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Clark Kent and Lois Lane- a Legend Coming to Life in Season 8 of Smallville PART 1

Committed- Season 8 Episode 5 Review and Mythos Matchup Report
By Baudyhallee- moderator CCC and SUPERMAN fan!

Click on video previews to view and photo thumbnails to view full size

This episode was written by Bryan Q. Miller, a newbie to the SV writing stable. I googled and choogled – and I know I’m not Chloniac, but I could not find anything on this guy. It could be a pseudonym. Hey Bryan, come out, come out wherever you are. You’re gonna get accolades! Whoever he is – he knows his Supes.

Glen Winter had the directing rights. He gets accolades, too. He’s also a Director of Photography. He directed Crimson (plus others) and will be directing Legion, the Geoff Johns authored episode. All the nuances were amazing in this episode!

Rating: Yea, you read that right. It’s first because YOU MUST WATCH THIS EPISODE. Tell all your friends who have ever seen a Superman movie or read a Supes comic book. Smallville Clark Kent is the real deal in this episode! That’s one extra point and the half point is for showing Clark’s pythons ( giant biceps!) while being chained to a chair. Hey, that’s not shallow, that’s canon! 6.5 out of 5.

Superman/Lois/Clark Kent fans. Imagine you’re Oliver Twist. You’re in the workhouse and have been for years. You’re begging for more gruel, like the little street urchin you are, because that’s all you’ll be getting. “Please sir, may I have some more?” Then one day someone takes you to the Kent farm and its Thanksgiving. The table is loaded with tantalizing food – and Mrs. Kent announces that she’s made more pie for dessert. THAT is how we feel about season 8. If that was PS3’s goal, it’s working!!!

I have no way of knowing what PS3’s real intentions are (besides what they’ve told us), but it has become apparent that they are picking up the breadcrumbs from the past 4 years to make Clark Kent his true self. Wimp Ass Clark has left the building! THANK YOU! This episode has callbacks to past episodes and even to the original Superman movie as they move the story and characters forward. There will be no light switching! They are building a case and we are extremely happy to watch it unfold. This is so refreshing to see because in the very recent past, Smallville was noted for its out-of-character flip flops, plotholes and absence of continuity. Not this season, Buckaroo!

Clark Kent is a Kryptonian imbued by a yellow sun. He’s a physical guy. He’s got a great body. He appreciates a great body, too. Lois Lane is always described as good looking with an incredible body and enough Chutzpah to power up the northern hemisphere. Clark has a huge heart and a very keen mind. Lois thinks first and when she feels, it’s analyzed to death or encased behind high fortifications! She definitely has a good heart. Clark has always said so in the comics. These characteristics are prominent in tonight’s episode.


In SIREN Clark tells Lois, “Normally when things get challenging that’s when you get interested.” A Kryptonian on Earth could get bored very easily if he didn’t have challenges. Clark gets interested when he’s challenged – and who is more challenging than Lois Lane! He’ll never be bored or moping, throwing his balls around in the barn, when she’s around.

The theme for Season 8 is secret/double identities, but the subtheme has got to be soulmates.

Three couples tonight. Jimmy and Chloe about to step into matrimony. Jimmy has a very human secret and Chloe has a humungous not so human secret. Ollie and Tess who have a far past, are seeing the fruit of the recent past when they’ve been apart– it’s not pretty. Clark and Lois who genuinely like and know one another are about to embark on a neverending journey of love. Just tell the truth.

Since there are so many Clark and Lois moments, I’ll concentrate on those. This story is about Clark’s journey to successfully becoming Superman. Lois Lane is a huge part of that story, always has been, always will be. (to quote Clark in the comics.)

It’s Jimmy and Chloe’s engagement party at the Talon. It’s decorated for the event much as it was for CRIMSON. Jimmy is cutting the cake while Chloe has her hands folded. Shouldn’t they be cutting it together? Lois, dressed in a Wild Cherry dress, is at the bar tossing one down asking for more bubbly. “And throw in a Shirley Temple for the lady,” she lobs at Clark who just walked up. He smirks at the remark. He thinks she should pace herself. She’s a little tipsy and is concerned about Chloe’s decision to marry Jimmy or anyone for that matter. Lois doesn’t see ‘real love’ between Chloe and Jimmy. What she probably doesn’t see is passion, especially on Chloe’s part. Chloe is marrying safe – it’s her way of trying to remain ‘normal.’ She hasn’t told Jimmy about her superbrain. I’m not saying she doesn’t have real affection for Jimmy, but Lois is pretty people savvy even if she isn’t in the know about all their secrets, so I’ll take her word for it.

[image] [image]
Clark counterlobs one at her. “You sure you’re not just jealous that you’re little cousin is beating you to the altar?”

“This isn’t a competition!” says the woman with the competitive nature.

“Then why are you keeping score?” Lois has one of those “I hate that you know me like that” moments as she did in HYDRO when she told Clark she thought she was in love with Oliver. Clark continues. “Listen, it might not kill ya. Just, show a little support.” The gauntlet is laid.


“You want support. I’ll show you support,” she says as she uses Clark’s shoulder to hoist herself up on a bar stool, to steal a passing glass of bubbly and a fork (“Oh good, yea, here we go.”) and proceeds to announce a toast. Clark looks worried and puts his hands in his pockets.

“Ladies and gentleman, My name is Lois Lane,” she slurs slightly, “Most of you know me as Chloe’s cousin AKA the Maid of Honor.” Yea, Lois is going to be standing with Chloe. Can’t wait! Clark and Lois will be in the wedding party. Smiling Lois recounts how she and Chloe made a promise as young girls that they would not marry until they found their soulmates. “That one person in the whole wide world that we are destined to be with.” Everyone is having an ‘ahhhh’ moment. But it’s Lois talking, sarcasm. “Which is why you can’t take a ten year old on their word. . .” Oops.
[image] [image] [image] [image] [image] [image]

Hands are out of the pockets as Clark grabs Lois highly amused. It’s as if he concedes she made her point in her own incredible way, but not wanting to ruin the party. “Okay, c’mon!” He grabs her around the waist spinning her off the stool. Lois purses her lips as if “oops, Clarkie is starting the manhandling” and when he releases her, she’s grinning from ear to ear.

Clark coming off a smile. “What I think Lois is trying to say is . . .” Ever the diplomat. “that you can’t predict when you will find that special someone.” He turns to look at Lois. It’s a long shot so we can’t see reactions. “And Jimmy is without a doubt that special someone for Chloe.” Clark talks about knowing Chloe for years and that she has never looked this happy. Lois rolls her eyes. “Congratulations. To Jimmy and Chloe.”

[image] [image] [image]

Jimmy and Chloe leaving the venue. For some reason Jimmy has a dad who’s in London. Huh? Wondered if they changed his background for SV. Dark figure appears in front of car with headlights on. He shoots them; they fall to the ground.

Gold high heels. Lois on a golden leather couch with a steel blue sheet. She sounds like she has dry mouth. She sits up. She’s at the Kents. (Clarkie got her in the house anyway. LOL!) OMG! She’s wearing Clark’s football jersey from high school. Reminiscent of DEVOTED when Chloe wore Clark’s practice jersey in the loft and tried to seduce him. Now how did Lois find that jersey? That Clark is devious. He’s marking Lois as his already. Subconscious, unconscious, whatever! Lovin’ it! “SMALLVILLE!”

On cue, Clark comes in carrying a glass of water and Alka Seltzer. “Good afternoon, Lois.” Still highly amused as he makes her drink and hands it to her. “I thought you might need one of these.” Lois takes it from him and then looks over to see her Wild Cherry dress on Mrs. K’s spinning wheel.

“Please tell me we didn’t,” she says shaking her head. Clark looks confused. There’s eye talk much as there was in CRIMSON. She looks at the dress again and right back to him. He looks over at the dress and then realizes what she meant.

[image] [image] [image] [image]
He chuckles, “You’re hysterical when you’re hung over, Lois.” (Lois, he’s a keeper!) He tosses the dress to her. “Don’t worry. You got changed all by yourself in the middle of the kitchen for like an hour.” Did he watch? Did he time her? Lois takes a sip of the drink and immediately sets it down. She realizes there is a huge bowl on the coffee table. She finds out Clark took care of her while she took her cross country trip on the porcelain highway. He opens the curtains to let in the afternoon sun.

“You didn’t have to take care of me last night. I would have been perfectly fine on my own at the Talon.” She says as the light blinds her and gives her a headache.

Listen to Lois’s favorite Band Whitesnake sing Is This Love

“I don’t think Jimmy and Chloe would have been up for the Whitesnake singalong.” So did Clark sing along? What songs did they sing? Is This Love? Slow and Easy? In The Still of the Night? All these Whitesnake mentions makes me think that we might hear some at the wedding reception. They might have saved their pennies to pull it off. It’s been two years! We can always hope!!!
[image] [image] [image]
Lois realizes that she’s late for a dress fitting with Chloe in town. She goes into motion. She’s putting on her gold heels still wearing the football jersey. “Do you need a ride?” asks Clark.

She acknowledges that he might have held her hair, but he doesn’t need to hold her hand. She can still drive a car. “Not if it’s not here,” says Clark. He walks up to her. “This may shock you, but you were in no condition to get behind the wheel last night, Lois.” I love it when he says her name. Sigh.

“Thanks for the ride,” she says as he nods his head with a grin. So Clark seems to like caring for and taking care of Lois – and teasing the hell out of her. Challenge!

Daily Planet. Tess is trying to find out if the email she got in INSTINCT is from Lex. Her new assistant is working on it. She goes through a lot of those. Mostly female. Side note: I’m really enjoying the statue of Atlas at the DP. Clark often feels like he has the world on his shoulders and in the Golden and Silver Ages, the comics had ads for Charles Atlas and his bodybuilding fitness program. Didn’t Joe Shuster have an interest in bodybuilding?

Ollie is in Tess’s office. She’s been outbuying him in business. They chit chat about Lex, obsession, deception, revenge, and murder. “Y’know, Mercy, it seems to me that Lex might have been a little more than a mentor.” Yea, we’ve been thinking the same thing, too, Ollie. How many wives has the dude had – and he’s not done yet! She tries to kick Ollie out of the office. Ollie pours on the charm and asks her out to dinner. She acts like a bitch. Ollie says its just a meal. They agree on a time. I can’t really tell if Tess still has good feelings about Ollie or if this is just some high profile scheme by Lex and her to take down Ollie and everyone else. Not much forward motion or character development here.

Talon Apartment with Super Mocha Mondays. Lois opens door, “Chloe-e!” “Jimmy!” says Clark.

[image] [image] [image]
“Y’know what Lois likes to see when she comes home. Pants. Pants on everyone.” Lois is wearing the Wild Cherry dress with Clark’s plaid shirt from his first day at school, I mean, work at the DP. They see a trail of rose petals leading to a bed of CRIMSON.
[image] [image]

“I had no idea Jimmy was so romantic,” says Clark while Lois finds a pair of furry handcuffs.
[image] [image]

“Guess the Olson’s not so wholesome,” she chuckles as lets them slide down her wrists. She smirks at Clark who whips around trying to think pure thoughts. Hehehehe He sees the day’s unopened mail as Lois hits the message button on the answering machine. It’s her own voice. “Cho-ee! It’s your cuz!” Lois looks like a deer in headlights. “Guess who came to my rescue. Not Oliver Queen. . .” She’s telling the machine to shutup with her eyes. “(giggle) Clark Kent.” Clark is interested now. “He’s the sweetest boy I have ever . . .(muffled slur).” She stops it there. “Chalk that up to alcohol poisoning.” Clark chuckles but seems to have wanted to hear what she said next.

[image] [image] [image] [image]
Next message is Smallville PD Impound. Apparently Jimmy and Chloe’s cars were parked on the street when the street cleaners are scheduled. (Nice excuse, but in a town, Smallville’s size???) Clark and Lois realize something is wrong.
[image] [image]

Jimmy and Chloe tied up in the dark with squeaking things. So psycho guy starts his ominous, “Dearly Beloved” speech. He’s got this thing about finding out if couples are meant to be together or not. He turns on the lights and Chloe and Jimmy see people in some kind of electric chairs. Dead.

The DP. Clark coming down the stairs. “Lois, I checked with the Metropolis and Smallville hospitals as well as the airport. No sign of Jimmy or Chloe.” He’s got the red jacket and blue t-shirt with jeans on. Hero mode. Lois is wearing a Wild Cherry deep V blouse- reminiscint of their big date at the DP in Crimson.


“You covered a lot of ground.” He must have and in a short time span. So some of us think that Lois already knows the secret. That she remembers things, like the CRIMSON night. She’s just waiting for Clark to tell her of his own accord and in his own time. Her statements in PARIAH come to mind and then in the comics, Clark talks about his reveal and Lois’ reaction. He thought she’d be shocked but she suspected as much all along. ‘One thing about Lois . . . no one can fool her.’ – that’s a direct quote.


“I needed to find the right people to ask,” says Clark. “Did you find anything?” Clark and Lois investigating together. GOLD! Lois informs Clark that 3 couples in the last 2 weeks have vanished without a trace. All engaged. Credit cards haven’t been touched. No phone calls. Clark realizes they’ve all been abducted. Yea! Love thinking Clark!

Lois called the police who won’t declare Chloe and Jimmy missing for 24 hours. She shows Clark the engagement announcements of the couples. Clark wonders what kind of person would do this to people at the happiest time of their lives.
[image] [image] [image]
Lois feels responsible. “Y’know if I hadn’t been too drunk to go home last night, I would have been there to stop it.”

“Or you would have been missing, too.” Clark really doesn’t like that idea at all. You can see the concern on his face. There’s more eye talk. Clark tries to reassure her. “Don’t worry, Lois. We’ll find them.” Clark wants to cross check all the couples to see if they have anything in common.

Lois has already done the research. They all visited the same wedding vendors in the last ten days. Clark knows the stationary store is around the corner. He announces he’ll go check it out and he’ll call if he finds anything. I’ve been reading some of the old daily and Sunday comic strips of Superman. As early as the 1940s, Clark Kent did this constantly – telling Lois to stay put while he did the ‘dangerous’ stuff. Didn’t stop her then. Doesn’t stop her now.

“Whoa, no way am I putting my cousin’s life in the hands of a mild mannered copyboy. Try to keep up.” Hehehe he usually does.

Screencaps: KEakaCK
Video Clips: Kate, admin CCC and OSCK


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