Erica Durance nominated for a Gemini Award!

By Kate Blake,  Admin /Editor CCC

Erica Durance best known for playing Lois Lane on Smallville has been nominated for a Gemini award for her work on the tv movie “I Me Wed”. Erica played the lead in this romantic comedy and has been nominated for best actress in a Dramatic Program or Mini-Series. The Gemini Awards are the Canadian equivalent of the Emmy Awards. For those of you who are not familiar with the film, it was shown on Lifetime last summer and is a cute romantic comedy about a single woman tired of being asked when she is going to get married who declares she will marry herself! Erica is funny, vulnerable, sweet and charming and also sexy in this Canadian production.

Erica has done a number of films outside of Smallville, CCC reviewed Devil Winds yesterday which she made back in 2003. Acting as Erica Parker she was in the original zombie flick “House of the Dead” where she got to be the first hot girl sacrificed to the zombies- nothing glamorous but everyone has to get their start somewhere right? More recently she has been doing TV movies when she is not shooting on Smallville. I Me Wed was filmed in the early spring when of 2007 when Lois was off on assignment during Smallville season 6 and managed to miss being in the entire Lana Lex wedding series of episodes. She made another film which will be airing on Lifetime in the future ( no date set yet) which finished shooting in Toronto right before season 8 of Smallville started up in July- this is the legal thriller “Final Verdict” in which Erica plays an attorney. We have pics and info on the movie here in our archives.

Check your local listings and the Lifetime website for repeat viewings of “I Me Wed” . You can read the entire list of Gemini Award Nominees HERE.

Watch the trailer for I Me Wed Here!

I Me Wed Promo Posted to Favorite Movie n TV Moments

by supernatural66 on August 30, 2007

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Smallville will be returning with new episodes on Sept. 18, 2008 with Erica very much in the middle of things in the season opener Odyssey.


3 Responses

  1. Congratulations Erica!

  2. Well done, Erica! I enjoyed I, Me, Wed. I am so excited that this actress is being recognized by her peers. :)

  3. […] of the Emmy Awards which will be given out in December. You can read more about Erica and her Gemini nomination on our sister site which is Superman Fans for Lois Lane. Erica is getting ready to shoot a new […]

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