Plastique Episode Review

PLASTIQUE Season 8 Episode 2

Review by CCC Moderator Baudyhallee

Plastique is a supervillian in DC comics with the ability of projecting explosive force from her body. In SV lore she’s a meteor freak runaway teen who can cause explosions with her eyes. Not exactly like Clark, more about that later.

It was said last spring that the new producers were working closely with DC, one of their overseeing bodies. Obviously they are, because they will be bringing in even more DC villains this season.

This episode was written by Holly Henderson and Don Whitehead, the new writing team from last year. They don’t usually leave too many stones unturned. Look for rich content.

The episode started with a ‘previously on Smallville’ which included the introduction of Tess, Jimmy’s proposal, Chloe and Black Creek facility, Ollie & Clark teaming up, Tess and the FOS crystal, the guests of Black Creek have been re-assimilated, Clark and Martian Manhunter in loft – the leaping point for the season and new objectives for Clark, and last, but certainly not least, Clark and Lois at the DP.

Metropolis. The Daily Planet. Supe-ish music is playing in the background. Get ready for another ride! Clark Kent is walking down the steps of the Daily Planet looking pretty much as he did in high school. He has a red plaid shirt on with jeans and the book bag, but there is one difference. He clips his official Daily Planet ID badge on his shirt. It’s Clark’s first day at the DP. YEA!!! FINALLY!!! He looks a little apprehensive. As he should be, he not only is about to work for a great Metropolitan newspaper, but he is also there to be in the middle of the action so he can help people in a crisis. Tall order for anyone, including a burgeoning Superman.

Lois Lane is at her desk banging away at her keyboard. Clark clears his throat to draw her attention. She spots Clark and compliments him on his punctuality.

Tonight we will see many of Clark’s and Lois’ attributes and quirks. Some might consider them anvils, but they are the traits that these two characters have carried for seventy years. My thanks to PS3 for finally bringing these two on the path of who they should be. It’s been a long and exhausting wait.

Lois cannot abide his country bumpkin style. “What? This is a nice shirt.” (Clark, ‘nice’ is a word you use when you can’t think of anything better to say.) The education begins: Yea, Lois is going to show him the ropes. (I’m smiling!)
“You do not want to be . . . looking like brawny lumberjack.” This confuses Clark, but have no fear, Lois is here. So she parlays some dry cleaning from a fellow reporter in the office (Ron Troope perhaps?), who reminds Lois about personal space. (Buddy, you are wasting your breath!) Clark realizes that something like this has happened before. She drags him out of the basement bullpen. “Don’t tell me I have to wear a tie!” to which she instructs him to always dress for success. She then tells Clark to change in the phone booth. Okay, that was an anvil. (Dammit, I like it!)

She waits outside said phone booth trying to explain to Clark why he needs to be conscious of what he wears. “You don’t want to be known as Farmboy or Flannel Man.” (Could this spark Clark into thinking about a costume?)

Lois has friends apparently at the DP. A woman passes by and says hi. I don’t remember that ever happening with Chloe. She pretty much stayed underground at the DP – especially when she was hacking. “You do not want to bomb on your first day.”

Clark comes out of the phone booth faster than a human could totally dress, and asks, “So how do I look?” Well, Ms. Lane is gobsmacked as we all are. Clark is in a blue dress shirt and looks amazing. Sorry, about the drool. (not really) But he only gets a somewhat gulped, “Um, Good,” out of Lois, who seems to want to hand press that shirt while it’s on his chest. Smart girl. Cue explosion. Lois falls into Clark’s arms as he protectively holds her and gives her a manly glimpse. Debris falls around them. Lois looks into the news room. Without a moment’s hesitation, Clark is off and running. Literally. “Clark?”

He’s out in the street and there seems to have been an explosion. There’s a bus overturned and there’s fire all around. He approaches the scene when a boy with a skateboard runs into him. We know the kid runs into Clark, because Clark is pretty conscious of staying out of people’s way. It would be like getting hit by a brick wall.

Clark opens the top hatch to the bus and then proceeds to rip the metal roof like it’s butter. He’s saving people!!! YEA!!! He tells people to stay away from the bus.

We see our first glimpse of Plastique as Clark assists her to safety. He checks to see if everyone is out of the bus, when he spies a body. We see the police are arriving on the scene as Clark, looking very Supermanish, carries Tess Mercer, wearing white. She’s impressed “I guess this is my stop.” Clark looks at her but not as he did when he saved Lois in APOCALYPSE.

Sidenote: Okay, who sat there and thought – what is the CEO of Luthorcorp doing riding a bus? Contrivance? Let’s wait a bit and see. Back to the story.

Chloe and Plastique are wandering in the aftermath. Chloe tries to help her by calling out to the emergency personnel. An EMT comes running. It’s Davis Bloome. He’s very professional and caring. And we all know how Chloe feels about guys in uniform – see APOCALYPSE. Davis hits on Chloe while attending to Bette’s AKA Plastique’s needs. It’s quite charming. Sam Witwer sells what a great guy Davis is.

He’s wonderful in this scene. Yea, I’m gushing a little. “You make a good wingman, Chloe.” Yea, yea, she’s been sidekicking for years. Even though Chloe is engaged, she seems titillated by his attention.

Clark is carrying a small girl towards a paramedic. He’s reassuring her. (Clark and kids. Sigh) He asks the EMT if he saw a red haired woman from the bus. “Do you know if she’s alright?” He’s told the more injured are being taken to Metropolis General. Well knock me over – you mean that the Smallville Medical Center has lost their trauma certification for the region? YES!!! About frikkin time!!! Kudos to PS3!

Chloe sees Clark and they quasi hug one another. Davis comes around a van and sees them ‘embracing.’ Chloe and Clark discuss him being at the DP so he can know when people need help. YES!!! That’s why Clark Kent is at the DP!!! (The points keep racking up!)

Clark wonders if Chloe would return to the DP since Lex is gone. She states, “I’ve spent over half my life praying to the gods of Journalism. It might be nice to try something else. See how it feels.” Clark asks if she’s ready for a change. Chloe looks at her bubblegum machine engagement ring and seems about ready to tell Clark about her engagement. His phone rings. “Apparently the Goddess of Journalism is wondering where I am.” Lois has sent him a text message. He has her number in his cell. YES!!! Chloe tells him that it might be harder to save the day with Lois around. “If I can hide my secret from you, I think I can handle your cousin.” Dream on, Clarkie! Lois sends him another text, from the tell tale ring reoccurring. “I got to go. Tell Lois I said to take it easy on you.” Hmmm, is this where Chloe relinquishes her fill-in spot by Clark’s side. It was always rightfully Lois’ anyway.

DP. Clark walks into the basement bullpen with the grime of his other work on him. Lois sees him. Now this woman just dressed this guy for success. What are the first words out of her mouth? “Whoa, Clark. What happened? Are you okay?” Words of genuine concern. (Clark – take her into the phone booth now!) He’s a little snide with her. (Putz!) “Why? Were you worried about me?” You got to admire Lois. She rolls with the punches. “No, I’m trying to get a lead on this story. I don’t want to be chasing after you, too.” She starts asking about what happened. He tells her the authorities think it was a bomb that misfired. Lois wants to know his source. “I’m sorry, Lois . . . I was too busy, y’know, saving people.” (Clarkie is going to have to work on that dual job thing.)

Lois takes this opportunity to give Clark some rules about getting the story. “Rule Number One, always know your source.” Clark seems amused by this but lets Lois know – he’d rather read the Cliffs notes. A lackey comes in stating, “The boss wants to see you. Now!” They both think he means Lois. He tells them, “Not you. Kent.” Lois is disappointed, but she wants Clark to look good. “Rule Number Two, Always make a good impression and . . . don’t screw up with the boss.” Clark looks lost. “I think that’s two rules.” To which Lois replies, “Whatever. Try not to get fired on your first day. Okay?” Clark takes a deep breath and heads for the stairs clearing his throat. Lois sits at her desk giving a longing look towards Clark after he’s gone.

Since on SV, we really didn’t have Clark fall in love with Lois at first sight (frown) – unless you want to erase the last three years of the Blahna drama. (If only we could!) Instead, we are getting glimpses of Lois’ feelings for Clark. I don’t want to say that’s okay, but I can see the necessity for it. Clark hasn’t been who he was supposed to be for a long time. PS3 is just now getting him to the point that he’s a man and doing only what he can do. I appreciate that. But could we get some glimpses of Clark’s feelings for Lois? I know this is a delicate balance so their relationship doesn’t seem lightswitched. Oy! Who would have thought that a Clark and Lois relationship could EVER be lightswitched? But Smallville being what it is . . .thanks for the hope that Clark will get his head on straight enough to realize his soulmate is across the desk from him – giving him the guide to a merit badge for journalism. (Wink)

Clark is told to go right into the boss’ office. Tess tells him to take a seat (which he never does.) He recognizes her. She seems pleased by his surprise. She introduces herself as Acting CEO of Luthorcorp. She extends her hand. He doesn’t take it. “You’re my boss?” She says, “Don’t tell me you’re intimidated by a powerful woman?” (He’s sitting across from Lois Lane – trust me the guy can handle it.) Clark shakes her hand. He’s surprised she’s back to work so soon. She explains she has big shoes to fill and that she’s fine. Clark then asks the $64 million dollar question: “It’s unusual, isn’t it? For the new CEO of Luthorcorp to be taking the bus to work?” She tells him she’s going green, saving the planet. (what, like kryptonite?) He chuckles.

Tess boldly goes there. “Seems we were destined to meet. I already had you on my ‘to do’ list today.” (Get in line, honey) That startles Clark. “Lex told me all about you.” He takes that in and then kind of laughs it off. “Not much to tell really.” She always speaks of Lex in the present tense – as if he’s still alive. She tells Clark she’s been using all her resources to find Lex. Clark asks if she has any leads. “I was hoping his good friend would tell me where to look.”

Clark goes into safe mode on the info front. “The Lex Luthor I knew disappeared years ago. . . I don’t know what happened to him.” And he doesn’t. That’s true. She gives him her card in case he thinks of something. “And Clark, you were extraordinary out there. Thank you for saving my life.” Actually he was super out there and how many times must he save evil people in this episode? That’s Clark. Even if they’re evil. He tries to preserve life. He warns Tess before leaving, “I saw how this job consumed Lex’s life. I’d hate to see the same thing happen to yours.” Well, Lex was obsessed by the Traveler and consumed by the FOS.

Tess’ assistant comes in. “Handsome.” To which Tess retorts, “And a liar. He’s hiding something.” She’ll keep an eye on Clark personally. (Lex and his obsessions are not gone.)

Met Gen. Chloe is waiting for Bette. She brought her some food. It’s Monday. Chloe begins her ‘interrogation’ of Bette. She’s not street savvy enough to get around Bette’s defenses. Chloe meets Davis at the soda machine. Big smile for Davis. He asks about Bette. Chloe tells him that she’s living on the streets – she seems clueless as to what to do. He goes to talk to Bette. He knows of a place where she can stay. He says it is her choice. Chloe offers her place to stay. Bette calls her a ‘girl scout.’ “I don’t want to be your latest merit badge.”

Stop. Please don’t make the Chloe character bigger than she already is. She not even in comic canon. (You’ve got plenty of iconic characters to play with so let’s get them built up first.) Making her the female Clark is just wrong. To even insinuate she is = WRONG. She’s naïve, but is terrible with people – give her a computer anyday. Clark is naïve, not people savvy, but great with people. They immediately like him. That’s why he needs Lois – she’s street and people savvy, not always great with them, but she has a good, caring heart. She admires his love of people even though she doesn’t always understand it.

So Chloe gets riled by the suggestion she’s not ‘in the know’ – and then gets sanctimonious when Bette asks her if she can still be a free agent. Bette goes with Chloe while Davis chuckles.

Clark and Lois are walking back to the scene of the crime. Clarks pipes up, as if trying to gauge Lois. “That new boss. She really came out of nowhere, huh?” So he breached the subject. Brave man. “You tell me. You’re the one who just spent quality time with her.” He rallies with, “She just wanted to welcome me on board.” (Boy Scout – the woman wanted to GET on board. Big difference) “Don’t try and keep secrets from me, Clark.” (what was that he said about hiding his secret from Lois??? Yea, he’s really taking care of her.) Lois refers to her new boss as a ‘pitbull in Prada’ and states that she would never give a copyboy the time of day even if he did have a charming smile. Clark goes to the hands in the pockets routine. “You think I have a charming smile?” Lois turns and with great passion says, “I think you’re going to lose some teeth if you don’t tell me what she said.” Sounds like she’d be messing up that charming smile. Busted!

“Lois, you sound like a jealous girlfriend.” When it comes to her job, Lois doesn’t allow anyone to stand in her way. Her first love (in most other incarnations) was being a journalist at the DP. We see this character’s further development towards her iconic self. “Jealous? Of you? Please that would be like Willie Mays being jealous of a bat boy.” (Lois, don’t say bat – different story) “Watch and learn.”

She chasses up to the policeman guarding the accident scene. If she ever turned on that charm to Clark – he’d be a goner. But she is in love with getting a story at the moment. Not Clark. He’s watching her though. She introduces herself, “Lois Lane. Daily Planet.” Another point for that one. “No press allowed,” says the cop. Clark swallows his smirk. She returns to Clark. “A swing and a miss,” he asks. “I’m just getting started,” she says in a very seductive voice. She’s not fazed at all. Clark takes note of her demeanor and probably likes his view of her returning to the cop. Good thing his hands are in his pockets, huh. So while Lois chats up the cop, Clark walks around and then decides to use the ole superhearing. Somebody hit me! He remembered! He hears the arson squad in their investigation. No explosive material, no residue, no detonator. . .there was no bomb on this bus.”

Lois returns to Clark trying to figure out what to do since the cop had a zipped lip. “Lois, I just heard that there was no bomb.” She’s finding it hard to believe with the smoking evidence a few feet away. “We need to talk to someone on that bus.” Clark remembers Chloe calling and telling him she had a homeless girl she was helping who was on the bus. He wants Lois to talk to her while he talks to other people. “Thing is, not so good with the kids. You take Lil Orphan Annie and I’ll do the rest.” Okay, Lois is not as good with kids as Clark. And there has been a debate since they got married in the comics that they may or may not be able to have kids. Geoff Johns, who is soon to pen an episode, had Lois coping well with an adopted Kryptonian boy. So let’s just ease back on the whole Lois and kids don’t mix thing. She put up with mopey boy for three years on the show. She has experience with juvenile behavior.

So Clark goes to see the ‘kid’ so his and Chloe’s storylines will cross. There I said it. Smallville. Talon apartment. Lois’ apartment where Chloe lives rent free? Bette has fixed Chloe lunch. There’s knocking at the door. Clark is back in his red plaid shirt. Bette recognizes Clark from the bus. He begins to ask her questions. She thinks he’s a cop. Chloe diverts him. He tells Chloe that he thinks the bus exploding was because of a meteor freak power. Bette plays dumb and then fingers some kid named Tommy. (snicker) She even gives him a backstory. Tommy touched a meteor rock a few days ago and now whenever he gets mad, he blows things up. (rolling eyes) She got on the bus to avoid him. She is more than happy to show Clark where he is. She reassures Chloe that she’ll wait in the car and just point him out to Clark.

Clarkie’s got a new big red truck, complete with mags. Things must be good in organic farming. Bette points out Tommy, the skateboarder who ran into Clark earlier. Clark gets out of the truck and shouts out to the kid telling him he only wants to talk. Bette gets out of the truck. (busted!) And starts talking to Tommy. He freaks out throwing down his skateboard. (unusual) Clark tells Bette to stay put. He follows Tommy to where the kid is boxed in by a fence. Bette comes along side Clark talking to Tommy. (doesn’t listen well, does she) He calls her a liar and to stay away from him. Clark tells Bette to get back. She lowers her head and bam Tommy gets fried by an explosion near flammable material. She cries out his name and then we see her smirk. Evil girl! (That’s two evil females Clark saved his first day at the Planet.)

The DP at night. “He was just scared, Lois. I don’t think he meant to hurt anyone. He just couldn’t control his powers.” So Clark is thinking Tommy was an accidental suicide? Lois isn’t buying it. She thinks its karma. And she’s been recording Clark’s discussion. He gets indignant. “Don’t get your tights in a twist, Smallville.” Anvil! Hehehe Besides she needs scientific proof that Tommy was a human bomb. That’s good investigation technique. You need more than one source and . . . scientific proof is better than hearsay. Clark suggests they look at the autopsy report to see how much meteor rock was in his system. Lois knows the coroner won’t release any info while an investigation is on. She wants to go to the hospital to ‘find’ a copy. Clark clarifies, “you mean steal.” Nothing fazes Lois when she’s on the scent of a story or a good investigation. “Rule Number Three, do whatever it takes to get the story. You really should be writing these down.” Yea, Mr. Titanium memory bank – you need to be taking notes as she walks up the stairway ahead of you.

“Lois, there are some lines you shouldn’t cross.” She’s a few steps up from him. She’s a head ‘taller’ than him on the stairway. She’s only worried about a byline. “We’re in this together.” She stops her ascent. “You want me to share a byline with you.” (Dream on, Clarkie) She refuses that bit of nonsense, but she did get him Tommy’s obituary to write. He seems squeamish about it. She tells him about when she first started out. She steps down one step. “I would have killed for an obit,” she says while banging his chest with her fist. He takes notice. “Are you coming?” she says as she returns to her ascent.

Lois is still hitting Clark. It’s physical contact. She’s moved from the shoulder to the chest – and this time she didn’t have to hop, skip, and jump to do it. Clark likes it when she gets physical. He watches her climb the stairs and lets out a deep breath.

Isis Foundation. Chloe is standing on a desk to change a light bulb. (Will not think of the classic blonde joke – okay, I failed.) Davis comes in when she’s in mid stretch admiring the view. He’s brought over an application for his friend’s safehouse for Bette. He then takes pity on Chloe and gets up on the desk with her and does the dirty work. The light comes on and they’re looking into each others eyes. She babbles about Bette. He takes her hand and helps her down from the desk. He keeps a hold of her hand for a bit. Then he hands her the application. He asks about the Isis Foundation. She tells him it’s a counseling center. He’s never heard of it even though EMT’s have info on mental health facilities. Chloe is vague about the Isis clients, but Davis figures out they are meteor infected. He drives an ambulance. He knows the score. He thinks she should help the meteor infected since she was so good with Bette. (rolling eyes)

Apparently Chloe googled Davis. (okay, I rolled my eyes too soon. I might get dizzy.) She knows he was in foster homes. He teases he always wanted his own stalker. She’s all giggly and they are really enjoying a moment. Then she wipes out her bubble gum ring and says, “And I’m engaged.” That was blunt – is she feeling a little too good with Davis and a little ashamed she hasn’t remembered she’s engaged. “You’re the first person I’ve told about that.”

Whoa! Her best friend doesn’t know. Her cousin doesn’t know. And she’s telling some hot guy she just met today that she’s engaged after a smiling session. Poor Jimmy. Davis congratulates her. “If you’ve found it, real love. Hold onto it.” Chloe with unsure look. He says something charming and she’s all smiles again.

Lex mansion. Tess is looking at Bette’s Black Creek file. Her full name is Bette Sans Souci and she is a Pyrotechnic. She speaks with a new male lackey wondering if he has found Bette. We find out the reason Tess was on the bus was to get to Bette. Lex would have terminated the girl. She tells the lackey that she’s the boss now. She coldly orders him to bring Bette to her.

Met Gen. Flowers enter through a door with Lois’ head behind them. Clark’s head is above hers. “Lois, you can’t just go in and steal a file. It’s a crime. You’ll go to prison.” She hands him the flowers as she makes her way to the records room. “I have a plan, Clark!” He responds with, “Could you share it? I’m having doubts.” Lois whips out a packet of key cards from various buildings including police departments. She finds the Met Gen one. She’s resourceful. “Cover me, Smallville.” The door shuts on him and he’s in the hallway when he runs into Davis. They recognize each other from the bus accident. Davis tells Clark he saved a lot of people. Modest Clark says Davis is the real hero. (Clark believes that first responders are heroes because they don’t have invulnerability and they do what they can do.) They introduce themselves. Davis says he’s met Clark’s fiancée. BDA says, “I’m getting married?” (Clark! Hello! Wouldn’t you be the first to know? Proposed lately?) Davis explains that he saw Clark and Chloe together and that’s when he finds out Chloe has a big secret that she is keeping from her best friend. I think the trust factor is a little skimpy in this relationship. Davis apologizes and asks Clark not to say anything to Chloe. “I won’t reveal my source.” Seems Clark has been listening to Lois’ Rules of Journalism. Good man!

Talon Apartment. Apparently Lois is never there. She spends her days and nights at the DP. Chloe comes rushing in with the application for Bette, who informs her that she’s leaving Metropolis. News Flash! You’ve already left Metropolis. You’re in Smallville at this moment. Maybe she found that high speed shuttle that everyone seems to keep a secret. Chloe tries to persuade her with a ‘poor little street urchin’ attitude. Big mistake. This kid is street smart to the infinite power. Chloe manages to piss the kid off and so she gets a little example of how powerful the kid is. Fire in the Talon! “I wish you hadn’t made me do that.” Reminds me of Blahna.

Met Gen. Clark is still patiently waiting in the hallway. Lois comes out with Tommy’s file. “There’s nothing in here about a meteor infection.” Clark wants to see the file so he hands Lois the flowers. He thinks Tommy’s death is suspicious. He reads that they didn’t find any meteor rock but they did find schrapnel from the barrels of flammable liquid. If he caused the explosion, the schrapnel would have gone away from him not into him. I take away that BDA comment earlier. He confers with Lois. Tommy’s rap sheet shows no use of pyrotechnics. Clark realizes that it was Bette at both explosions. “Oh my God, my cousin is babysitting Psycho Spice.” Lois immediately turns towards the elevators and pushes the button. She’s on the move. She turns around and no Clark. “Oh, Come on!” I burst out laughing at this one. Sorry, Lois you’re going to be doing that a lot! Another point! YEA!!!

Talon apartment. Chloe tries to downplay Bette’s responsibilities in the ‘accidents.’ Bette confesses that she knew what she was doing. So because ‘bad people’ were chasing her and Tommy helped them find her. She killed him because she had spent three years in Black Creek undergoing testing. She has no remorse about killing Tommy. Chloe tells her she too was at Black Creek. She talks of her healing power as gone. “No matter what people do to you . . . you don’t kill people.” REWIND! Wasn’t Chloe the one in QUEST who wanted Lex DEAD? She wanted Clark to kill him.

Bette ‘reasons’ that since sometimes she doesn’t have a choice. (She still reminds me of Blahna.) “I can’t risk you turning on me, too.” And the chase begins. “Goodbye, Chloe.” Chloe trips at the top of the stairs and is falling. Clark superspeeds in and saves her. (This is number 3 female he has saved – don’t things come in threes – does that make Chloe . . . evil? Think about it.)

Good special effect with Clark running and deflecting Bette’s burst. Clark approaches Bette quietly talking to her. “I just want to help you.” This is Clark at his best and a moment we have been waiting for – for a long time. Bette calls herself a monster and Clark says she isn’t one. He has faith in the goodness of humanity. Bette tries to tell him what it’s like for her. “So I have to lie. I have to hide what I am.” Clark reaches out his hand to her telling her she doesn’t have to live that way. “Not from me. We all think we have something we have to hide. It’s hard. But it does get better.”

Tom just nails this scene. The attitude, the genuine heart of Clark Kent. An incredible job! I know that some people want to make Clark dark – but that’s not what he is about. He’s about faith and hope. Everyone needs that, no matter what era they live in.

Talon apartment. Police lights are hitting the windows. Clark tells Chloe it was good that she called Lois. (knock me over with a feather) “She was about to call out the National Guard.” Chloe starts talking about Bette’s trust issues since she tried to kill her. Bette is in Belle Reeve. Isn’t that convenient. “Chloe, sometimes people who need the help the most, push away the hardest.”

She notices her ring is gone. Clark pulls it out of his shirt pocket and asks her if she’s looking for it. She lost it during the skirmish. “Is there anything you want to tell me?” She says she was trying to tell him this morning and wonders if Jimmy told him. “It’s Rule Number Eleven, always protect your source.” He grins. Apparently Lois is seeping deep into his psyche. “But I would like the whole story. How long have you been engaged?” Chloe has not offered anything. She can’t tell him without him asking. (rolling eyes) She got engaged the night she got back from Black Creek. “You could have called . . .anytime.” Clarks says they are more than just friends. Caption readers say that “We’re family” was included in the script. But we didn’t see or hear that onscreen. What Clark is getting at is . . . she’s been his sidekick for so long. “When I marry Jimmy things will probably change. . . between us, I mean.” Well, let’s hope so! Hello! And now she’s saying she’s not sure if she’s ready for that just yet. “Are you?” (Oh cut the apron strings already!) Clark doesn’t answer at first. He wants to see her happy. (remember APOCALYPSE) “. . . you and Jimmy will have a wonderful life together.” He hugs her. “Don’t worry about anything else.” In other words, don’t sweat the sidekick stuff. I don’t need one. Lana’s gone. Chloe’s leaving. Gee I wonder who he could hang with.

Okay, this scene still baffles me. There’s a big rig backed into a docking station. Its lights flash on and off and then the ‘sleeper’ lights come on. The passenger door opens as we see a female form walking towards the door. The door closes. The driver and woman approach the back of the truck. Tess enters a building door and there’s a window behind her. Bette is caged in there and the one wall is metal. Bette and Tess were on the bus. That’s why the explosion occurred. Tess had tracked her down. This is the holding pen for Belle Reeve? Not likely. Sounds like a switcheroo again.

Tess suggests Bette could come with her instead of being locked up for years. Bette doesn’t want to go to Black Creek again and Tess says that she had it closed down. She obviously is trying to get into the kid’s good graces. She tells Bette she’s powerful and that the world should treat her as such. “I want to introduce you to some people like you. A sort of team.” HELLO!!! WARNING WARNING Tess says that once she meets everyone she will fit right in. “I remember what it was like to be your age. . . Alone . . .Angry . . .Trapped . . . the injustice of it all.” OMG!!! Is this the Legion of Doom or the Injustice Society she’s talking about? SV style, of course. “We’ll make a hero out of you yet.” Bonechilling. Cassidy is very powerful in this role. Lex who? Of course she has all of Luthorcorp to back her up.

Daily Planet. Lois walks in with latest issue of DP. Clark is coming down the stairs in a white dress shirt. “Lookin good, Smallville. Clothes make the man who helped me make the front page.” Clark looks at her story. HER STORY printed on the FRONT PAGE of the DAILY PLANET! Got that! Don’t forget!

Clark is concerned that the story took more turns than it should have. She compares that to his disappearing and calls him Houdini. And she gives him a reasonable excuse free of charge. “We were standing next to an elevator. I don’t know why you had to take the stairs.” Be nice Clark you don’t have to make a lame excuse. Uh oh he’s going for the jab. “Well, I’m sorry that you can’t keep up.” Is he kidding me? Bwahahahaha She gives him a disgusted look. “The important thing is Chloe figure it out all on her own.” No, the important thing is you’re using your own brain for a change and doing very well with that . . . and Lois, who mentions Chloe in a wedding dress. Clark looks puzzled. “When did you hear about the wedding?” he asks from his chair. Lois, who is leaning/sitting on his desk. “She just called.” Great, Chloe FINALLY got around to telling Lois. Well, at least Clark didn’t have to tell her. “I can’t believe my cousin is getting married . . .” Her voice whispers and she cringes. “. . . to Jimmy Olson.” Durance, we love you!!! Thanks for the laugh! “They’re in love, Lois. You should be happy for them,” explains Clark. Lois has a ‘yea right’ look on her face. “Well, at least the rest of us have work.” Yea, Lois always had work to rely on. She does better with facts than emotions.

Lois hands Clark the obit he wrote. It’s got red corrections all over it. “Well, Lois don’t hold anything back.” She explains. “Those aren’t notes of discouragement. They’re notes of encouragement. You got talent, Smallville.” Clark looks at her with eyebrows furrowed. “What?” She tells him that when she first started at the Inquisitor all she thought about was getting the best stories on the front page. “Sitting here now with you, I think I’m more proud that we uncovered the truth than I am of having a headline. Thanks for helping me break the story, Clark.” He looks at her with a little wonder in his eyes. “Keep up the good work. You’ve got a long career ahead of you at the Daily Planet.” OH MY! She winked at him!!! She bleedin winked at him! WOOHOO! Clark grins. Lois walks over to her desk and we see their two desks together and each of them working away with the Daily Planet insignia in the background. The Supesque music comes to a crescendo and fades. SQUEE!!!

Isis Foundation at night. Chloe is calling Davis and gets his answering machine. (She has his phone number already???) Poor Jimmy. Chloe is upbeat and a little nervous, but she tells him she’s going to reopen the Isis Foundation (per his comment). While she’s talking, we see an alleyway and a naked Davis curled into a ball next to a dumpster. His face is doing weird things. The music is ominous and he lets out a shriek before the screen goes black. ***SPOILER*** This is SV’s Doomsday.

Rating: 4.5. Half point off to resorting to the freak of the week platform. But it was done very well and there was so much to take in from the other storylines. Pacing was better this week. Major character growth! Good to see! Everyone was on their A game. It looks like they’re having fun. It’s refreshing to see. Tom is amazing – he is so expressive. I’m really glad he gets to be more action oriented in this role now. And Clark is using his own smarts to get things done.

I’m liking Tess a little more. Throwing that little ‘injustice’ morsel at us kind of endeared me to her. She is a heartless, manipulative bitch – which can be fun.

There was darkness, but there was light, too. We didn’t get enough light in season 7 or the last half of season 6. Clark was at his finest in this episode. Saving people, having faith in the goodness of people, learning from Lois and teaching her something, too.

Season 8 is skyrocketing. Let’s hope next week’s TOXIC will keep up the momentum. Thanks PS3.

Credits: HD Screencaps from KEakaCK, Video clips from and .


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