perfect. I’m make sure of it.” Lois tells them an idiom of the General’s, “Marriage is the only war where you can sleep with the enemy.” Said with a sexy swagger as Clark nods grinning in agreement until he realizes what she just said; she immediately retracts it. Clark gives her a warning, “Lois,” as she quickly tells him, “I told him.” And then they smile in unison at the camera. Great fun. Gonna miss that.

Lois and Jimmy standing nervously at the ‘altar’ and looking up at what we later learn are Clark and Chloe making their entrance down the loft steps. Everyone looks gorgeous. Jimmy looks totally amazed and enamored at his bride. He’s so damn sweet. Gonna miss that, too.


Jimmy and Chloe are pronounced man and wife. Jimmy lifts her veil. They kiss and Jimmy takes her into a dip, much like he did at the end of NOIR. Clark is grinning from ear to ear clapping. Everyone looks happy.


Lois with microphone announces the happy couple as Clark stands behind her staring intently. There is applause and the couple enters the ‘dance floor’. The camera then switches to a cake cutting scene (remember Chloe’s memories from ABYSS and the cake cutting – foreshadowing). There’s a rumble and a growl. “Who was that?” asks Chloe as the lights go out and then something crashes into the barn. There’s mass hysteria. People screaming and calling for help.

8.10 Bride Director’s Cut

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The camera then picks up Chloe with a prone Jimmy. She’s telling him to hang on and not to leave her. He’s obviously severely injured. We hear thudding footsteps. Chloe looks up. The film warbles and we see for a split second that something has lifted her away screaming.


Kent Farm, eight hours earlier Wedding coordinator, Lois, has a head set in her ear and is commanding the troops like its D-Day. (well, it is. Hehehe) Chloe, aka Goldilocks, is a half hour ahead of schedule. The heffer house is becoming the chapel of love. Things are ship shape. Lois has taken over the farm and wedding and its running like a well oiled machine. She meets up with Jimmy’s friend the video ‘cammer’ (whose scenes we saw before the credits). “You’re a fly on the all, alright?” In agreement, photoboy raises his fist and says, “Ring that bell.” Jimmy’s done that before with Clark who refrained. Lois says no and walks away, talking walkie-talkie style. Lois is Mother Goose and Jimmy is apparently Baby Bear. “I’m getting married shouldn’t I be bumped up to Pappa Bear?” says Jimmy entering the barn carrying a suit. Jimmy’s nervous – but only about seeing Chloe before the wedding, “It’s bad luck.” (Actually seeing the bride in her wedding dress before the ceremony is bad luck.) “What about the whole ‘til death to us part’ part?” asks Lois. Jimmy tells her when you pick the right person, there’s no need for wedding day jitters. “Good answer, Jimbo.” Lois and Jimmy’s relationship is coming along well. Chloe seems to have enhanced it a bit from the comics. Jimmy tells Lois since she’s alone, that he would like to hook her up with one of his friends. Eek! “Name’s Clark Kent.” God, I love Jimmy!!! “That bumbling tad pole is not my Prince Charming,” says Lois in denial. Guess we know what Clark’s nickname is. Hehehehe (Now if we only could get him to wear the cape.) “Well, maybe you just need to jump his lilypad and plant one on him.” Still love Jimmy, the Clark and Lois pimp!!! “C’mon, I’ve seen the way you look at one another.” Lois tells him to get his eyes checked. “Clark doesn’t like me . . . he likes driving me crazy.” Jimmy tells her that’s Flirtation 101. “That’s what a guy does when he’s into a girl.” She turns to look at him. “Really?” Jimmy grins at her. “Trust me. Lois and Clark would be great together.” Jimmy’s been watching these two since CRIMSON, he ought to know. He tells her to trust his gut. (words she has spoken to Clark in ORACLE) She tells him to get some Exlax. Jimmy chuckles. He’s going to go practice his vows. “But when you see Mr. Right, will you give him this?” He hands her the plastic wrapped suit as he walks off. Lois lifts it up and places tentative finger tips on the lapel as if she’s touching Clark. She smiles and then realizes she’s being captured on camera. “Hey, if you don’t get that camera out of my face, I’m going to ring your bell, Buddy.” She clocks him. Damn. I love her!!!

Talon Apartment Jimmy’s forgotten his bowtie so he and camera ‘crew’ are entering the apartment to find Chloe very seductively trying to put her garter on. Jimmy is a very lucky man – and he knows it. “You look great!” She offers him to help her as she holds up the unsnapped garter. He then realizes he’s just seen his bride before the wedding. (a garter doesn’t count as her dress) He gets cameraguy out of the room so he and Chloe can talk. He’s nervous saying he’s causing a disaster – all things superstitious. Chloe tells him to breathe. She mentions all the things they’ve weathered so far. We get an insight into her memory retention. “I think that we will survive this.” He goes to put the garter on her leg. “We’ll always be there for each other,” he says. “Forever,” she says. He kisses her and goes to get his bow tie. They look so sweet together and so very much in love.

Chloe’s cellphone beeps and its voicemail from Davis. She frowns and listens to the message. He apologizes for calling on this day, but he has to talk to her. He asks her to please call him back. Jimmy asks her who it was. She tells him Lois. “It’s T-minus 3 hours until D-Day.” She looks worried as Jimmy leaves.

8.10 Bride- Extended Promo, spoiler clip with Clark and Ollie

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Kent Farm house Caterers are busy preparing a sitdown dinner as Clark makes his way through the kitchen and into the living room. He looks happy and satisfied with the way things are progressing. He spots Oliver. “Oliver! Listen you better watch out for Lois. She’ll put an apron on you and name you after some kind of fairy tale character.” He’s grinning, then he realizes Ollie isn’t. “What’s wrong?” Ollie tells him Lex is alive. No physical evidence, it’s really an assumption on his part. Someone is using a ghost router to send emails to Tess. (The mysterious red X) Ollie wants to retrieve one of these routers to find out the sender’s true location. Unfortunately the routers pop up all over the globe and when he tracks one, it’s missing by the time he gets there. Clark realizes he wants him to go retrieve the router. Ollie says it has to be done today. Clark refuses because of the wedding and Lex hasn’t made a move in months. Ollie is miffed. “Chloe will understand.” Clark explains when he had her memories restored, he had her knowledge of his secret not restored. “Chloe may not know your secret anymore, but Lex still does,” warns Ollie.

Ollie’s skyworthy apartment Mr. Queen is looking at a picture of his parents as the newspaper headlined with their death is nearby. He’s not happy. Clark zips in with the router. He apologizes for taking so long. The warehouse was guarded. “Well it’s good that the infamous red/blue blur is faster than a speeding bullet.” Clark chuckles and grins. He sees what Ollie has been looking at. “Oliver you told me you set aside your need for vengeance. . . You can’t punish the son for the sins of the father.” Clark tells him of his own experience with losing his father and that he almost didn’t come back from crossing the line. He’s not going to let Ollie make the same mistake. Yea Clark!!! “The truth is, I’m going after Lex for you.” Clark knows that it’s only half the truth. “C’mon, Clark, you know how dangerous this guy is. He may even know how to kill you.” Ollie turns on the charm and tells Clark to give him the router so he can go back to the wedding. Clark decides to keep it until after the wedding. “If you’re really doing this for me, Oliver, you’ll wait until I can go with you.” He superspeeds off. Ollie is not pleased with this turn of events. He pounds the table. A technician comes out of the cockpit and tells Oliver that he’s wifi’d the router. The bromance continues.

An Aside: Artine Brown, who played the technician, appeared in a Gene Simmon’s Family Jewels episode along with Connor Stanhope (Lil Alexander), and Nicola Anderson who played a nurse in VERITAS. They are all listed as playing themselves, but they actually portrayed two families who took over the Canadian house Gene bought for Shannon. Geno! You don’t have enough going on in your life that you have to have contrivances on your reality show? I expected better from you!


Kent FarmChloe in the loft looking breathtaking in her wedding dress. The makeup and hair in this episode was fantastic. She compliments Lois on what she did to the barn for the wedding. They hug. Chloe’s cellphone rings and Lois watches Chloe delay in answering it and then hanging it up. She confides that Davis has been calling her all day. “Deep down I know he’s a really good guy. I think he’s just a little confused. Last week he kissed me and he told me he wasn’t going to let me marry the wrong guy.” Lois asks if she’s starting to have feelings for him. “All I want is to walk down the aisle and marry the man I love.” Lois asks her when she knew that he was the one. “Lois, don’t worry. When you meet your superstud, you’ll know.” Well, Lois did see Clark naked the first time she met him. So she probably has a good idea. Lois shrugs it off. “Please I need to get bitten by a love bug as much as I need a bite from a Black Widow.” Well, Lana is coming back – and in black.


Lois asks the bride if she has everything she needs. Chloe only needs something borrowed. “When in trouble, leave it to Clark Kent to get you out of a jam,” she says as she heads for Clark’s desk. She finds a box in a drawer and shows the contents to Lois. Clark ambles up the steps. “What you two girls doin’?” Lois tells him the bride needs something to take to the altar. Chloe flashes green kryptonite at Clark. “How about you carry your piece of Smallville’s finest meteor rock down the aisle?” WHOA!!! Ultrastrange choice!!! Believability factor dives towards the center of the Earth. Clark stumbles, naturally, and keeps a safe distance. He tells her to put it away. “I have a better idea.” She snaps the lead box lid shut and places it back on the desk. (Is Chloe wearing a black bra?) Clark gets a year book out and pulls out a flower. “You gave me that freshman year at the homecoming dance.” Lois looks on, enamored and thinking how sweet he is. Chloe is in awe that he’s kept it all this time. “I never throw away good memories.” Lois thanks him for putting out another pre-wedding fire. Since Chloe is now ready, Lois reminds Clark they have to get ready. She trots down the stays. Clark follows and tosses the year book on a chair. He’s always tossing stuff aside when he follows Lois. Hehehe (APOCALYPSE – handcuffs) Gonna miss that, too. Chloe puts the flower in her wedding bouquet.


Alquizar, Cuba Green Arrow in deserted garment factory. He sees a ‘bald man’ standing at a window. He raises his bow and shoots an arrow. “Goodbye, Lex.” Not a boxing glove arrow. Didn’t we have this moral code discussed in RAGE in season 6? GA takes off his glasses and puts away his bow as he walks towards the ‘body.’ He sees it’s a mannequin with a really big hole where an eye used to be. He kneels down beside it and finds a note. ‘Sorry I missed you.’ Suddenly Chun Li . . .sorry, Mulana . . . pardon me, Lana Fu. . .oh crap, you know who I mean. BLAHNA kicks him from the darkness, pulling his hood off his head. “Oliver Queen!” Oh, that’s not good. Now she knows two superheroes secret identities. She steps into the dim light. “Lana?” She surmises that Ollie and GA are the same person. How astute! “Does Clark know about you?” Ollie, not to be one upped. “I think I can safely say he knows more of my secrets than he does yours.” Touché Ollie! He asks her what she’s doing there. She apparently can’t talk in terabytes. We both know that two hours ago 430,000 megagigs of Luthorcorp RAM and Ethernet cords were running through this place.” Man, Lexy must have some cleanup crew, huh. Ollie thinks they both came to settle a score with Lex. She thinks he’s out for vengeance. Ollie wants to know who the note was for. “I’m not convinced Lex is alive.” So apparently she has Lex on king status and his entire empire hasn’t crumbled over night. Then she comes up with the same ‘mask’ Ollie did earlier. “I just followed the leads here her to protect Clark.” Who is she, Batman? Oh, no, that would be GA’s role on Smallville. Everyone who believes that line, raise your hand. Ollie spills the beans that Lex found out Clark’s secret. Oliver offers to help her. “Is this your version of help? It seems a little personnel to me.” So? Help is help, right?

Okay, get the puke buckets out again for the next few lines. How the hell would I know where you put them? Yea, I know you didn’t think we’d need them again. Yea, I know we’re going to have to hire ushers now and put warning labels all over the place. It’s not my fault!!! Lana tells Oliver he’s Green Arrow and he’s better than that. And Ollie says . . .(cringe) . . .”You sound like Clark.” Lana looks confused by that statement. “You want to fight for the greater good. Maybe we all should be more like Clark.” Okay, I’m starting to get that throbbing in my head again. Ollie starts to leave and Lana spins slowly around, very dramatic. “Oliver. How is he?” Ollie tells her he’s giving Chloe away at her wedding. “Why don’t you come and find out?” Y’know I wish I had one of those suction cup dart guns so I could shoot that stupid green leather moron!!! She tells him she can’t. “It’s too complicated.” Rolling eyes. It always is with her. Ollie reminds her that Chloe is her best friend and it’s her wedding day. So now we have ‘What would the Last Son of Krypton do?’ Y’know, Lana does not look happy. She always was miserable except when she used her meteor freak power to seduce men and have them grovel at her feet. Okay, I had to throw a pillow at the tv. Stupid Ollie. I’m feeling pretty miserable myself.

810 CLOIS Getting Ready

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Kent House Lois looking beautiful in her umber colored maid of honor dress walking down the steps. “Smallville. . . we can’t have a wedding without the escort to give the bride away.” Before she gets to the bottom, Clark appears from another room wearing the suit and looking very yummy. He stares up at her. She stops her descent and looks admiringly at him. He looks her up and down. This lasts for over 12 seconds of screen time folks. Do you think we’re supposed to surmise these two are hot for one another? “Looks like you’re ready,” says Lois a little breathless. (Let’s hope he’s ready to move on!!!) Clark starts tugging at his sleeve. “I have it all under control except for these cufflinks. They were my Dad’s and I’ve never had to put them on before.” He looks vulnerable and we can see by Lois’ reaction her walls are down. This guy builds Metropolis’ infrastructures repeatedly and in less time than it takes someone to tie their shoes. But he can’t get the hang of cufflinks and ‘asks’ for help. Too sweet. “I guess you don’t have much need for cufflinks when you have a whole closet full of flannel shirts. Huh, Farmer John?” She gives him a grin as she starts to grab his cuff. “Big City Boy,” she immediately adds. (reminiscent of CRIMSON when she called the loft, the Big Man’s playhouse). “Let me give you a lesson.” (always dressing him, COMMENCEMENT) They both look at what she starts to do. Then Clark starts looking at Lois while she concentrates on the task at hand. “You just have to make sure that this part sticks up straight,” she says as she takes a quick glance at him. He doesn’t see it because he’s still looking her over. “And then it slides right in.” He looks down at the cufflink, then at her wondering if she realizes what she just said. She has her eyes closed because she does. She looks up at him sheepishly and Clark purses his lips.


He lets it go because he’s still trying to memorize her. She gives him a grinny chuckle and hands him the ring. She’s very efficient. “You can give that to Jimmy when the minister signals and here are his vows in case he forgets.” She hands him an envelope. He looks at it as she turns away from him trying to compose herself. He then watches her every move as she studies her notes for the wedding. She takes a couple of steps trying to shake off her faux pas when Clark begins to speak. “It’s hard for me . . . to put my feelings into words . . .” Lois looks up realizing that’s what she told Clark about him when she gave him a diary in ORACLE. “But from the moment we met . . .I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you.” Lois smiles and turns around in awe of his revelation. Clark looks up at her holding a piece of paper. “Jimmy’s vows . . .” He sees Lois’ expression turning to disappointment. “ . . .they’re really sweet.” He knows he’s done something to hurt her but she gives him a smile and he does a slight shrug and grin. “Yea, he’s a regular Cyrano.” (In other words, Jimmy wrote the words, but it was from Clark’s heart.) Clark gives her a little grin as Lois tries to recupe again. The video guy comes up behind her and asks them for a testimonial before the ceremony. Clark says sure and Lois says great. He tells them to just be themselves and to speak from the heart. Their hearts are already exposed. We then see Clark’s speech from the pre-credit video.

8.10 Clip 3

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Ambulance in dark alley Davis on cellphone to Chloe. No shirt, jacket wide open revealing bloody chest. He’s wiping down the ambulance. Very agitated and lines are spoken rapidly. “Chloe, I know you’re not picking up because of what happened between us, but I need you to call me back. You’re the only one I can trust. I did something horrible.” He puts the phone down on the seat. Still wiping away and then zips up his jacket. He puts the rag he’s been using into a garbage bag and then picks two garbage bags full of what can only be described as chum. Ewww (Thanks, Kate. This is getting good!) The bags squish and drip as he carries them to a dumpster. He puts the bag in along with the latex gloves he’s been wearing. He shuts the lid, turns around to be spotlighted by a rent-a-cop. The guy apologizes for scaring him. He saw the ambulance while making his rounds. Davis tells him it was a false alarm. The rent-a-cop spots a puddle on the ground near the dumpster. “Hey, that’s blood.” Davis starts breathing funny and tells him that he has to go. The security guy looks in the dumpster. “What the hell did you put in there?” Davis is all sweaty like he’s about to transform. The guy pulls a gun. “It’s not my fault. I blacked out. I couldn’t control it.” Eyes rolling to the back of his head. Hand shaking. “Listen to me. You need to go right now!” The security guard is not budging. He goes to call it into the cops. Davis cringes and falls to the ground with a spasm. We see his hand on the side of the dumpster and greenish protrusions start to stalk out of his hand, while his eyes turn red. “Run!” (no one pays attention to that line, ever!) The dumpster moves as a shadow rises up against the security guard. He lifts his gun to shoot. We see on a dumpster wheel the shots flaring and then the security guy screams. Blood flies onto the wheel. (Awesome!)


Barn wedding Video cam of Jimmy and Chloe dancing and kissing. Looking very happy. Some anonymous voice announces for Clark to dance with Chloe. Clark is staring off in a trance at something. He meets Chloe on the dance floor. Lois is talking to some anonymous guy nearby. Chloe thanks Clark for having the wedding on the farm. “It’s the least I could do. You were always the best friend I ever could have had.” Chloe looks confused and says he acts as if something has changed. They’ve been through too much together for her to ever forget. Clark gives her a slight nod. “The important thing is that your life is everything you want it to be.” Chloe tells him it is. “It’s like I’ve been carrying around this weight. I don’t know why, but a few days ago, I finally let go. Like I can move on.” Jimmy slaps Clark on the shoulder telling him he wants to dance with his wife. Clark watches them.


Clark turns his attention to Lois who is standing alone. The music changes as the lights dim and disco ball starts working. It’s a slow tango with a tenor sax. She seems him watching her.


She shakes her head and rolls her eyes, she starts to walk past him. “I guess I can give these well-heeled puppies a rest.” Before she can get by him, he does a half spin and grabs her hand. He gives her a smile and a nod towards the dance floor. She reciprocates with the same gesture as if saying okay.


In CRIMSON, Lois told Clark before he was under Red-K effect that she wanted to dance with him and he seemed really be into it before he realized Lois was under the influence. Their leap to Ollie’s apartment that night was a tango. They’ve come full circle. Neither are under the influence and their intentions are fully exposed to one another.

810 CLois Dance

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Clark seems comfortable with her in his arms. Lois looks nervous as if she can’t believe it’s happening. Anonymous guy bumps into Lois. (Hey, Clark, you’re supposed to protect your partner! Haven’t you ever seen Strictly Ballroom or Shall We Dance?) Lois falls against Clark as he protectively takes her elbow. He looks at the guy. (Heat vision would be good right about now! Just a small shot!)

snapshot20081122000231 snapshot20081122000242

Unfortunately the camera never gets above hip height and mainly is on their faces. We can’t see their hands. Dammit! Lois steps back. Clark holds her with his eyes (yep, it’s a tango). He blinks as if realizing that neither of them are pulling away, and he likes it. Lois very slowing places her hand on his chest. They never lose eye contact. He takes a step towards her. She reciprocates. Her eyes search his face as if wondering if he wants this as much as she does. His lips say yes as he stares at her lips. She blinks signaling all systems are go on her end. He leans in. She leans in.


Clark is millimeters from her lips and BAM, Chloe says, “No way!” Clark pulls away to see why she said it. We see a dark figure. Clark and Lois are separated. “I can’t believe it. Oh my God!” The figure steps into the light as Chloe hugs Blahna. Who’s grinning from ear to ear. It’s the only time she showed any real signs of emotion. Clark looks stunned and somber as Lois looks at him and starts to walk around him. Lois watches Chloe and Blahna’s reunion and takes a last look at Clark who still hasn’t moved or smiled. Blahna grins at him. He looks as if he has no emotion at all.


Okay, I hope you realize that you have just suckered punched every Clark and Lois fan AGAIN. These fans have religiously watched your season eight with relish and great anticipation. It was bad enough that Lois conveniently had that damn invitation in her jacket in CRIMSON so Clark would stop what he wanted to do with her in Ollie’s apartment – but now you give Blahna the high ground again. This is Lois Lane we’re talking about. Have a little respect!!! To say there was wailing and gnashing of teeth is an understatement. If you wanted us to hate Blahna’s guts, well done. Our cup runneth over! It was always at high tide anyway. I was hoping you may have learned that angry fans are not what make good ratings.

Goes into mantras: It’s the Lois and Clark of it all. No one messes with Lois and Clark. I hate Blahna cause she’s a [CENSORED!] – and it would take pages of typing. Lois wins eventually. Naner Naner Naner!

810 Lollie

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Kent porch We get to see some of Lois’ handiwork with the decorating of the Kent mailbox. Yea, she did a terrific job with organizing the wedding and making sure everything ran smoothly – so she could have the rug pulled out from under her! Thanks! Lois absconds a champagne bottle from a passing tray. “Great. Thank you!” She sits on some wicker and tilts the bottle.


Ollie appears. “Want a glass with that?” Hit him, Lois! Just out of general principle. “Oliver. Just the person I want to see right now.” Yea, more sarcasm. He wants to know why she’s drinking. She tells him to go and enjoy the party. She’s a real buzz kill right now. A Patsy Cline mention – always good. Oliver takes a seat beside her. “I know I’m not at the top of your confidante list, but if you ever want to talk. I’m here.” (If she finds out he brought Blahna to the party – he’s dead.) She sets the bottle down and gives it a go. She can’t lose any more right? Lois fully vulnerable is a sight to see. Durance is amazing in this scene and she really made me feel it. I cried like a baby – and I don’t do that – not even when I first saw Love Story. “I’m just having all these feelings and I don’t know what they mean.” She lets out a sigh as it was painful to say that. “Oh. Who’s the lucky guy?” You can see Lois retreat from that. And she gives him a look like ‘C’mon! Damn, am I really that transparent?’ “Having this conversation with an ex is bad enough without turning up the awkward dial.” He chuckles. “Well you know, there’s moving on in theory, and then there’s the moment it actually happens. If you like we can start now and I’ll just be a really good friend.” She takes him up on his offer. “Okay.” She can’t look at him while she reveals what she has been feeling. “It’s like I was just going along and it just snuck up on me.” Her voice gets a little tight as if a sob is making its way up her throat. “And I tried to ignore it. But then there are these moments that you can’t. Maybe I was reading it wrong.” Thinking girl rationalization. “And to add insult to injury, it all went down to tonight’s tribute to romantic bliss.” Ollie sees how hurt she is. She lets out a frustrated sigh. “I know it sounds sappy. . . but I thought . . . just for a minute . . .someone needed me.” She takes an intake of breath trying to hold it together. Oliver who has been listening intently, has a mirroring pained expression. “Well, I’m sure he needs you, Lois.” Lois looks at him and gives out a humphf. “That’s sweet of you to say, but how do you know?” She shakes her head and looks away thinking he’s just trying to make her feel better. “Because I know Clark,” he says with a half grin. She whips her eyes at him in disbelief of him reading her so well. He chuckles. She gives him a small smile.



Oliver has been watching Clark and Lois for a couple of years now. He knew that something was going on between the two of them from the start. He had his chance and he blew it. Justin is wonderful in this scene. I like his Oliver Queen because he gives him so much depth when needed. But Oliver has some redeeming to do. He brought Blahna which hurt Lois and Clark. He will definitely have to make amends in future episodes! Jimmy and Ollie, the Clark and Lois pimps. Unfortunately, they are not in every episode to work it.

810 Clana- the reunion

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The loft Blahna touching a bouquet on Clark’s desk. Chloe’s? Lois’? Did Lois catch Chloe’s? Who caught the garter? What the hell is Blahna doing in the loft anyway? She doesn’t own the place. Oops, I forgot. It’s the almighty Blahna – she can do whatever she wants – nothing is ever her fault no matter what decision she makes. She’s an eternal victim – even though she’s her own worst enemy. Pardon me. Her phone rings and it’s a text message. DID THE ARCHER BELIEVE YOU? Okay, now I’m intrigued. Blahna is evil in a new way? She goes to reply as Clark walks up the steps behind her. He’s got that blank emotionless look on his face. You wonder if that’s his true Kryptonian nature coming out. Her back is to him. “Chloe’s glad you came.” Yea, that makes a total of one. Blahna nervously turns to him. “I could have used some warning.” Despite the low key tone of this conversation – that line had a little bite to it. She immediately hangs up the phone. “You weren’t planning on coming back, were you?” She admits not until a few hours ago. “So what changed your mind?” As if he’s waiting for her to lie to him. She doesn’t answer. “I’m not expecting you to say it was me.” She still doesn’t answer him. They are yards apart. And neither of them are emotional. Clark is talking like he does when Tess has him under fire or when Lex would question him. Blahna for some reason is very subdued – and I don’t think it’s maturity on her part. She tells him she’s read about the red/blue blur. She tells him she’s proud of him and that’s what he should have been all along. “Does that mean you’re happy that you left?” She tells him it was the hardest decision she ever had to make. And she tries to sell it with, “But I’m glad that I finally had the guts to do it.” She gulps. Clark gulps, too.

“I would die before ever admitting this . . .” (go head, don’t stop on my account). She starts babbling that she used to sit on her front porch and imagined a summer wedding on the Kent farm with her more involved. Bucket! Clark tells her she probably would have if he had removed her memories of his secret as he did Chloe’s. “I wonder if that would have made things different with us.” Get Blahna’s next line, it’s a doozy! “I understood the lies that you told me to protect your identity.” Excuse, I’m having a laughing fit. Liar! “But I could never forgive you for taking that away from me.” Blahna use your Brainiac side – if you don’t remember, then you don’t have to forgive or unforgive. Duh! Clark thinks she can’t mean that. “Lana, it turned your life upside down.” Hmmm, she didn’t know Clark’s secret until her wedding day and she still married Lex. I’m confused. She went to Lex because he hid her murder and then she lived with him and had sex with him and got ‘pregnant’ by him and then married him – oh yea, Lionel threated her to marry Lex. But she was ‘pregnant with Lex’s kid’ – and she thought her and Clark could run off together while she had his arch enemy’s kid? Drugs had to be involved in that storyline.

“Maybe it was exactly what I needed. I could have landed a lot of places in my life, Clark, but without you, none of them would have led me here.” Here where? Huh? What the hell is she talking about? She’s obsessed with Lex even though he’s supposedly ‘not alive’ according to her. She’s obviously working with someone who tricked Ollie into going after ‘Lex’ or whoever is sending the emails to Tess. Yea, that sounds like a life to me. So why don’t you just go back to it and save us all from puking and getting headaches.

“So that’s it. It’s all over. It’s that easy,” says Clark. Yep, that’s how it works. The opposite of love is indifference – and you obviously are not feeling any passion with this female – so dump her already. You’ve moped and angsted enough! Blahna contradicts him of course. “No, but where I am now for the first time it feels right.” Okaaay. Still confused about where Blahna thinks she is. And she does everything out of feelings . . . not the most reliable source of stability. She tells Clark that neither of them could say it. “But maybe Clark Kent and Lana Lang just weren’t meant to end up together.” Uhh, that would be an affirmative. We hear the wedding guests down below yelling, “Kiss! Kiss!” to the wedding couple. Clark blank-faced turns to see Jimmy and Chloe kiss. Lana looks at Clark. He stays in place and he seems happy for the newly weds.

Video cam of cutting of the cake Clark is now clapping near the couple. He notices the punch bowl is shaking. Blahna is there, too. We hear the growl that we heard in the pre-credit video. Chloe again says, “Who was that?” Who?? Really?? Did she think someone let out a gigantic rumbling fart? Uh oh, Chloe is getting in touch with her Brainiac side. More growling and pounding. The lights flicker. Everyone is looking around. It’s nothing they have experienced before. Jimmy says “What is it?” A more appropriate question. Something breaks through a wall of the barn. There’s crashing down of the upper floor. People are screaming and running. Something smacks Blahna to the floor. I’m yelling – Where the hell is Lois? Clark sees Blahna and screams her name. He goes to rescue her while everyone else has to fend for themselves. We see the Doomsday monster walk through the wall. Totally awesome – chilling and threatening. The design is wonderful. Clark goes to pull Lana off the floor and she tells him she’s okay and to go. Bucket! Doomsday makes his way into the room. People are running in terror. He’s demolishing stuff. Where’s Clark? Oh yea, Blahna fell down and got a boo boo. Jimmy and Chloe get as far away as they can. Clark stands in the middle of the room as people continue to run past him. Doomsday takes steps towards him. Clark throws a determined punch and Doomsday engulfs his fist with his hand. Then he tosses Clark into the loft. That wasn’t much of a fight. I guess Clark isn’t ready for him yet. Where’s Lois? Guess what, Clark has landed near a conveniently exposed piece of k-rock. Who would have guessed? Guess who’s going to save him. Yea, Lois isn’t anywhere near all this – she’s not allowed apparently. And we all know when Blahna’s around, Clark is a wimp ass. Camera guy films Blahna climbing up to the loft. Her leg is hurt (yea, that same old leg). Doomsday grabs the camera and tosses it. We see people still running. Jimmy standing in front of Chloe. She’s cowering behind him. Good girl. Jimmy grabs a broken beam and whacks Doomsday with it. Jimmy is the man!!! Protecting his bride. “Jimmy, don’t!” Doomsday grabs his arm and swats him away. We see that Jimmy’s chest is bleeding. Clark is still struggling to get to his feet even though he’s incapacitated by the kryptonite. Chloe grabs Jimmy’s unconscious body pleading. “Jimmy! Jimmy, please hold on!” She’s crying. Blahna struggling to get to the loft. Where’s Lois? Did Doomsday get to her first? We see the scene from the pre-credits. “Jimmy, please don’t leave me.” She has Jimmy in her arms. She turns warily at the sound behind her. Doomsday looks down at her. Red eyes and all. He gently cups her cheek with one of his gigantic hands. “Chloooeee.” (Yes!!! Jumping up and down!) Chloe screams her guts out. Blahna finally makes it to the loft and puts the k-rock back in its lead box. Clark recovers but before he can move. Ollie races up the steps. Where’s Lois? “It’s too late. That thing took Chloe.” Nice goin, Clarkie. Blahna doesn’t seem too surprised – wouldn’t she usually go all emotional with something like that? Clark looks pained. Major fail.


Metro Gen Wedding disaster victims everywhere – and it wasn’t because of the canned salmon. Clark looks at them all as he goes down a hallway. He sees Blahna in an examining room. And sits on the bed. “Any word on Chloe?” Clark tells her no and that he’s going to meet with Oliver who is trying to tract down where the ‘thing’ might have taken her. Lois walks by and stops near the doorway when she sees Clark. Blahna lets out a moan because of her leg and Clark grabs her shoulder asking her if she’s alright. Lois sees them and goes back down the hallway. (Oh, why don’t you rub it in already? Do you hate Lois?) “Clark. There is nothing more you can do for me. You don’t need to stay.” She’s still not her emotional self. Clark releases her shoulder. “I know. I need to find Chloe.” He leaves her.


Lois in the hallway outside Jimmy’s treatment room. She looks upset and worried.

snapshot20081122010547 snapshot20081122010617

Clark sees her. He says his soft, “Lo-is.” He asks her how she’s holding up. Yea, Lois can take care of herself, but it’s Jimmy’s she’s worried about. “Jimmy’s in bad shape.” Clark thought he was okay because the nurse said he was stabilized. “But he’s not out of the woods. He has severe internal bleeding. They’re medivac’ing him to Star City to one of the country’s top surgeons.” Clark looks grieved by the news. “I’m going to go with him.” Clark looks at her as if saying ‘What?!’ “I’ll stay there until I hear from . . . Chloe (she wanted to say you).” He nods in acknowledgement as if processing it. He gulps. “Why did this have to happen to her?” She can’t hold it back any longer. You can hear the sob start to rise in her voice. “Why do these terrible things keep happening all around us?” Clark fiercely grabs her into a hug. He hates to see her upset, helpless, hopeless. “I promise . . .” he says with determined gritted teeth. “We’re going to get Chloe back.” Lois with tears in her eyes completely engulfed by Clark. With hope gone she says, “What if we can’t?”

Clark looks as if a bomb dropped. If Lois is not hopeful – he definitely will have to fix that. He will have to be her hero. She always moves forward no matter what. She pulls away from him staring into his eyes. As she turns, his mouth drops open and she starts a slow-mo walk. A song begins to play. It’s ‘Don’t Take Your Love’ by VAST.

810 Final

Posted to TV Promos n Trailers by supernatural66 on November 30, 2008

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I’m looking for inspiration, And I think I found it in your heart Lois is blinking away the tears as she makes her way away from Clark. She will do the right thing. Even though her world has crumbled, she will do what is best for someone else. God, I love this character!!! It’s the kind of thing you get when you’re not looking She turns to look back at Clark, for one last look. It’s the kind of thing you had from the start. He stares back at her and blinks a sort of goodbye to her. She blinks back and then she’s out of sight. Clark stares after her as if not wanting her to go. Both of these people are going to do the right thing even though it tears them apart. They allow each other to do what they have to do. That’s love. They have come full circle – Clark and Lois tried to get Chloe back from death in CRUSADE and GONE.

Blahna in the treatment room getting her leg bandaged. Put me on a ship that is sinking, On a voyage to an untamed land The camera pans to a gurney with Jimmy on it. Take away the freedoms I wanted, I understand We then see Lois following right behind. Please, don’t take your love away from me, Don’t take your love away from me

The Corrupted FOS Don’t take your love away from me, Please, don’t take your love away. . . from me Doomsday is carrying Chloe in his arms. There is snow and the wind is blowing. (Is Jor-El still aware there are intruders but he can’t do much about it?) He gently places her on the blackened altar staring at her, red eyes, bony protrusions and all. He places a bony protrusioned hand beside her head. She opens her eyes and they are black. She looks up at the creature and grins. Creepy. . . but very cool. Beauty and the Beast. Brain and Brawn. BRIDE of Doomsday.

We see a vid of Chloe and Jimmy cutting the cake. They’re all smiles. Please don’t take your love from me. We see them react to the initial sounds of Doomsday. The camera pulls back and we are watching a screen of Doomsday’s attack on the wedding. There’s a bald ‘man’ sitting in a chair with tubes going out from his head to offscreen. He’s watching the recorded proceeds. There are more tubes seen on his back and going offscreen. The only color is that indigo blue. Brainiac? The real one. The one not in human form (Marsters).

Put me inside flesh that is dying, A ghost that wanders without rest

Well that was an exciting episode. A little rushed. It is a cliffhanger. The end shot could actually be one of Michael Rosebaum. There were rumors that he had shot some scenes during ARCTIC to be televised during this season. We have also heard rumors of Smallville using his voice. So it could be Brainiac inside Lex (as was the case in The Animated Series of Superman) which may have been their first plan for this season or it could be the real Brainiac form. When Michael didn’t sign on for another season, they got Allison signed so Brainiac could inhabit her – presumably making her a version of the character, Indigo. The end shot works no matter what the scenario.

Rating: 4.0. The production was great. Makeup and hair (except for maybe Lana’s) were excellent. Doomsday . . . was awe inspiring. All the actors did a most excellent job. A shout out to Tom and Eric who said so much without dialogue. It was a little rushed and I would have liked some hand hold shots to compliment the non-dialogue moments. And can I just say that I am truly enjoying Louis Febre’s score. Awesome work. If someone could give me a hint about the tango piece, I’d appreciate it.

There’s a hiatus of about 8 weeks. Next episode is LEGION on January 15, 2009, guest starring the Legion of Superheroes and written by comic author and authority, Geoff Johns. We saw a bit of the Persuader (axe villain) and the Legion in the trailer.

I really liked the episode – I just didn’t like the direction it was taking us as far as revisiting old school Smallville. I understand that Lana had to be in some episodes to finish out Kreuk’s contract and to tie up whatever loose ends that straggled – but did PS3 really have to sacrifice Lois and Jimmy to do it? They are the second and third most important characters in the Superman story. To have them so abruptly gone after their relationships were growing on the show is horribly disconcerting and painful. Sadly, they will be gone for the rest of Blahna’s episodes – four episodes after the hiatus. Lois and Jimmy were never the cancer on this show.

But maybe their absence is the point. They are end game. PS3 still has to deal with what they have been given to tie the Smallville story into the mythic end game. I would like for Clark to have moved on – and that we see that he has while Lois is gone and Lana is present. Oliver said, “Well you know, there’s moving on in theory, and then there’s the moment it actually happens.” We’re hoping Clark had his moment when he watched his soulmate walk out of his life. She’ll be safe in Star City taking care of Jimmy. You could throw a few Lois mentions in every episode – that might make me happy.

More DC characters next year. Not all villains. There should be some familiar names if not faces from the comics. Lex is still a mystery. Brainiac seems to be everywhere. Davis has not been exposed as Doomsday. What else does Clark need to battle him? How is that going to come about? And what about Tess and her army she’s building?

See ya next year!


4 Responses

  1. Great review Hon,
    I liked the Bucket! mentions.
    … and the “Same leg” comment, about Lana. I have been
    commenting on that over and over. I know it’s not always the
    leg, But Damn! (can I say that here?) she is always limping
    when she gets hurt, because of her leg. LOL

    Only other thing I realized (because I pathetically looked
    at that scene over and over) was when they got bumped,
    during the tango; Clark, after blinking repeatedly, looks at
    their skin-on-skin contact, looks into her eyes, then her lips.
    That, was the reason she had that look of realization, before
    she takes the first step toward him.
    then, its a back and forth, each looking in the other’s eyes,
    and to their lips.. as the prelude, to the prelude to the
    *grrr* interrupted kiss. Oh, and just so I don’t take the credit
    for this, I think it was Cheers, who originally mentioned it in the
    first place– which is why I was studying that scene, to the point
    that I wanted to mention it.
    Again, great work. I loved your review.

  2. Please, please tell me the name of the Tango that Lois and Clark were dancing to, I am going crazy trying to find it. One good thing that came out of it, I read your review. Great job.

  3. they should be 2-gether

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