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Clois- a Legend Coming to Life in Season 8 of Smallville Part 2

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Committed- Season 8 Episode 5 Review and Mythos Matchup Report
By Baudyhallee- moderator CCC and SUPERMAN fan!

[image] [image]
Chloe and Jimmy chained to the electric chairs now. It’s a dark and abysmal place. They have sensors on their fingers.

[image] [image] [image]

The creepy guy comes out in a mask. Apparently he likes to save time and he feels what he does is his duty. Whacko! He has a lie detector and anytime someone tells a lie their partner gets zapped. I must say I love Jimmy in this scene. He’s very protective of Chloe, admits his ‘infidelity’ with Maxima and tells Chloe she’s the only girl he has ever loved. Jimmy Olsen is sweet!


In front of the stationary store, Nibs and Quills. “If this were the last place on Earth and I had to write an SOS, I wouldn’t come here to get a nib or a quill,” shouts Lois at the door. Clark grabs her by the arms and shoves her down the street. “Thank you for your time,” he says. Always polite!

Clark talks to her about her methods as they continue down the street. She retaliates. “He was stonewalling us. You have to put the screws to a perp when he. . .” They’re at a curb and Clark grabs Lois by the arm before she can step out in front of a taxi.
[image] [image] [image]

“He was seventy years old. He spent the night in the hospital. He still has his bracelet on,” says Clark without missing a beat as they cross the street.

Lois is trying to a find way to get info. Clark doesn’t want to waste time. Lois wants to know what his ideas are. “Well, you should go back to the Daily Planet, see if those background checks we ordered came in.” Lois is not buying that at all. “And just what do you plan on doing alone that we can’t do together?” Clark’s got a come back, I’ll give him that. “A lot.” He sounds a bit cocky actually.
[image] [image] [image] [image] [image] [image] [image] [image]
So a lightbulb goes on over Lois’ head. “A guy is preying on couples, right?” Clark picks up on her idea. “Don’t even go there.” It doesn’t deter Lois. “So if we go in there pretending to be the bait, we’ll have him eating out of our hands.” Clark is vigorously shaking his head. “No one will believe it, Lois. Not even for a second.”

Lois gives him a saucy grin. “Clark Kent, will you marry me?” Erica’s delivery of this line alone made this episode work. It’s got the right timing and expression – I’m thinking of Carole Lombard. Clark’s namesake’s wife ( Clark Gable for those of your who don’t know your 30s films). Queen of the screwball comedies.

Clark gives her a semi sneer while seeing it as a total disaster already. But y’know he’s going to go through with it. He’s got abilities and all that. He can get them out of anything, right? Not looking too cocky now.

[image] [image] [image] [image] [image] [image]
So Lois in the lead holding Clark’s hand goes into a jewelry store. Lois tells Clark to smile. He says they’re in short supply. The jeweler greets them. Lois holds onto Clark’s arm and drags him forward. She says they’re out ring shopping. “Who’s the luckiest girl in the world? I am!” Clark all business says he’s heard they have the best rings there. The jeweler offers to show them some.
[image] [image] [image]

Lois goes for it – as any red blooded girl would. “What about this one, Pumpkin?” Clark who doesn’t seem to be seriously into his role in this facade, “Anything you want, Muffin.” ROFLMAO Clark remarks about how the jeweler must see so many happy couples. The jeweler hands him the ring while he looks at it. “It certainly is. It’s very fulfilling to solidify the bond between husband and wife. . . . Excellent craftsmanship. A perfect circle. No beginning and no end. Try it on. See how it looks.” Clark is still staring at the ring as Lois puts out her hand. “Don’t get stage fright, Poodle.” She reminds him that he’ll have to do it in front of a packed church some day. She leans towards the jeweler for an aside. “He has performance anxiety.” Challenge! She and the jeweler chuckle. Clark shoves the ring on her finger in one swift movement. She looks at him and he smirks. That girl does like to push. Hehehehe He needs it though.
[image] [image] [image] [image] [image] [image]

“Look at that. A perfect fit,” says the jeweler. The doors of the jewelry store open roughly and it’s . . . Oliver. He sees Clark and Lois. They give each other worried looks.

[image] [image] [image] [image] [image]
“What are you two doing here?” he asks. “Didn’t get the invitation yet?” squeaks fast thinking Lois. “Invitation to what?” says Ollie with one hand in his pocket. Lois turns to Clark. “Tell him, Cupcake.” Clark looks at her as she watches Ollie. Ollie is watching both of them. “Lois,” he begins. Lois looks at Clark. “. . .and I are. . .” Clark looks at Ollie with a semi-grin. “We’re getting married,” he says somewhat adamantly. Remember ARROW. The hiding of feelings and the pissing contest over Lois. Ollie laughs. Lois flashes the ring at him as Clark looks on. Ollie is gobsmacked. He turns to Clark. “You’re just full of surprises lately, aren’t you, Clark.”

[image] [image] [image] [image] [image]
“I know, right?” says Lois. “I mean, we’ve been friends for so long, but we just had this . . . um, one magical night.” CRIMSON! Clark nods. “And we couldn’t deny our feelings any longer.”


Ollie is trying to take it all in. He’s trying to figure out if she knows his secret. Why did Clark decide on Lois now? He turns to Clark again. “Is this true?” Clark does this little tight lipped grin of resolve. “I’m afraid so,” looking Ollie straight in the eye. Lois grabs Clark by the hand and drags him to the door. She gives the jeweler the ring and tells Ollie, “See you at the wedding,” as Clark opens the door and shoves her through it. Ollie is left dumbfounded. Aw heck, let him think it’s real. Hehehehe

[image] [image] [image] [image] [image] [image]
Cake store. The baker is telling Clark. “She has great taste. You’re a very lucky man.” Clark turns to leave the store. “You have no idea.” Lois is cracking up. “I swear if you’re this afraid of a pretend commitment? What’s going to happen when some poor girl makes the mistake of actually falling for you?” They’re walking down the sidewalk now. “This isn’t working, Lois. We have to split up. We can track down more leads if we go in opposite directions.” Lois is a step or two ahead of him. “And what if you get into trouble?” Clark half snickers. “I think I’ll be okay.” Lois keeps on walking. Clark splits. “Y’know you’re drifting dangerously close to cocky.” When she doesn’t hear a reply, she turns around. “What no snarky come back from the peanut gallery?” She lets out a huff. She’s not surprised by his absence. This reminds me of PLASTIQUE when she said “Oh C’mon” by the elevators. Does she know what’s going on?

Jimmy and Chloe in the chairs. Creepy masked guy is talking about secrets and lies. How he could smell them on his unfaithful wife. Chloe realizes he killed his wife. “You see the heart and the mouth aren’t always on the same page.” Chloe passes on both questions she is asked. She was never unfaithful and she only loves Jimmy. “Only you, Jimmy. Forever.” Creepy guy takes the gun and shoots them. (Remember it was just darts before. Don’t worry.)

[image] [image] [image] [image] [image]
Tess and Ollie- scene 2 Video
Lex mansion. Ollie shows up talking about their dinner date. ‘Mercy’ throws him a staff and it’s a battle. Ollie and Dinah fight like this as foreplay, too. Somehow it falls flat here. There’s no underlying sexual tension. Justin and Cassidy have chemistry, but their storyline doesn’t give us enough oomph to make the scene believable. “Weak men like you make me stronger.” And apparently Ollie is afraid of Tess . . .just before they go to bed together (but that’s later).

[image] [image]
Lois and Clark in Hydro- their first kiss

Ollie and Tess kiss. Jimmy and Chloe kiss. But no Clark and Lois kiss. Apparently there was one in an early script, but it was removed. We’re guessing it was in the jewelry store to sell it to Oliver, but who knows. Clark kissing is a big deal. He’s not a man whore like Ollie. So Lois finding Clark kissing someone last week was heartbreaking to her. Clark and Lois haven’t kissed since CRIMSON. Lois supposedly doesn’t remember. Their other kiss was in HYDRO. Lois doesn’t know it was Clark she kissed. That’s almost two years ago. For a passionate couple, they need some smackage. We’ll wait patiently . . .but don’t let us give up hope. Okay? We’d like some pay off for our constancy. This idea that once Clark and Lois are together that that’s the end. Not so in the comics. They have been married for twelve years and Jeph Loeb made that relationship very rich and vibrant when he wrote for the Superman issues. So it can be done! Challenge!

Lois is talking to Clark’s voice mail. She’s going to her car and there are headlights in her eyes. She yells at someone to turn them off. She closes her call to Clark. “You’ll be seeing your fiancé soon enough,” says Creepy guy as he fires a dart at her. Lois looks down. “Son of a bitch!” She falls to the ground. Creepy guy puts her into the back of a station wagon. Takes his mask off. It’s the jeweler.

[image] [image] [image]
Chloe and Jimmy wake up in the Talon apartment. Creepy guy has left them there. That’s just whacked! They call the sheriff.

The Talon. Clark comes in glad that Chloe and Jimmy are okay. “I can’t find Lois.” He tells them about the voice message and the headlights. They tell him that the guy who kidnapped them did the same thing to them. Clark wants them to tell him what they can remember so he can find Lois. Chloe remembers the word about the solidifying the bond between husband and wife. Clark has figured it out. “I know who has Lois.” (Lots of Lois’s in that scene! YEA!!!)

[image] [image] [image]
So Clark superspeeds through Metropolis to the jewelers where he listens and hears Lois asking about Chloe. Not sure if he used superbreath or just burst through the door, but he’s in there in a blink of an eye. He’s at the top of some stairs and yells, “Lois!” She’s chained to one of the chairs. He superspeeds to her. (I guess he doesn’t care at the moment about his secret. Oh well. I’m lovin it.) He tries to take the chains off. Lois is concerned about Chloe and Jimmy. Clark tells her that the guy let them go. “Listen I’m going to get you out of here, but you have to tell me . . . where is he?” Clark gets that sickly green feeling as the guy hits him with a monkey wrench. Lois yells, “Clark!” He’s on the floor and we see a green glow on the guy’s wrist. Yep, K-rock. Clark’s bleeding from his lip and forehead.
[image] [image] [image]

There’s black. Then there’s flashes of light after Lois says,”Clark, wake up!” We’re seeing things from Clark’s perspective. Mr. Winters is Genius! “Clark. Clark. Wake up!” He does to see Lois sitting across from him. He looks badly hurt. He tries to pull his arms free and the chains resist. He realizes he can’t move. He sees the guy in the back. “I know who you are!” The jeweler takes the mask off. “Let’s begin.”

[image] [image] [image]

“Now that we’ve seen your face you’re going to kill us anyway,” says Lois. “Don’t be so certain,” says crazy guy. Well he didn’t kill Chloe and Jimmy when they got the answers right. Oh boy. We might have a problem here. Clark is fidgeting trying to get free, showing off his huge biceps. Go Clark Go!!!


“You must really care about her, storming in here. Very gallant of you,” says whacko to Clark. “Yea, he’s stupid that way,” says Lois. More eye talking. Clark looks determined. “Let her go.” Whacko says, “After her turn, you’ll get yours.” He explains that it’s not a game but a test to see how much they have been hiding from one another. Clark has an ‘oh shit’ look on his face. So whacko thinks he’ll get invited to the wedding if they pass. Yea, right.

Clark and Lois give each other worried looks. “Ladies first. Have you ever cheated on your fiancé?” Pretty straightforward question, but unfortunately the answer is a lot more complicated. It’s a lie that Clark is Lois’ fiancé. So no matter what she answers – it’s a lie. They both know this, but Lois goes boldly . . .”Of course not. Don’t be ridiculous.” Clark gets zapped and he’s feeling it because he’s weakened by the K-rock. “What are you doing?” screams Lois. “You’re killing him!” He turns off the juice. Clark can gasp air now. “No! Your lies are!” So Lois comes clean. “Okay. Okay, I take it back then. I’m sorry. Just don’t hurt him again!” Her voice is shaking but it has a tinge of anger in it. She watches Clark suffering while Clark realizes the guy is wearing a kryptonite bracelet. The guy is cranking the generator again. Clark sees a grate in the floor. “Killing us. It won’t take away the pain that pushed you here,” reasons Clark. Whacko tells them he’s doing it for them which Lois finds highly unlikely. “The broken hearted are the walking dead. Either way I’m saving you both a lot of unnecessary pain.” Whack job!

[image] [image] [image]
“Okay, crazy,” says Lois through gritted teeth. Clark is still suffering. She doesn’t like it. “This is the deal. We’re not really a couple. So this twisted test doesn’t mean anything.” Whacko ignores her. “Next question. Deep down underneath it all . . . do you love this man?” Oh boy. Lois looks at Clark who’s having trouble breathing. “Answer the question, Lois. Don’t outthink it. Just tell the truth.” Clark knows Lois. She’s trying to see if she can outsmart the machine to keep him from harm. He doesn’t know what her answer is, but he knows her. She looks at him. You can see her fear. Whacko lets out a little breath like he can’t understand what the delay is.
[image] [image] [image] [image] [image] [image] [image]

He asks the question softer than before. “Do you love ‘im?” Lois starts to shake. This is her own personal hell. Her defenses around her heart are crumbling. She is vulnerable. She’s defenseless. She looks at Clark again. “Just tell the truth.” He gulps in pain. She can’t let him suffer. Even if it means sacrificing her pride and her defenses. Whacko gets in her face. She can’t look at Clark. “Do you love . . . him?” She lets out a sob and then she looks at Clark. “Yes.” Clark braces for the zap. It doesn’t happen. The machine is calm. Clark looks at Lois, realization comes over his face. He looks at Lois. (Really?) She casts her eyes down. Whacko is amazed the machine is silent. He gives Lois a grin. She keeps trying not to look at Clark. Her emotions are raw. She’s been through the mill.

[image] [image] [image]
Whacko turns to Clark. “And you?” Clark looks at the floor. He knows what is coming. “Do you love this woman?” He looks at Lois and then looks away. He starts to breathe heard. Lois is shaking while silently sobbing. She looks at Clark who is bending over in pain in the chair. Whacko gets in his face, places his hands on the arms of the chair. “Look up. I can’t hear you if you don’t speak up.” Clark grabs his arms and head butts whacko, grabbing the bracelet and tossing it down the grate. Clark working his plan!!! Yea!!! Whacko is on the floor a few floor from the zap button. Clark eye lasers a steam pipe much as he did in DEVOTED right in front of Lois. . . again. There’s steam all over. Whacko picks up the zapper and Clark appears suddenly from the mist. Lois is looking around. She doesn’t seem to be able to see anything. We hear punching and grunts and then we see whacko in the middle of a pile of rubble. Dude, never mess with Lois Lane when Clark’s around! Word! Lois sees the guy.

[image] [image] [image] [image]

“Lois,” says Clark walking from the mist completely healed. “Clark?” she says looking at his face. “Lois, are you okay?” he asks (like he always does – because her being okay is all that matters – or at least in every other incarnation. And now it appears true in this one too. YEA!!!) Still looking up at him. She clears her throat. “I’m not sure.” This is the same look she gave him in BIZARRO when he burst through a wall at the dam.
[image] [image]
Clark appears out of nowhere in Bizarro to rescue Lois and Chloe

[image] [image] [image]

He kneels down in front of her. She can’t look at him now since he’s eye level. “Let’s get you out of here.” He knows she’s been assaulted in more ways than one. You could almost see him gently removing her bindings even though it’s a full face shot of him. He’s watching her carefully. She seems kind of mesmerized watching him releasing her, but she’s worried, too. She doesn’t like to feel weak – and Clark never answered the question. She doesn’t know where she stands with him.

Isis Foundation. Lois is watching the engagement party video. She’s ashamed and embarrassed. “I am so sorry. I mean I know my face is under faux pas in the dictionary, but this is a whole new low.” Chloe reminds her that she also crashed Lana’s engagement party (in CRIMSON) and that she might want to consider avoiding engagement parties altogether. Lois is upset she ruined her party. Chloe says that her party was a success considering the kidnapping afterwards. “You were just trying to be honest.” Okay, I never thought I’d see decent Chloe Lois talks ever again. Thanks for the gift. Lois tries to explain why she was so concerned. “Clark and Lana went south. Things fell apart between me and Ollie. Just knowing I had everything I ever wanted right in front of me and having it slip away. I just didn’t want to see you have that kind of heartache.”

Side note. Okay, I know Lana has to come back for closure, but please do not let Lois hang out in the wind like she did in Season 7. It was too painful to watch then. I’m hoping that Clark will realize his feelings for Lois while Lana is present and that he’ll do the right thing. He needs to follow his heart. He knows Lois. He knows how she thinks and how she feels. He needs to start chasing Lois so she knows he means business. No more ambiguity for him or Lois. Chase her hard, baby!!!

[image] [image] [image] [image] [image]
Chloe thanks her for being a wonderful cousin and reassures her that she would have never said yes to Jimmy if it wasn’t meant to be. “How can you be so sure,” asks Lois. “Because when I look at Jimmy, I can feel it in my heart. I mean, sunset or dungeon. He’s my guy.” Lois takes it in. “Wow! Color me jealous,” she grins. Then she remembers. “Clark was right after all.” (So she thinks of Clark as her guy? Woohoo!) It’s hard for her to admit that. “He usually is. Get used to it.” Let’s hope Lois gets a chance to get used to it!

“Get used to what?” says Jimmy from the doorway. Lois walks to him to reconcile. She awkwardly hugs him. “To being a member of the family,” she says before giving him a hard pat on the arm. “Congratulations, Jimmy.”
[image] [image] [image] [image]

Jimmy and Chloe talk and Jimmy confesses. His father is not an investment banker, but an alcoholic and a mechanic. And his mother has disappeared. Chloe doesn’t confess her secret. Jimmy is just too sweet for words. I hope Chloe doesn’t break his heart too terribly. Y’know that circumstances aren’t going to allow him to be happy with her.


Skin honors to Justin tonight.

[image] [image] [image]

Ollie slept with Tess, but she’s not thanking him for it. No matter how romantic he is. Yea, whatever. She gives him the you scratched my itch line. Ouch! Apparently Ollie leaves when things start getting interesting. I don’t think it was for hero duties in those days. Remember the first Lois and Ollie break up in JUSTICE. Ollie got used! Man whore honors to Ollie tonite, too. Poor baby.


Daily Planet! Lois scurries by the door way to the bullpen. Clark’s desk is empty. She hustles to the elevators and breathes a sigh of relief. “You’re not avoiding me, are you?” comes the inevitable voice off screen. He’s wearing a dark purple shirt with tie and black dress slacks. Ummm yummy! With his hands in his pockets. Lois looks straight ahead. “Me? Why would I be avoiding you? I was just shopping for wedding presents for Chloe and Jimmy.” They’re waiting for the elevator together. “Oh. So you’re finally onboard with the happy couple?” They’re watching the floor lights move. “Yep, all it took was them passing a madman’s electric Cosmo Death Quiz and I am sold.” The elevator arrives. Clark walks in. Lois doesn’t. He turns and holds the door for her. “In or out?” (the ole in and out) Hmmm, I wonder if they still have that Clockwork Orange poster at the Talon apartment. Clark gives her a little grin. Lois may not want to enter the scene of the crime from last week. “You know all things considered. The stairs are better for cardio.”

[image] [image] [image] [image] [image] [image] [image] [image] [image]

Clark’s still smiling. “C’mon. Statistically this is still the safer way to travel.” Superman movie reference!!! Chris Reeve rocks! Clark’s cute standing there waiting for her. She looks at him and walks in. It feels like a trust thing.

[image] [image] [image]

The doors shut. They stand side by side with barely an inch between them. She has an armful of papers. They fidget but don’t say anything. “He confessed. The jeweler.” He wasn’t the only one. Hehehehe Clark looks straight ahead. “I heard. Five couples?” That would be including them. So he thinks they’re a couple now? Lois takes a glance at him.
[image] [image] [image] [image] [image] [image]
Side note: This bell music keeps playing. It reminds me of the music from Love With the Proper Stranger with Natalie Wood and Steve McQueen. It’s a must see also. There was a song in it about bells and banjoes. And the theme music had bells in it, too. Sigh.
[image] [image] [image] [image] [image] [image]
Onward through the breach. Lois starts. She’s a girl who likes facts not uncertain feelings. “So about that test.” Clark looks expectantly at her. “Um,” she can’t quite get it out. He looks at the door. She looks blankly at the door as she bites her lip. Clark takes up the gauntlet. “Who’d a thought that you were such a good liar, huh?” He grins and shrugs. “I mean, you even beat that machine.” Lois seems grateful while she keeps up the fiction. “Even though I’m a natural master of deception, I needed a little help. I mean, the machine was a piece of Kaiser Era junk.” Clark grins and chuckles and then turns to look at her. “But it did work the first time, y’know.” His head starts nodding. “When you electrocuted me.” He looks a little hopeful that she loves him. “Pfft. Exactly,” says Lois as if that was her point. Clark’s wondering where she’s going with this. “So when he was off playing game show host, I slipped the sensor from my finger.” Clark whips his head towards her with an unbelieving look on his face. “Pretty crafty, huh?” The Supesque music starts to play in the background. You can see Clark trying to recall whether or not the sensor was on her finger when he was releasing her from the chair. “So you weren’t telling the truth,” he asks a bit disappointed. Lois chuckles slightly. “Please, we do make a good team, but don’t let our cover go to that big ole head of yours.” So Lois doesn’t say yes or no – and she goes for the snark. Clark! A Clue! Clark scoffs it off, “I didn’t.” “Good,” she says. “Great,” he says. Lois looks a bit worried as if she may have pushed it too far. She exits the elevator. She has to have the last word, y’know. LOL! “Let’s just be glad it was me under the gun and not you.” Clark steps forward wondering what she means. “And why’s that?”

[image] [image] [image] [image] [image] [image] [image]

She looks sympathetically at him. “Smallville. Everyone knows you’re a terrible liar. Who knows where we would be if you had answered that question,” she says a bit flippantly. Challenge! Clark smirks at her as she walks away. Then he gets this revelation in his eyes and he stares off at Lois as the elevator doors close. Did he ever really think about what his answer would be? His actions speak of a strong love for Lois, but his brain hasn’t been informed yet. That’s Lois. Always leave him thinking! It’s good for him.

Next week: Davis Bloome reveals his Doomsday side. Martian Manhunter is back. Clark will be investigating without Lois. She’s not in this episode. Let’s hope Clark at least mentions her or thinks about her.

Performances: AMAZING AMAZING work by Welling and Durance. It’s like they’ve been unleashed on this material. They can do it all. This show may have comic characters but that does not mean it has to be campy or cheesy.

Have you read a comic book lately? Smallville is definitely not those things. In the past it was melodramatic and sometimes there was heavy emoting, but not this season. Its perfect timing and delivery. I cannot sing Tom and Erica’s praises enough. They actually look like they’re having fun – even in the very dramatic scenes. You can feel their characters, read the feelings on their faces and experience their motivations. These two are Clark and Lois for a generation.

Everyone did a great job with what they were given. Tess was a bit one dimensional tonight, but that wasn’t Cassidy’s fault. Ollie was a one note, too. Justin can work it though. All that soap training. Hehehe Aaron and Allison were amazing as always. But I have to thank Aaron for giving us a more powerful Jimmy. Sometimes I wish Clark would take a page from his book on the show. He’ll probably do it this season. Everyone is becoming who they should be. Thanks to Glen Winters for some excellent perspectives of the material and to Bryan Q. Miller whoever you are. (wink). PS3, we thank you with great joy and hope. You put it there.

Media Credits:
HD Screencaps from KEakaCK
Video from CCC and OSCK


6 Responses

  1. This is actually one of the few SMALLVILLE episodes that left me smiling at the end.

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  3. it’s been all lana fro season 1 through to seven. personally, i felt bad every time clark couldn’t realize what was infront of him. come on!! i mean even bizarro acknowledged the fact that lois is hot. i do hope that tgis season that impasse between loois and clark will be broken. my smallville moment will always be when lois confesses that she loves clark and then breaks down and sobs. how romantic. open clark’s eyes. this is a matter of utmost importance.

  4. Wonderful internet site.. hope to visit once more…

  5. […] Season 8, Episode 5: Committed Original Air Date—16 October 2008 After Jimmy and Chloe disappear from sight for a bit and it turns out it has been against their will, Lois and Clark pose as a couple to flush out the kidnapper. Media: Committed Promo Photos, Committed HD Screencaps, Clips and Trailers CCC Committed Review Part 1,CCC Committed Review Part 2 […]

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