My Love Letter to PS3

Dearest PS3,

A year and a half ago my heart soared to the highest levels, my favorite couple seemed to be heading towards destiny after seeing HYDRO and CRIMSON. Nothing could take me from the highest of clouds where my heart flew after seeing them sparking on the small screen with chemistry that I hadn’t seen since Margot Kidder and Christopher Reeve first introduced me to the wonder of Lois and Clark.

Then something horrible happened; a terrible darkness fell over my show and I felt as though my heart had not only been ripped out of my chest, but squeezed between a vice, and STOMPED on. I spent a year and half confused, lost, and worst of all angry. These evil captors of my precious heart took the objects of my joy and banished them from each other for nearly a whole season and a half.

For once upon a time this man had a heart that was as pure as the golden sunrays that illuminated my precious Smallville. He was quick to smile, adorkably uncomfortable when put in compromising positions, but always embraced everything around him with kindness and love. He was a big brother to lost kids and a friend to those who felt like they had nothing to hold onto. Yet for some reason, these horrible captors decided that kindness must equal weakness and they heartlessly castrated him. They took away his dignity, his compassion, his pride, his self-worth, and took away all joy from his life. These evil villains expected us to believe that this frightening transformation was all because he couldn’t be with his “great love.”

Well apparently they were right.

For the last half of season 6 and season 7 Clark Kent WAS a pitiful, ball-less, unhappy man because he was stuck in a loveless hell. His parents, who were his strength and taught him about character and the virtue of pride and self worth were gone. His best friend who now knew his true identity stopped treating him like a human and instead thought of him as a deity. And the “woman” who he thought he loved, was a lying devious bitch whose real power was to suck all happiness from the world because she herself had no sense of self worth or identity. Two lost souls create one large void – not joy.

Clark wasn’t with his great love; Lois was nowhere to be seen. Lois instead was off getting her own heart stomped on time after time again as she tried, desperately to find her Superman. The last time that we saw Clark truly HAPPY on Smallville was season 4 and the beginning of season 6 – which conveniently were the times that he spent the most time, with Lois.

Lois and Clark have been a couple for over 70 years. They have butted heads through several world wars, worked side by side through national tragedies, and uncovered truth and justice in the wake of scandals that nearly brought great nations to their end. They have been together for a reason – they’re soulmates.

Soulmates is an idea that many people have written off from being over commercialized on Valentine’s Day or made schmaltzy on daytime soap operas, but there’s power in the term. Finding one’s soulmate means discovering in another person that which you do not possess within yourself and finding that together you work as one and when you are apart you are incomplete.

Lois and Clark are yin/yangs of each other. Clark is the feminine yin energy – he’s all heart and reactionary, he feels too much which leads to brooding and self doubt. Lois is the aggressive masculine yang – she’s all head and action, in fact she’s proactive. She barges forward without planning and speaks before thinking which usually ends up leading to great heartache (foot in mouth syndrome.) Together as a couple Lois and Clark are complete because Lois spurns Clark into action when he might not think to do so, she drives him, and motivates him. Clark has to think faster to try to keep up with her, because for all that she can be a pain in the rear, she’s the brains in the relationship and he’s the brawn. When left to himself Clark’s prone to depression and has no focus. Lois gives him purpose – she’s the only woman whose will of steel can melt the heart of the steel man.

For all that Lois is brash, bossy, and headstrong, she is also like her mate – she lives with a duel identity. Her icy exterior is a mask for a woman who is close to breaking inside and uses sarcasm to cover up a lifetime of loneliness that comes from feeling abandoned by her family growing up. She’s had to make it in the world on her own and hasn’t had the luxury of having a man around to save her all of the time. Clark isn’t much different, he’s spent the last season and a half on Smallville mourning the loss of Jonathan Kent. Without Jonathan there to deliver harsh lectures and guilt in his direction, Clark has been wandering alone trying to atone for the mistakes that he’s made in his life. Both of them need each other in order to heal. He’s the big cuddly teddy bear who can tame and control the wild beast that she only shows to the outside world. Clark brings a sweet, softness out in Lois that no one else is allowed to see…EVER because he makes her feel safe. And that’s even before she knows that he’s Superman.

This is precisely what we’re getting in season 8. We had glimpses over the last season and a half that Lois and Clark had been getting closer as friends, but we were denied seeing this happen on screen which was the fault of sloppy direction by the shows former forerunners who refused to let the show grow up. A few hints thrown in last season of things to come – Lois handing Clark a Daily Planet job application, an affectionate hug when Lana had finally slunk out of Clark’s life, and a horrific view of what the world could be like if Clark didn’t man up finally shook some sense into that thick Kryptonian cranium of his. With the evil captors no longer holding his reigns, the boy was FINALLY allowed to became a man.

With new purpose and new masters holding the production reigns are showing that good storytelling and respect for the 70 year legacy of the characters who this series is based on is all that it takes to create an amazing show. Season 8 is rocking, it’s rocking like it quite possibly never has done so before. Everyone has grown up. With Lex “my Daddy never loved me” Luthor gone, Clark now faces two formidable new foes, the ice queen bitch Tess Mercer and Davis Bloom – a threat that has yet to be revealed.

Through it all Clark’s now working at the Daily Planet with Lois. Together we are seeing their yin/yangs swirling around each other and connecting making them a formidable team. Over the years they’ve always had Lois and Clark investigating apart from each other, approaching stories from different angles and always ending up together (like in REUNION) however, now instead of tracking down leads separately they do it together and find solutions to their mysteries at a much faster rate. Clark is also able to whisk away at a moment’s notice and proactively help people. Helping others is giving him purpose again.

Even more importantly than Lois and Clark working together, which has been the staple of Superman comic lore since its inception, Clark and Lois are being written in their iconic forms. They bicker and shoot verbal zingers at each other as ways of masking their true feelings for each other. Clark is confident and in fact is oftentimes downright cocky because he knows exactly what buttons to push to send Lois off on one of her crazy tirades that entertains him to no end. We’re seeing shades of Dean Cain’s confident Clark Kent emerging from a character who’s been forced to spend the last several seasons scowling and being confused over everything.

I’m still not quite sure that I’m watching the same show that I had been forced to watch for the last season and a half. Suddenly with the evil dungeon-masters gone, we’re no longer getting a piss poor “teen Superman meets Dawson’s Creek” but we’re getting “The New Adventures of Lois and Clark meets Smallville.”

There are those who would argue that we don’t need another “Lois and Clark” show, I beg to differ. I’ve been steadily watching “Lois and Clark” on DVD and have to say that I’m thrilled that Warner Brothers is getting the opportunity to reboot the show and give Superman fans the chance to see what “Lois and Clark” should’ve been had it been had they been given a bigger budget back in the 90s. “Lois and Clark” was a fine series that existed because Terry and Dean did their best with the material that they were given and they humanized their roles even though the show was incredibly hokey and the FX were laughable. Terry and Dean were charming and had great chemistry – you could often overlook the flaws because they were so fun to watch. “Lois and Clark” also took the traditional road of Clark falling for Lois at first sight and dealing w/ the ultimate triangle from hell – Lois/Clark/Superman. For Smallville – Lois and Clark are both taking their time to learn the steps in a complicated mating dance that will eventually lead them to love. “Lois and Clark” always showcased the crazy lunatic of the week who they had to track down and WB oftentimes employed many of the cheesiest actors that you could find in Hollywood to fill the roles.

Thankfully they don’t do that on Smallville. Instead of suffering through watching cartoon cookie cutter villains cackling and wanting money as filler in the episodes, we’re getting a rich new storyline for Clark’s best friend and Lois’s cousin Chloe and her fiancé the future ace Daily Planet photographer Jimmy Olsen. Chloe has also changed overnight – not just because of being infected by Brainiac, but she’s 100% over her schoolgirl crush of Clark, something that her fans might not understand, but is a healthy sign of maturity on her (and the writers) part. She’s also out seeking a new path for her life. After finding little actual satisfaction working in journalism she’s working as a counselor for the meteor infected people of Metropolis and Smallville – something that I might add that they have blissfully toned down this season, substituting genuine evil humans for the meteor freaks that we’ve all learned to roll our eyes at over the past seven years. Chloe has suddenly shifted from being Clark’s personal computer hacker to being his friend again and also being the only person in his life who knows his secret, she’s become a surrogate for the Kents. She’s there to give him advice that normally on “Lois and Clark” would come from Martha and Jonathan. She can now dish out harsh truths to him without worrying that she’ll make him angry because that she’s in love with him.

The journey of Lois and Clark realizing that they are each other’s soulmates has finally begun. We’re at season 1 of “Lois and Clark” – Lois realizes that Clark is incredibly sweet, wholesome, honest, but annoys the hell out of her. Clark sees Lois as a challenge, who inexplicably still only sees him as a dorky farmboy and he spends his time trying to impress her with his charming wit since he can’t risk her finding out his secret identity….not yet anyways.

COMMITTED was brave, they actually allowed Lois to strip herself emotionally naked in front of Clark and she did so in order to save his life. Lois is different than she was when she came onto the show. Four seasons ago she hinted her way into shoving Clark out of his bedroom by becoming a house guest, this year, when it came to possibly doing that again, she hesitated and declined the offer. Lois isn’t Lana, she’s not so easy to give her heart away. Lois also admits to her mistakes, she apologizes, and doesn’t hold grudges…well not that many anyways. She also has self respect and won’t flaunt herself in front of Clark to try to get his attention like the other girls have before in his past. If he is going to win her over, he’s going to have to chase after her and eventually catch her – she won’t throw herself out there as bait, not when she’s the prize to be won, not the other way around.

Deep down, Lois does love Clark, and he loves her as well…he has since the moment that he laid eyes on her in CRUSADE, when he fell out of the sky and landed at her feet just like Namon did to his soulmate in the Kawatchi legend. Although Lois expertly deflected what she said in COMMITTED, just like Lois does over and over in the early seasons of “Lois and Clark” we the audience are now in on her biggest secret of all.

Smallville, however, is Superman’s version of GONE WITH THE WIND, in this incarnation, Clark is Scarlett, Lois is Rhett, and Lana is wussy Ashley Wilkes. Until Clark finally sees that he’s been in love with a lie all of this time, he’ll never fully be able to give his heart completely to Lois. This is why it’s essential for Lana to return, to erase all doubt in him that Lana might be the right person for him. Once he sees the truth – we’ll all be in for something amazing. Tom and Erica are crackling with adult chemistry this season already – the verbal sparring is shamelessly obvious flirting. They’re enjoying the freedom that the writers are giving them to finally cut loose and have fun with their characters again.

Peterson, Souders, Swimmer, and Slavkin understand what the ultimate endgame is for this show considering they’ve already been slamming over our heads that your first loves pave the way for your true loves. I actually don’t fear Lana’s return because I now trust them to do the right thing and end that relationship with a harsh and illuminating finality. Can we only hope that a part of it will come with Clark learning that Lana’s been lying to him for four years, having covered up the biggest lie of all, that she killed Mrs. Teague (while possessed) but consciously let Lex cover it up for her? Clark will never murder. He won’t condone murder under any circumstance. All of the pain that Clark suffered from season 5 onwards was because of Lana’s deception. Clark thought somehow Brainiac’s arrival was his fault when in fact it was not. Clark will be able to forgive Lana, but he’ll never be able to love her again. Lana is selfish – she always has been. Whereas Lois is the least selfish person in the world – she shares the love of her life with the entire world and settles for writing about his adventures and victories while he gets all of the glory. Thanks to the Kent’s upbringing and teaching of random acts of kindness and selflessness, that glory never goes to Clark’s head.

PS3 thank you for making me fall in love with my beloved Smallville again. Last year episode 5 was the crap-fest that was ACTION – the episode that slapped Superman fans in the face and told us off as being a bunch of pathetic pyschos for not understanding that Clana was the center of the Universe. I have been angry at Smallville for so long, but I’m not any longer. This year for Ep 5 you gave us COMMITTED what has to be the best iconic Superman episode that we’ve ever seen on the show. You’ve not only given a chance for my favorite couple to come front and center where they belong but you brought humor, joy, light, and life back to Smallville. And in uncertain economic times when we’re all on edge in our real lives, we need Superman and his feisty leading lady to bring some hope to our own darkening days.



Blissfully Happy in Cloisland


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  1. I completely agree with your entire post! I think season 8 has been one of the best since Clark and Lois have started warming up to one another. Boy did that change after episode 10 when they brought Lana back into the story. Talk about lots of great story telling and build up, only to destroy all of it in 3 or 4 episodes. What were thinking?!


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