TV INSIDER: Erica Durance Nears Lois’ Destiny

With “Smallville” getting ready to fulfill its destiny this coming season — leading into the “Superman” story — actress Erica Durance is enjoying heading toward the full realization of her character, “becoming the Lois Lane everybody knows. There’ve been whispers of what she’s like before, but now, Lois is sinking her teeth into becoming a journalist. There’s a lot of really tantalizing things for me to do this year and I get to hold on to my independence and verve as Lois.”

Clark Kent (Tom Welling), she goes on, “is working at the Daily Planet with her. She doesn’t depend on Clark to solve her problems. Her attitude is more like, ‘I’m your mentor, Clark. I know you’re a little slow.'”

Even so, Durance notes that they’ve already shot scenes foreshadowing the famous romance between Lois and Superman. “Each, in their own turn, realizes how they feel. It’s really fun.”

In the past, she says, “I realized, ‘Okay, I’m going to be on the periphery — but in the end, I’m going to win, naner, naner.”

What about the big question — when we’re going to see Clark don the cape, etc.?

Durance laughs. “I do ask Tom on a regular basis when he’s going to wear tights, and he just walks away.”

“Smallville” returns for its eighth season Sept. 18.



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