Lois spoiler news! Season 8 is coming soon

Erica Durance as Lois Lane on Smallville- Promo Photo Episode 802 Plastique

TV Guide had this to say today

Are we going to see more of Smallville‘s Oliver Queen with Lois? – Audrey
This is the point in Sprockets where I start parceling out sound bites from my in-depth Q&A with Erica Durance. Asked for a status report on Lo and the one also known as Green Arrow, she said, “Lois does have to confront her breakup with Oliver, and they do have a few storylines together, but from what I’ve seen they’re not getting back together in the near future.” You can track down a smidgen more dish from Durance in this week’s Mega Minute. The full Q&A comes next week, maybe. (Sorry, I’m still reeling from this one reveal she let slip….)

We will make sure to post the full Erica report when it is available!


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