Major Season 8 Clois Scoop from TVGuide!

Our patience has paid off folks! Check out these goodies from TVGuide!

Give me some awesome Clois scoop. — Danny
Matt: You want awesome? We’ve got awesome. Our Comic-Con video Q&A with half of Smallville’s show-running team, Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer, is about to go live. When it does, you will hear’s Erin Fox procure this glorious sound bite: “We’ve played Clark and Lois as brothers and sister, basically, so far… but this season, things change. [Working together at the ‘Planet’] they can’t deny that there are feelings there.”

Can we get more info about Clark and Lois both working at the “Daily Planet”? — Kassandra
Matt: OK, just one more excerpt, but then I’m done robbing Erin Peter to pay Mega Buzz Paul: “The romantic banter, a la Moonlighting… the fans are going to love it,” says Swimmer. Banter shmanter — is Clark’s pencil going to get sharpened? The answer to that… is coming when the video goes up, folks. In the meantime, enjoy these vids featuring  Allison Mack, Justin Hartley and Sam Witwer (aka Doomsday).


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