Erica Durance to start Filming Ecstasy

By Kate Blake, Admin CCC

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September 8 in Ontario there will be a party launching the beginnings of production on the movie Ecstasy which will be starring Smallville’s Erica Durance. The film Ecstasy is based upon the best-selling book by Irvine Welsh who wrote Trainspotting – the film adaptation of which was the film that launched the career of Ewan McGregor.This is a film that has taken several years to get to the filming stage – so long in fact that the producers quote from Erica about the production dates back to the WB days.
‘I am thrilled to go to Scotland to star in this film. The whole idea of exploring relationships about people on Ecstasy in a completely different location and culture is exciting,’ Erica explained. ‘Trainspotting was one of my favourite films.’ The film was originally slated to film on location in Scotland- now we have word from the production company it will be shooting in Scotland, Ontario, Canada and in the UK.

What is the film slated to be about? The book is comprised of three novelas. From Amazon:
“The ecstasy involved in rave-writer Welsh’s three novellas at first may seem exclusively the chemical kind (“e,” “ecky,” “MDMA”) downed at Dionysian dance parties by alienated post-Thatcher youth and nearly every character here. But Welsh’s latest misfits are also looking (however

Billy Boyd

Billy Boyd

incoherently) for a higher ecstasy too: in a half-articulated credo, one eckied-out character thinks: “you had to party harder than ever…. It was your duty to show that you were still alive. Political sloganeering and posturing meant nothing; you had to celebrate the joy of life.” Meantime, though, they are hooked on other drugs, petty crime, pub brawls, casual/kinky sex and bodice-buster novels. “Lorraine Goes to Livingston: A Rave and Regency Romance,” the weakest of the three novellas, mixes Will Self-style grotesque social satire with an increasingly sick parody of trashy paperbacks. Welsh’s own version of true love goes even farther over the top in “Fortune’s Always Hiding” as a sociopathic Cockney criminal falls for a woman deformed by a thalidomide-like drug and they take gruesome revenge on its corporate manufacturers. The last and best, “The Undefeated,” presents modern love in Edinburgh as a “chemical romance” between the party-addict Lloyd, whose acidified life consists only of weekend house bashes, and straight-peg Heather, who trades her bougie existence for e. Ecstasy exports Welsh’s pitch-perfect slang, black humor and surreal imagination in an exhilarating, mutable style like the written equivalent of techno music, cutting right through to his characters’ lives.”

Producer Rob Heydon has been busy making sure this film has all of the elements in place for contemporary

read of the material. A general call went out over the past year asking for musical submissions to build a memorable soundtrack for the film. The gala in Canada will feature Bedouin Soundclash whose single Lullaby was played on Grey’s Anatomy.

The filming will begin shortly and should not require Erica to be away from Smallville for very

Richard E. Grant

Richard E. Grant

long. These types of ensemble pieces usually shoot very fast- maybe two weeks or three to do her entire arc which would be no more than 30 minutes on film. Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson were in New York for about a week shooting their roles in the similar type of ensemble New York I Love You earlier this year.

Adam Sinclair

Adam Sinclair

Durance will be joining Billy Boyd (Lord of the Rings, Master and Commander), and Richard E. Grant (Dracula, Gosford Park, How to Get Ahead in Advertising, L.A. Story, Hudson Hawk) and Adam Sinclair (The Summit, Mile High). Adam should be the actor Erica is paired with- for those of you who enjoy Brit-coms he was on the racy dramedy Mile High about young people working for a discount airline out of the U.K.


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