From Cornfields to the Daily Planet: The Evolution of Smallville’s Lois and Clark PART 1

Analysis by WickedJenn CCC Member and CLOIS Fan- This is part 1 in a series that will examine the Lois and Clark relationship on Smallville.

“Smallville” is about to enter it’s 8th and possible final season.  The spoilers thus far have been extremely exciting; most recently with the release of stills and an official description for the premiere, “Odyssey”, as well as an official season 8 synopsis.  To celebrate, I’ve decided to write about Lois and Clark and their progression from season 4 onward.  Lois and Clark forever!
Season 4

“Who are you?”
“Lois. Lois Lane .”

A flash of lightning, a cornfield, a gold GMC and…a naked guy.  This combination might sound strange to those outside of the Smallville fandom, but to those inside, it’s the scene of a most iconic meeting…that of Lois Lane and Clark Kent.

Lois first encounters Clark (in his Kal-El form unbeknownst to her) in a cornfield after a mysterious lightning strike causes her vehicle to swerve off of the road.  Upon initial interaction, Clark/Kal-El is obviously curious about Lois, asking who she is.  Lois in turn does not refrain from looking the naked Clark up and down despite her utterance of “Look at his face.” Lois obviously likes what she sees.  Clark is sporting a red blanket which Lois gave him, I don’t think I need to notate what this means! She’s further impressed later on in the hospital, after Kal-El effortlessly picks her up and moves her out of the way.  She’s first surprised and then pleased.  After Lois finally leaves Kal-El with Martha, he stares off in her direction as she walks down the hall.  Lois and Clark’s first real conversation takes place at the end of “Crusade”, when Clark happens upon her at Chloe’s gravesite.  Right off the bat, Lois and Clark seem to know just what buttons to push on each other, beginning the cherished “Clois banter” us Clois fans are all so fond of.   Clark has obviously never come across a girl like Lois before, and it shows.  Besides all the usual Lois Lane qualities, she does not prompt Clark as to why he was naked or had amnesia.  They might not have shown this on screen, but Clark had to have noticed that.  He’s used to questions that he can’t answer straightly, but Lois did not cause him to have to do that here.  In “Gone”, this is expounded upon further. Lois and Clark are up in the loft, and Lois is talking about finding Chloe, though Clark is only half listening. She figures out it’s due to Lana and inquires about it, but he says he doesn’t want to talk to her about it. She says “suit yourself” and doesn’t push further, but Clark can’t help himself. Lois is so right on about him that she finishes his sentences. Clark hasn’t known Lois but for two days and he is already opening up to her.

401 Crusade Trailer – LOIS
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There is a lot of great banter in this episode, and what’s especially interesting is even
Lana thinks Clark is into Lois. Clark says he’s not and picks out all of what he considers to be Lois’ flaws (even though we know he’ll end up loving her for them) and says he can’t stand her. Lana replies with “The best ones always start that way.” Oh how right you are Lana! This gives Clark something to ponder. Rewinding a bit, one other thing, albeit perhaps small but to me, significant enough that I must mention. After Lois and Lana get out of Lana’s car upon returning from the graveyard, and after Lana says she wants to help find Chloe, Clark immediately goes to stand next to Lois and says “…we don’t know anything for sure”. This is a peek at the Clark and Lois partnership investigating things.

402 Clark Lana Lois at the farm

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As season 4 goes on, the fun, teasing banter between Lois and Clark continues.  Since Lois is living at the Kent farm, she is a constant presence for Clark. On top of that, she has to attend Smallville High to finish credits, much to both of their seeming chagrin.  Once Lois is there, we see the very beginnings of the Lois and Clark sleuthing partnership they’re so famous for when she and Clark investigate a strange kryptonite love potion that has taken over some of Smaville High’s football players and Chloe.  It’s at the end of the episode “Façade” that we see a very flirtatious moment between the two after Lois dunks Clark in the water tank when she throws the football.  Even Chloe notices this judging by the look on her face.  It’s obvious that, though they tended to bicker more than get along at that point, they still had an underlying curiosity about each other as well as a possible mild attraction.

403 Lois Dunks Clark

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The first very emotional scene with the two occurs in “Pariah”. After the death of Alicia, Clark goes to find her killer, a meteor freak named Tim who can turn himself into a pile of sand. He is seconds away from snuffing the life out of him when Lois appears, telling Clark, “Stop Clark! Clark! You’re killing him! Stop.  Let him go.  It’s gonna be okay. Clark, it’s gonna be okay.” This is a very important scene for them. Superman has a moral code and he does not kill people. Now, in many comic scans I’ve seen of Lois and Clark, Lois is the one who pulls Clark back from the proverbial ledge, whatever the situation may be, and makes him see things clearly once again. This scene on Smallville is no exception, and thus a nice anvil for them in the future, and demonstrating that Lois’ morals match those of Clark’s.

Clark’s first iconic (in my opinion) rescue of Lois occurs during “Recruit”. Lois, Clark and Chloe are investigating an injured and then dead Met U football player whom Lois beat in a drinking contest the night before, and had defended herself against. Lois is subsequently accused of the initial injury, thus the investigation. They figure out it’s Geoff “Teflon Tailback” Johns who’s to blame, and while Lois is grilling a student for info about him, he overhears and attacks her, paralyzing her with just a touch. He then takes her and leaves her to drown in a large drain that’s filling up with water fast. Clark gets to her in time, lifting her up out of the water and desperately calling Lois, trying to wake her up. She finally quietly mumbles “Clark” to which he tells her she’ll be ok, very much like she did to him in “Pariah”. Not only is it a nice parallel to that, it is a foreshadowing of many rescues of Lois by Clark to come in the future. Clark in this scene is wearing his red jacket, which in Smallville terms, is equivalent to the classic Superman red cape. It should also be noted that Lois is wearing a blue jacket with a red shirt under. This won’t be the first time the two are in a scene dressed in opposite Superman colors, another huge anvil. To me, Clark sounds as desperate to see that she’s ok when they’re barely friends (at that point) as he does when he’s in love with her in other Superman media. At the end of this episode, Lois inadvertently talks her way into staying at the Kent farm due to her being kicked out of Met U with no place else to go, leaving a dumbfounded Clark saying, “What just happened?”

414 Krypto Promo

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A favorite episode among Clois fans is the episode “Krypto”, for it’s fun banter. I don’t think I need to dissect this episode much, other than to say that this is a prime example of how Lois is a breath of fresh air for Clark, even if he didn’t realize it at that point. A scene illustrating this is after Lois and Clark climb a fence to get to where Krypto (Shelby) is kept, Lois steps in dog poo. She utters a disgusted “Oh crap!” while wiping her foot. Clark looks back, sees her situation and turns around with a huge grin on his face. As many have said, only Lois can make Clark smile like that!

416 CLOIS Lucy

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It isn’t until the episode “Lucy” that we see Clark and Lois finally establish their friendship on screen, a turning point for them. Lois and Clark have a heart-to-heart about family and being there for them, when Lois tells Clark that he’s amazing, always looking for good in people (classic Superman) when they walk “all over him”. Clark replies with that must be why they’re friends. Clark says it first, which I like. They look at each and both smile. Lois goes to leave and Clark turns around and watches her go, still grinning. Lois looks back over her shoulder and smiles. Clark then goes to the telescope and looks in, just as two shooting stars collide and the lens lights up with their impact. The anvil dropped here was so heavy it was probably heard all around the world. It was the heavens themselves signaling to Clark [unbeknownst to him] that he just solidified friendship with the woman he is destined to marry. The two stars colliding mean a lot more than that though…it is a symbol for Lois and Clark and their relationship at that time and in the future–though they may “collide” with each other at times, they always come together in the end. The result is the bright light, and the love they will have for each other compares to nothing else either has ever had before.

I’m cutting straight to “Spirit” for the sole reason of Clark’s awestruck look as Lois (possessed by Dawn Stiles) stands at the top of the stairs all dressed up for the prom. Clearly, Clark sees Lois’ beauty and is not expecting it. He’s really never seen her in much else at this point other than jeans, t-shirts and jackets. Clark goes to the prom with Lois even though he steadfastly refused to go in general earlier, and the interesting thing is he doesn’t yet know it’s not Lois, not until Dawn transfers into Chloe. They almost dance (should be noted Clark asks Lois), but to our severe disappointment, are interrupted when Lana walks in, and Lois gives Clark up so he can dance with Lana. Though it’s fleeting, she seems well, a bit disappointed. I interpreted Clark to be somewhat nervous as he was asking Lois to dance.

418 Lois asks Clark to Prom

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Lois it seems, is the only one who talks frankly with Clark and is able to pull him out of his broody moments. She finds him like this in “Blank”, up in the loft trying to jog his memory. She immediately points out his pity party and gives him advice. She makes him begin to feel better and he starts smiling slightly. Another significant scene in this episode is when Lois sees Clark use his powers before Kevin fixes her memory. She says “I guess I shouldn’t call you ‘Smallville’ anymore.” This is classic Lois Lane and Superman mythos here. Lois is always blown away upon first seeing Superman use his powers, here is no different. Instead of Lois saying something like “How did you do that?” or “What’s wrong with you?” she accepts he’s different and just states the obvious. Now that may be putting more into it than what’s there, but Lois in any other media is no different when it comes to this. Again, Lois is the only female in SV that doesn’t question Clark or bug him for keeping secrets. Had she kept her memory, I doubt she’d have here either.

As the school year comes to an end, Clark’s facing some major dilemmas, per usual. He’s got to unite all the stones in the caves or disaster via a meteor shower will take place. It does at the end of “Commencement”. But before all that unpleasantness occurs, Clark is graduating from high school, and he’s up in the loft trying to get his tie right. Lois and Clark discuss the future as she expertly ties his tie. It’s as if they’re already married, going through a routine. Lois and Clark apologize, so to speak, to each other for various things throughout the past year, and before Clark realizes it, Lois is back to picking on him when she says “I’m going to be looking at you and thinking one thing… ‘God I hope he doesn’t trip’”. She is talking about Clark on stage at graduation. Clark does his usual bemused look as she heads down the stairs. One of the best parts of the conversation is when Lois describes his life with Lana and he says Lois is “delusional”. Oh, he couldn’t be more right of course.

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