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Petition for Lois Update and CLOIS News for Season 8

Time for a petition update and some good news in the CLOIS season 8 update! First off we are up to 844 signatures as of today- great going Lois fans- let’s keep spreading the word!

Now for some season 8 CLOIS news!

Thanks to Luke and HiddenNRoses for this listing of episodes we know Erica is in so far this season:

SMALLVILLE: SEASON 8 – Episode Appearance Guide (8.01-8.07, 8.09)

Erica Durance as Lois Lane
8.01 “Odyssey”
8.02 “Plastique”
8.03 “Toxic”
8.04 “Instinct”
8.05 “Committed”

Showrunners Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson sat down with Comic Book Resources who had this to say about season 8 and the new directions the show is going in with the new CLOIS filled storylines:

As the creative team has evolved on the show this season, so too have the characters. “Across the board, for all characters, [it’s time] to move on to the next phase of their life.” Peterson remarked. “Which is kind of exciting. So there’s a lot of some sense of leaving the past behind and moving to the next part of the Superman mythology.”

As for Clark’s future wife, viewers will soon get the chance to see the two of them in a setting that comic book fans will be more familiar with. “The dynamic of Clark and Lois at the Daily Planet when the dailies are coming in is fantastic,” Peterson explained. “It is iconic, it is exactly what those two actors feel like they were meant to do. I mean they are just great together and watching Clark and Lois together in the way that we’re used to seeing them, from everything that we remember I think is making a really fun show this year.”

With such a strong dynamic between Lois and Clark, fans might get a little bit more of Lois then the thirteen episodes actress Erica Durance is contracted for. “We have an option to do more,” Peterson said. “What is great is that she is really present in all the episodes so far, she’s just front and center and is doing a great job. So yes, there is an opportunity for more.”

Remember how it was way back in April that Brian and Kelly let slip that season 8 would have lots of Lois and Clark and then they backed up because the news that Millar and Gough were leaving hadn’t been released yet? They are both very enthusiastic about Erica and Tom working together this season. The statement that they may be using her for more episodes is great! Keep sending in the postcards, letters and make sure you sign the petition! Lets let the producers they are not alone in thinking Tom and Erica and their dynamic as Clark Kent and Lois Lane is fantastic!

On Friday CBR spoke to showrunners Todd Slavkin and Darrin Swimmer and they had even more CLOIS news to share! They spoke about how the series premiere for season 8 came together:

The four of us wrote the script together, which is an unusual thing, but we wanted to kind of put our imprint on it and it’s similar to other ‘Smallville’ episodes but Clark and Lois together this season will be completely fresh. The fact that they’re working together at the Daily Planet, we’ve always wanted to do that. We’ve always been saying, ‘guys, let’s put them at the Daily Planet, and rightfully so Al and Miles said, ‘wait hold off, you’ve got to get there.’ But now here we are, let the fun begin.”

Final passage talks about the work that is being done in negotiations to try to get Tom signed for a ninth season:

Another pair of shoes that won’t be easy to fill is that of Clark Kent himself, Tom Welling. Fandom has been surmising that after eight seasons, he won’t be renewing his contract, thusly ending the show. So what does the future hold for “Smallville,” is there a spin off in the cards or is the show somehow able to continue without its lead? “At this point, we really want Tom to come back,” Slavkin said. “At this point, all of our efforts [are on that]. It’s early in the season so we’re hoping [he stays]. Contracts come up all the time for renewal we’re hoping that he’ll stay on. It’s difficult to call the show ‘Smallville’ without Tom. You could call the show something else, and I think a spin-off could be an awesome idea and we have many ideas and we’ve talked about that. But ‘Smallville,’ if you take his face off the poster, it feels a little unfair to the fans.”

3 Responses

  1. Love these quotes. Hopefully will get something greater than just the opportunity for more episodes!

  2. I’ve been a big a fan of Superman since 1989.I reside in Kenya.I also want to say that I like Smallville,the new version of Superman.Having watched season 8 up to the episode 14,my goodness,I just like Lois and Clark together.I haven’t watched the remaining episodes but I am waiting for Lois and Clark to become a couple.


  3. I love clois (TOM AND ERICA) their chemistry so greater than lana (KRISTEN) acting of Erica make Smallvile more colour

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