Why Clois Fans are enjoying Smallville again!

Lois and Clark in 804 Instinct

Smallville started out as a series focused on Clark Kent and his path from boyhood to Superman. The last couple of years have had a lot of Lana angst and frankly Clois fans have been pretty blah and never expected we would see anything great with real Lois and Clark. Well- it is a new year and a new season and WOW! We are all excited all over again! Lots of great tender and fun Clark and Lois moments in the past 3 episodes and this week Clark gets all turned around when the alien sex goddess Maxima comes calling and looking for a Kryptonian mate.

Why is this good for CLOIS fans? Because Lois gets to see Clark with someone other than Lana and face her growing feelings for “Smallville”. The return of shirtless Clark is always a welcome bonus too- he has been gone for way too long frankly.

This season has been about the fans falling back in love with Clark Kent as much as it has been about Lois and Clark reaching for their destinies. With Clark out of the barn and working on becoming what we know he can be- well it is just inspiring. CCC member Louise was inspired and put together this charming Clark Kent video that shows his progression from season 1 as a naive farmboy to the junior reporter he is today- and of course some time spent with Miss Lane along the way.


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