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Erica Durance Interviews Roundup

Erica has been busy this month promoting the new season of Smallville. Here are more interviews you can check out featuring the lovely Ms. Durance!

Erica Durance Dishes on Smallville:

The talented actress who portrays Lois Lane on the CW series gives us some of what to expect from the show’s eighth season.

For the last four years, Erica Durance has portrayed one of the most iconic female characters, that of Lois Lane, on the CW’s smash-hit series, Smallville, which debuts its eighth season on Thursday, September 18 at 8 PM ET. I had the chance to speak with this Smallville siren over the phone, and here’s what the beautiful actress had to say.

It looks like Lois really ups her presence at the Daily Planet this season. Since this is the Lois we’re all familiar with, the Lois at the Daily Planet, is there any familiar shades to any previous Lois’ or is this mainly your own?

Erica Durance: Well, it just ends up being I’m doing what I’m doing with it. I think what’s similar is she’s coming in, they are placing her in that similar environment. It will never be exactly how they did it because I’ve got my own kinds of mannerisms and such, but it is becoming that Lois Lane that people are excited about seeing, and that is giving her more intellect, giving her more independence, using all her street savvy to get the answer. What’s fun is they always, in this season, given a great parralel to where Clark also finds the same answer, but his is his superpowers. I think he’s also forced to admit, to himself, that, wow, Lois has got some chutzpah. She is getting it all on her own. She gets herself in, still, quite a bit of trouble. It’s there, it’s persistent and they’re giving a lot of interplay to the Lois and Clark relationship. They obviously have more free time together, they’re working together at the Daily Planet and there’s a lot of those underlying kinds of things going on.

Do we get into the Lois and Clark thing right away in the season premiere tomorrow?

Erica Durance: It’s always sprinkled in a little bit. If people watch closely, they’ll see that it’s something how Lois feels about and he’s not really ready to admit that yet. They’re being very careful about how they’re building it, to make sure that when the audience gets that big pay-off, it’s a good one. So, they’re building it continuously throughout the season, so as we get into the different episodes, they’ll see something else that’s fresh, new and maybe a little more dangerous between the two of them. I really like how they’re doing it. They’re using all sorts of tools with the danger and the drama and then there’s some that’s just very comedic. It’s been very fun this year.

Read the rest on MOVIEWEB

Interview with Erica Durance (Lois, ‘Smallville’)

For more than 50 years, the Lois Lane character in the Superman mythology has been in the forefront as the woman who ultimately steals the man of steel’s heart. As the character came alive on the big and small screens, many talented women have taken on this complex role and each made it their own.

When Smallville premiered 8 years ago, we knew that once Lois Lane eventually arrived, the teenage Clark Kent would soon make that transformation from boy to man and the real fun would begin.

Many fans wondered who would ultimately land this highly coveted role, and when Erica Durance debuted as Lois Lane, it didn’t take us long to realize that the tradition of finding the perfect woman for this role had continued with this beautiful and extremely talented actress.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Erica and found this lovely actress to be just as funny and confident as the role she plays each week on Smallville….

Q: I’ve read that you were a big fan of the Lois Lane character long before this role came along, what makes her so special to you?

Erica: “What I originally loved about the Lois Lane character is her intellect and her independence. She is so fiercely independent that she doesn’t see herself as a victim. One of the things I love about the character that I’m playing is she’s human and she admits it. She’s flawed, she does a lot of things that people roll their eyes at, she makes a lot of mistakes, but she says yeah, that’s me, I’m sorry. She picks herself up and keeps going. She doesn’t feel sorry for herself.”

Read the rest at the Source: About.com

Erica Durance Discusses her Role on Smallville

Smallville kicked off its eighth season last week with Lois Lane (Erica Durance), snooping around the Luthor mansion in a French maid outfit, looking for clues about Chloe’s (Allison Mack) whereabouts. That’s what we like about Erica, isn’t it? She throws herself into her role just as passionately as Lois dons costumes to get her scoops.

The night that BuddyTV went to visit the Smallville set was a very long work day for Erica Durance. She and Aaron Ashmore, who plays Jimmy Olsen, were shooting a scene that takes place out on the main street of Metropolis at night, which meant that they were both on set filming until about six in the morning. It’s really insane how much work and how many hours these actors put into creating the episodes that we enjoy week after week.

Read the rest on BUDDYTV

Video interviews with Erica:

Erica talks to BuddyTV:

BuddyTV Interview with Erica Durance (Smallville)
Posted to Operation Save Clark Kent Video Channel by kateblake_2000 on September 25, 2008

Click to Play | View Details

Erica talks to G4TV:
Erica Durance S8 Interview
Posted to TV Promos n Trailers by supernatural66 on September 25, 2008

Click to Play | View Details

Erica talks to CW Connect:

Erica Durance CW Connect Interview
Posted to TV Promos n Trailers by supernatural66 on September 26, 2008

Click to Play | View Details

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