8.10 Bride – A Clois kiss on the way? Clois Spoiler Photos, trailer

Spoiler photos from Bride with Erica Durance and Tom Welling as Lois and Clark on Smallville getting ready for the Jimmy and Chloe wedding.

sm810-0004 sm810-0005 sm810-0011 sm810-0014 sm810-0010

We will have to see if two season post their first kiss in Hydro if Lois and Clark kiss for real- no red K, no disguises this week or not….Watch this extended trailer and teaser including spoiler clip with Clark talking to Oliver.
8.10 Bride- Extended Promo, spoiler clip

Posted to TV Promos n Trailers by supernatural66 on November 14, 2008

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  1. who did your hair for this episode and your dress is asome. A good idea for my prom. lol. i love this show i never miss an apisode. i literlly trun off my cell so i wont have any interuptions.

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