Erica Durance on Film: Devil Winds (2003)

Mini-caps by VisionGirl

Review by Kate Blake, admin CCC

Just prior to joining Smallville Erica Durance was in a straight to DVD disaster movie called Devil Winds. Erica plays a young scientist who works at a disease control lab in central Oklahoma. Her father played by Joe Lando ( Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman) was a weather chaser until his wife died tragically in a storm he couldn’t predict ten years earlier. Father and daughter are estranged and the movie opens with dad coming to visit his daughter and mother-in-law and some old friends at the time of daughter’s college graduation.

This is a disaster movie but for a DVD release- it beat the pants off of most TV movies I have seen and some big screen takes on weather disasters for effects, story and the science behind them. The movie is very believable both from the science and action perspective and the storytelling. Smallville fans will recognize many of the supporting cast members from their Smallville appearances over the years – Erica’s boss was the scientist Lex sacrificed to the Phantom in the season 6 finale. Joe Lando has a nice romantic sideline story with Baywatch alum Nicole Eggert which is handled well. Lando has still got it in the ummmm factor area more than ten years post his days of being a prime-time heart throb on Dr. Quinn. I would love to see him as the lead on a new sci-fi series. He has charisma which is taken advantage of here.

Erica is very believable as a smart, capable young woman who is serious and dedicated to her work as a research scientist. The people making this movie did some research- she dresses on the plain side and is not overly feminine- much like real researchers who tend to be practical minded men and women.

If you are looking for a good action flick and like the disaster movie- don’t let this low budget one pass you by! Here is the trailer to view. Movie is available on DVD on Amazon.

Devil Winds on Amazon


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  1. […] has done a number of films outside of Smallville, CCC reviewed Devil Winds yesterday which she made back in 2003. Acting as Erica Parker she was in the original zombie flick […]

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