CLOIS Report from Comic Con

Click above to view the entire Smallville panel that I recorded at Comic Con online- or view it in HQ DIVX in the OSCK and CCC forums!

By Kate- Admin CCC

If you have not seen the spoiler clips from Comic Con the new season of Smallville is already shaping up in the best of ways for fans of Lois and Clark on the show. Clark is getting a job at the DP, Lois will be undercover in the first episodes and there is major CLOIS snarking to start the season off on a bantering start we have been waiting for since Crimson!

Somewhat fresh from Comic Con here is the report that matters!
The showrunners stated they have about 5 episodes in the can script wise- THAT IS IT. From there- anything is possible, they have ideas about the rest of the season but nothing is firmed up yet. In season 4 Erica was supposed to do a few episodes then when she was so popular she was brought back and instead of being a one year character she became a permanent cast member.

If you have not signed the petition or mailed in your postcards it is not late to do so! Our goal was 700 signatures by Comic Con and we achieved that. The new goal is 1000 postcards by September 1 along with $1000 in donations. Donations can be to the Sam Loeb Scholarship fund or to the CRF.

Now it the time to get busy! On Operation Save Clark Kent we are going to send in letters and cards welcoming the new showrunners and supporting Clark getting a job, a brain and some initiative- CLOIS fans are welcome to help with this too as what is good for Clark’s development is definitely good for CLOIS on Smallville. Lois just needs more air time!

Sign the petition, print out your postcards and mail them in! And mail them in often!


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