Erica Durance- Smallville Season 8 Episode Update

sm08-mk-pr-cw-0004Casting Appearances Update- thanks to Luke and HiddenRoses on DI for updating this list!

Erica Durance as Lois Lane
8.01 “Odyssey”
8.02 “Plastique”
8.03 “Toxic”
8.04 “Instinct”
8.05 “Committed”
8.07 “Identity”
8.08 “Bloodlines”
8.10 “Bride”
8.15 “Infamous”

Tom is directing episode 8.16- his epis are always big Superman epis and always include Lois- so after having Erica be away for the 4 episodes that are the final ones for Kristin Kreuk as Lana Lang- Lois should be back in force for the end of the season- definitely doing more than her usual 13 episodes. Maybe 16 total. Erica is said to be filming a movie during her break from Smallville- we will update you when we get confirmation on which film project she is working on- there are two that she is associated with that should be going into production.

“Infamous” has Tori Spelling guest starring and is supposed to include a huge story when Clark reveals his secret identity to the world! I think we will be getting some kind of big interview exclusive for Lois with the mysterious Super Dude she and Jimmy were looking into in Identity. WOW! If Tom is in a costume- this show will officially now be SUPERMAN in Metropolis! Read more about Tori coming to Smallville HERE.

The last time Tori was on, Lois and Clark kissed for the first time while he was in costume. Tori’s character learned Clark’s secret so she will be a threat- and remember she was working for Lex Luthor- so the storytelling in this episode should be amazing! I don’t know what they will do in the next one to follow that.


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  1. Lois is only going to in 13-14 episodes, that’s what I’m seeing from kryptonsite. they said she is going to in more than 13, wow, that’s a big step up.

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