More Erica Durance in Season 8 Petition Update

Petition Update! In that past week in light of all kinds of great CLOIS spoilers we have added over 100 names to our petition – total in 8 weeks is 771 names- not bad! But we need more!

If you have not signed the petition for more episodes of Erica Durance as Lois Lane on Smallville in season 8 CLICK HERE to do so.

We have tons of lovely Operation Pulitzer banners and banners proclaiming more Erica in season 8 in our blog archives- grab one to use on your favorite forums boards proclaiming your support for Lois Lane on Smallville! The show is wrapping up and we need to see both Clark and Lois do some growing this season- to show this character evolution Lois needs screen time! No more off-screensville for Lois Lane!

I encourage you to print out and mail in the postcards we have for Operation Pulitzer, you can also mail in a letter to the showrunners telling them how much you enjoy Erica and hope to see more of her on the show. Links are in this blog at the upper left.

Our goal is 1000 signatures by the end of August- keep up the good work spreading the word! If you have posted about our petition please contact me ( Kate) and I will add your site to the list on the petition as being a site that supports our petition and I will include a link to your site in our affiliates area so other people can share in your CLOIS/ Erica/Lois fan fun!

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