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CRIMSON Revisited: A New Clois Interpretation

“I was told that I’d end up with a guy who flies alot and likes to dress in tights. I’m just waiting for my cross-dressing pilot to show up.’

“Trust me, ask anyone, I can keep a secret.” Lois – IDENTITY

If I told you my secret I would’ve put you in harm’s way.” Lois – IDENTITY

‘”We had this one incredible evening and we couldn’t deny our feelings any longer” – Lois COMMITTED

“Do you love him?”

“Yes.” – Lois COMMITTED

Ok so I have to post this. Summer 2007 a wild and crazy idea came to me that I posted over on Divine Intervention. In light of tonight’s episode I think PS3 might not want you to read this, however, I don’t think it’s too big of a secret if you paid close attention to Lois and her reactions to Clark’s secrets. You can ignore my hopeful speculations for what would happen in season 7, obviously THEY didn’t come to fruition, but the rest here should make you rethink how this season is going. In the DC Comic Movie DOOMSDAY, Lois Lane knew Clark was Superman but waited, and waited, and waited for him to finally come clean. I think we’re about to get that with Smallville – again proving that SV is different than the Silver Age…In this incarnation, Lois knows FIRST.

CRIMSON Revisited: A New Clois Interpretation

By Erika Blake

Aug 15, 2007

Disclaimer: I’m going to flat out say that I could be seeing stuff that isn’t there and that this could be my Clois shipperness wishful thinking coming out – but after rewatching a scene that I desperately needed to, I don’t know…I think that I might be onto something. I’m well aware of DC restrictions, but I think it’s possible that TPTB are acting very, VERY SNEAKY.

Ok folks so recently I was looking through photos from CRIMSON and kept staring at the kitchen scene shots and how happy Clark was (before getting banged w/ Red K) and how gobsmacked he was over Lois’s attention that I again felt my blood boiling over the last 1/2 of the season. Then the strangest thought entered my mind especially after sifting through photos from PARIAH and things from that episode entered my mind.

There have been SEVERAL things that just didn’t add up for me this season that all have seemed like the usual “let’s throw things around w/o them meaning anything” stuff that TPTB usually throw at us. HOWEVER, this season, for all that the back end SEEMED to come out of nowhere, they actually did set the stage for it in the first 1/2 of the season, I think that we as Clois shippers who usually just FF through the Clark/Lana scenes failed/refused to see the signs of the Clana beast returning that they sprinkled throughout our stellar first 1/2 of the season. For all that we might not have liked how the last 1/2 of the season went, I’ll state that overall season 6 was the most connected season that they’ve written for the series – no real standalone episodes (other than SUBTERRANEAN.) So given that the writers seemed to have really plotted everything out – keep that in mind also.

Things that have kept me PUZZLED…until this wild (and, I fully admit could be wishful thinking) thought has just entered my head.

1) JUSTICE – “You could’ve seen me naked.” “EWWWWW.”

2) CRIMSON – was supposed to completely set the stage for the last 1/2 of the season, if the Lois/Clark storyline was ½ of the episode why didn’t their part of it have any fallout effects for the last ½ of the season?

3) The season 6 Mid-season Promo opens with the ONLY shot from CRIMSON is of Clark/Lois in their Super-jump. And now in reviewing it – they gave us also a glimpse of the most emotionally powerful Clark/Lois moment w/ Clark looking on at Lois over Wes in PROTOTYPE as well of course as him picking her up.

4) PROTOTYPE – “You just want to catch me in the shower again!”

OK keep those things in the back of your mind and hear me out.

Beginning of season 6 we’ve got Clark now suddenly longing for Lois – Lois recognized what he said at the dinner table in RAGE when he looked at her and said “those that we love” – there was also the hand holding in ZOD. We’ve had a shift in their dynamic also this season where Lois is still snarking at Clark but he has refused to snark back AFTER Oliver pointed out to him in ARROW that he’s been masking his feelings in sarcasm.

We’ve also got Lois on the trail of the GREEN ARROW and becoming a reporter who’s out to sniff out a story. We know from REUNION what her ethics are in journalism that she would never sell out a friend and that she was mostly disappointed in Oliver that he wouldn’t share that part of his past with her. Clark gets all serious and gives his secrets line to her, which I may add he uses the word LOVE again as is repeated in RAGE when he’s talking to Lois – something he doesn’t say to Lana whenever he does the secret crap (he usually just says “care about”.)

Lois knows something is up with Oliver makes the connection that he’s the GREEN ARROW in HYDRO. Instead of badgering him ala Lana into spilling his secrets, she plans an elaborate plan w/ her best friend to find out if her theory might be right (a very Lois Lane from the comics thing to do.) Instead Clark helps Oliver to hide his secret and Lois discovers that the Green Arrow is one AMAZING kisser and is most certainly NOT Oliver.

Enter JUSTICE, at this point, prior to CRIMSON, Clark’s still her friend who, I believe she’s starting to see has a bit of a crush on her. So she’s holding up her very intimate lingerie to Chloe and Clark sees it, she gets all self conscious and does her snarky line about seeing her naked and Clark of course gets all giddy and she has to go EWWW – because at this point she’s with Ollie.

Then of course Lollie break up and we’re onto CRIMSON.

I think Lois and Clark’s destinies are more entwined then they realize.

Ok, so CRIMSON opens with the Clois set up. Clark seems slightly optimistic about it but of course Lois shoots down any fleeting hopes that he might have of them getting together. Lois then gets the lipstick and puts it on. Now there is distinctively a different guy’s head in the mirror right as she’s putting it on, but when she sees Clark appear that’s when she turns around and gets all doe eyed.

Key points in their “date” to remember Clark was all happy, gobsmacked, and mooney eyed to Lois BEFORE she kissed him and he became infected w/ Red K, it was only after then that he got stripped of his inhibitions and finally was able to act upon all of these growing pent up feelings that he’s been having for years regarding Lois.

In the dusty office Lois confronts Clark about the kiss and learns about the GREEN ARROW ruse. She’s disappointed in Oliver. Clark cuddles up to her and she’s happy to have found a normal guy – this sets Mr. Bossy, Stuck up, and Rude off. He puffs himself up and has to prove himself to her once and for all and shows off his true self to Lois.

One thing to note is other than her coming on really strong to Clark, throughout their romp together Lois is very much acting like HERSELF just w/o her icy sarcastic walls around her – she’s purely aggressive, sexy, and all of the things that Clark’s drawn to yet she lets the super sweet side of herself out that she never shows to anyone BUT Clark. Anyways, she questions Clark’s motives because she’s not entirely sure if his feelings for her are real or not, because face it he views the world in dog years – he broke up w/ Lana months ago but to him 5 months = 2 days, in his opinion he just broke up w/ the Pink Princess and is still hurting from the breakup (HYDRO.)

So Clark jumps her over the city and they seriously start macking on each other. Lois is delighted now because she seems convinced that Clark must really like her if he showed off like that to her. Again, we all know the difference she doesn’t badger him over how he jumped them over the city –she’s just in awe and accepts this strange and amazing ability. She allows herself to get all moony eyed, just like Lois Lane does when she first meets Superman – Lois is seriously HAPPY – this confident, sexy man is something she never knew existed in SMALLVILLE, a guy she’s always still seen as a boy before tonight, it is THIS side of him that Lois is completely drawn to and you can see could easily fall head over heels in love for.

Then Clark sees the invite which deflates the poor boy’s…errr…libido and his jealousy/anger towards Lexana kicks in – they goto the party and he leaves Lois behind carting the Pink Princess out of the mansion.

“What does she have that I don’t?”

Lois – who’s been dumped by Ollie and now by Clark is depressed and does what all women do – she turns to chocolate to drown her sorrows and broken heart into.

OK, so what is Lois best known for? Lois hides her emotions behind facades and walls. She puts up this image to everyone of being really tough and never lets anyone (other than, strangely, Clark) see the softer side of herself. She tried that w/ Ollie and got her heart stomped on and apparently the same thing just happened with Clark.

So Jimmy/Chloe come along and spray her with the anti-dote Lois looks around and has this look of panic on her face, she’s just been ditched by Clark, and has apparently been on something that made HER lower her inhibitions, act completely out of character, and in order to SAVE FACE – she looks down at her clothes and immediately says “Please tell me I was going to a costume party?”

My proposal to you all is this – what if Lois, in FACT, remembers everything?

She obviously knows that Chloe must be in on the big secret since Chloe’s always been there Clark’s best friend and drops little hints (like in SPIRIT.) We also know that Lois is NOT Lana. Unlike Lana who spent this season badgering Chloe into giving up Clark’s secret, Lois would never put Chloe in that situation – so she’s on her own here to figure out what is up with Clark. She learned that trying to trick Oliver in finding out if he’s the GREEN ARROW didn’t go over so well. We must also remember Lois’s advice to Chloe in PARIAH that if keeping someone’s secret didn’t hurt anyone that she should just keep it to herself until that friend feels comfortable to let you in on the secret.

What does Lois know? Clark has something seriously odd going on with him that he can super-jump them all of the way over Metropolis and he confirmed that he’s fast to her. She also knows from him confessing to being the GREEN ARROW that he’s super strong (chucks a guy across the alley) and of course is lightning fast. So far, that’s all that Lois KNOWS about Clark from their date – that and the fact that he’s still hung up on Lana.

Now if you rewatch the Loft scene in CRIMSON there are several MAJOR things going on IF in fact Lois DOES remember everything that makes some odd things from that scene suddenly make complete sense.

1) She shouts out his name, not Smallville, and calls his loft a “grown man’s playhouse.” Since when has she ever seen Clark as a man?

2) Lois is nervous as hell – she sees that so is Clark.

Lois tells him that Chloe filled her in on “Lois gone wild” and she said she needs for him to fill in the blanks. She sees Clark gulp. Now LANA would’ve gone right to the Superjump, instead Lois, who would never force him into revealing his secret if he’s not ready to, gives Clark an easy way out of it by showing him the tattoo. She knows damned well that she had that thing at the beginning of the date. If Clark really HAD resolved everything w/ Lana he might’ve turned their conversation to something serious, instead he smiles and says “I had no idea, Lois.”

Lois immediately realizes that he’s not ready to tell her anything so she just jumps back into their usual game. “Save it Smallville, I was obviously on something.” She sits down “Thank god the ink wears off in a week or two.” She smiles brightly and then says, “It’s a good thing that neither one of us remembers anything, right? Because I can’t really picture us….” (AGAIN – this is all subtle prodding to see if Clark might crack – instead he’s enjoying himself.) “I mean you and me?” Clark again is doing his snarky goofy nonverbal acting. Lois then gets up and ‘You knows” him. Although we infer that she’s asking if they slept together, you’ll note she never says it exactly and in fact leaves the question wide open to interpretation. She shrugs at him, pleading, giving Clark one last chance to come clean on anything.

He says “No Lois, I think I would’ve remembered.”

She narrows her eyes and stares at him and is convinced that he’s not lying. She relaxes and says “Of course you would…highlight of your life” and then gently love taps him.

Think about that line carefully IF SHE REMEMBERS the evening. That was in fact, Lois admitting that their evening together was the highlight of HER life, because she got rather giddy & uncharacteristically girly when she kinda twists about and love taps him on the arm. She then tries to make a break for it.

Clark stops her with the CD. She looks at it with her hand planted on her hip and gulps “Whitesnake…I must’ve really liked you.” As she says that she looks RIGHT UP AT CLARK and stares at him. His smirk vanishes and she GULPS. That, folks, was her confessing to Clark her true feelings for him, hence her gulping because that’s the last thing that she would ever think to admit to him. She’s staring him right in the eye saying that and inferring that she can give a rats ass what his ‘secret is’ she likes HIM.

So now pull out your season 6 DVDs and rewatch the final scene in CRIMSON with the idea in mind that LOIS remembers the date. Insert THIS new interpretation into the scene instead of her asking whether or not they slept together…and you tell me what you think.

If we FF to COMBAT – Lois sees him in the ring with her and as Baudyhallee pointed out elsewhere, she does something utterly uncharacteristic – she defers to Clark’s strength to get them out of the situation. She tells him to hit her and she’ll take the dive so that they can escape. The old Lois would’ve NEVER done that but would have seen Clark as a wuss and would’ve just tried hitting him right off of the bat.

When he refuses to do it she hits him and gets her hand hurt. Then Titan comes on the scene and when Titan knocks out Clark Lois is terrified. If she’s well aware that Clark is supercharged somehow she knows that this thing could possibly kill her friend. She jumps on Titan’s back (a very Lois Lane move btw) and gets knocked out, she doesn’t “remember anything to expose Clark’s secret.”

But what’s to say she’s not adding things up in her head? We know Lois, she won’t give up a friend, especially if she might actually be falling in love with the guy. Just think of the fleeting hurt look on her face when Clark was rather cold to her in her apartment in COMBAT.

Lois was absent from Clark’s life for most of the last 1/2 of the season because she knew that Clark needed to work out his lingering feelings for Lana. This is Lois Lane here, she will never be any man’s rebound girl. So instead of focusing on love, she moves her career forward.

PROTOTYPE still has our glimpse that Lois may still know that there’s more to Clark but isn’t about to say anything about it and give up his secret.

The barn scene always confused me until now. Remember the reaction she got out of Clark when she mentioned it back in JUSTICE? He got all goofy. She again throws the “You want to catch me Naked” line to him in a challenging manner to see if she can rattle him – she doesn’t, because Clark’s no longer willing to play their sarcasm game – his unconscious way of admitting to his own feelings for her. Lois is staring at him closely when she says it. When Clark doesn’t seem to react other than looking like a deer caught in the headlights she quickly just tries to cover up the awkwardness.

Later when she wakes up and finds herself safe in the warehouse she does seem confused on why she’s clear across the room and Wes is dead, however the WAY that she wakes up rather looks like she might’ve been faking being passed out. Does she know Clark came to her rescue? I don’t know. She might, she might not. She might just have tucked aside a bit of weirdness into the back of her head to think about later.

Why was the jump in the preview? Because it’s not only a reminder that that Clois is destiny, but if Lois does remember it, it can explain her motives for wanting to track down Lex, other than to just avenge what he did to Wes. This being Lois who we’re talking about if Clark thinks being w/ Blahna will make him truly happy – she’ll do what she needs to do to help to make that happen for him – because Lois isn’t selfish, unlike Lana. However, I think from day one she’s known that they’re not right together, You two, really?

She also knows that if they (Clois) ARE meant to be, Clark needs to get over Lana w/o any entanglements or “what ifs” which means the marriage would have to end and what better way than to take down that SOB Lex?

So for this next season – Lois gets reckless (like in PHANTOM) and works to find fulfillment in her new job. She’ll push her growing feelings for Clark aside and unwittingly find herself in situations where he has to help her out. She might flirt w/ her new boss, she’ll feel horrible when she sees Oliver again, but will just be patient in waiting for Clark to grow up.

Clana will likely re-emerge because it has to for complete closure. Lois will start finding out these strange things are happening and her life is getting inexplicitly saved all of the time – like there’s some invisible Superman watching out for her, maybe she starts having dreams again of that man in the red cape…which is really her subconscious remembering Clark’s red jacket.

Clana breaks up for good.

We see Clois cares for each other by the end of this season. If they get a season 8 – Clana should be over (unless there’s a whole Clone storyplot line which will mean that Clana will end in season 8,) Lois who still won’t reveal that she knows anything will continue to be Lois – they’ll bicker, grow closer, etc. Maybe Clark starts to pine for Lois, Lana sees it and they break up.

TPTB have said that there would be “something” to happen to align things w/ the Mythos. There’s also no saying that DC hasn’t lifted the restrictions so that at the VERY end of the show that they can simply bypass most of the comic stuff. What if, in fact, they’re going to align things w/ ending w/ Clois being in love with each other? Clark ends up revealing who he really is to Lois in the finale and unlike Lana who really didn’t understand what it means for him to BE Clark Kent – Lois knows, thanks him for trusting her with his secret and telling her the truth and she tells him that he’s still that normal sweet guy who she adores?

EVERYTHING that was wrong w/ Clana is RIGHT with Clois. Lois understands what he is and why he does what he does, she understands his duel identity because she has one herself – the tough broad she shows to the world and the sweet, caring understanding woman who melts Superman’s heart. Maybe it can even be Lois who convinces Clark to don a costume and become a symbol of hope. They end the show w/ Clark getting hired at the DP and them being put together as partners…The End…or something of the sort.


One Response

  1. I’m glad someone pointed this out in writing. This has been a theory of mine since season 4. I truly believe that Lois has known in part about Clark’s secret for a while now. I believe the writers are reserving the actual “comeout” about it for dramatic effect. I believe in the future that Clark is going to tell Lois about it and she’s gonna respond with a smile and say thanks for telling me the truth but I’ve known for a while now.

    Lois isn’t like Lana in the fact that she MUST and DEMANDS to know the secret. She’s been giving Clark his space about it for 4 seasons now. She already knows about Mr. Kal-El and some of his powers and plays the dumb card a lot to save face for Clark’s sake.

    Lois is also unlike Lana in that she doesn’t hold Clark back. She INSPIRES him. It was her who finally got Clark off his butt and at the Daily Planet. It is her bold and brashness that brings out the MAN in Clark and propels him to destiny. She’s kinda like a kick in the butt for him.

    The Final Clip in “Bride”S8 sums this up so nicely. The song playing in the background is by Vast entitled “Don’t Take Your Love Away From Me” . In Clark’s and Lois’ final scene together these lyrics are what are ringing in the background.

    I am looking for inspiration
    And i think i found it in your heart
    It’s a kind of thing you get when you’re not looking
    It’s a kind of thing you had from the start

    Lois is the right one for Clark he just hasn’t fully connected the dots yet. He’ll soon realize which woman really has HIS best interest at heart. Lois will never hurt him and will inspire him to be a better man.

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