Foreplay to Destiny

By Erika Blake, founder CCC, published 2007

Wikipedia: FOREPLAY Whether an act constitutes foreplay depends on the intent. If no intimate sexual acts are intended, foreplay-type actions are often classified as flirting or, in colloquial terms, being “touchy-feely”.

Foreplay is often subtle in its initial stages. Even before the partners are together, foreplay can be introduced by the selection and creation of a particular environment. A romantic, intimate, or overtly sexual atmosphere can be considered a gesture of foreplay.
Foreplay can begin with non-physical behavior that signals sexual availability. Verbally, foreplay may include sexual compliments, subtle comments with double entendre, and intimate conversations. Non-verbally, foreplay can include provocative clothing, preening gestures, licking or biting one’s lips, standing inside a partner’s personal space, and holding a gaze longer than is acceptable for casual acquaintances.

If the potential partner accepts the sexual invitation, foreplay has begun. Acceptance is often indicated by reciprocating with similar behavior. Since these interactions are non-explicit, there can be misunderstandings about whether an invitation has been extended or accepted. Inadvertent or not, this kind of miscommunication is often termed “leading someone on”.

From the moment that Clark and Lois met the two have moved around each other in an unconscious foreplay dance as mentioned above.

Immediate physical attraction occurred between both parties. Thrown together in a highly sexually charged first encounter, Lois sees all of Clark Kent in his full naked glory, he in turn sees her as nervous and overly chatty.

At their cores in their personalities, Lois and Clark are exact opposites. Clark is modest to the point of being considered a prude and bottles everything inside, rarely revealing his true self to others. Whereas Lois is loud, bossy, and very blunt. She also tends to say whatever is on her mind the moment it occurs to her. Or as Clark calls her in GONE, “Lois? She’s bossy, stuck up and rude.”

Lois is a force that Clark has zero experience in dealing with.

Possibly without her realizing it, Lois has subconsciously been actively pursuing Clark ever since she first laid eyes on him in CRUSADE. From the beginning the question of physical personal space comes to mind. At the end of CRUSADE, Clark makes the first gesture by opening his home to her and giving her a place to stay when she’s in town. Offering your home to a stranger of the opposite sex already has possible sexual undertones written all over it as are explored in GONE when Clark learns that he got more than he bargained for in the invitation. He learns that when Lois is comfortable she takes over everything. She barges in on people in possible compromising places – like coming into the bathroom when Clark’s showering. She invades his wardrobe, she gazes upon him when he’s sleeping (I mean who can blame her?) and she takes over his bedroom and bed.

Lois constantly finds ways to touch him – with her main method of punching his arm…a move that generally earns a subtle smirk or grin from Clark.

Lois also constantly invades Clark’s personal space. She walks right up to him and gets in his face making Clark more than slightly uncomfortable and usually puts him at a loss for words, such as in DEVOTED when she walks up to him and asks “How do you look in a swimsuit?” As her eyes travel seductively up and down his body Clark is more than uncomfortable, he’s squirming.

They also tend to mimic each other with their body postures, they were matching outfits (together they usually end up wearing the Superman signature red/yellow/blue combos,) and they are usually chasing each other. Both of them spend way too much time staring longingly into each other’s eyes than is usually socially acceptable for people who’re just friends.

On Clark’s part although he doesn’t overtly go out of his way to make Lois uncomfortable he does so by being generous to her when she’s least expecting it, whether it’s putting faith in her wayward sister, deciding that they’re friends, or saving her life when she gets herself into dicey situations.

Because Clark is so trapped in his own little world of dreaming of living a fantasy he often can’t understand what’s going on right in front of him. Clark tells his family that he desires nothing than to be normal and live a “normal” life – one where he could just be married and not have to worry about being an alien. However in COMMENCEMENT when Lois flat out tells him that his future is “written in the stars” that he will marry Lana and have kids, he is somewhat offended and doesn’t believe it. Clark and Lois have a long history of her thinking he’s a great, honorable young man, but nothing extraordinary. Unlike both Lana and Chloe, Lois never puts him on a pedestal and that more than slightly frustrates Clark.

The barn loft scene in COMMENCEMENT is another moment for Lois and Clark where their conversation and actions are in complete opposite of what each other is doing. Lois and Clark are talking about the paths of their futures and that’s when Lois brings up her theory of Clark’s future and Clark mentions to her that she should think of journalism as a career. All of the while that they are talking and snarking sarcastically at each other, Lois is ripping Clark’s tie off of him, tying it for him, bodily turning him around, and putting it onto his head. Clark is completely submissive to her and allows he to manhandle him like they’re an old married couple.

Both Lois and Clark also find themselves telling much more intimate details about themselves to each other than they ever do to any of their other friends. In GONE although Clark doesn’t want to talk about Lana to Lois, he does it anyways. He wouldn’t have if he didn’t sense that he could open up to her. Because Clark doesn’t usually open up much, it is left to Lois to pop out of nowhere, psychoanalyze the main issue that’s bothering Clark and make him face it head on. Because she’s blunt and because she doesn’t fall into the “Clark Kent fanclub” she never worries about offending him. He in return finds her honesty to be very jarring and he’s usually left with a big smile on his face.

Season five brought them together during a time when Lana and Clark were dating. Even throughout the entire time, Clark was always highly conscious of Lois being around. From the moment that Lois returned in AQUA, Clark was kissing Lana, saw Lois arrived, bounced off of Lana like he’d just been scalded (or caught cheating) and then didn’t touch his own girlfriend again with Lois around. Instead he watched her swim and ran like mad to save her life, only to be outdistanced by AC. In AQUA Clark got a taste of facing off against another man who had abilities similar to himself. This man who he found to be morally questionable had moved in on Lois and Clark didn’t like it. Both he and AC behaved rather like 2 bulls in heat fighting over the same cow. Lois even thought that and confronted him by spatting “If I didn’t know any better I’d say you were jealous!” With this new man for Lois on the scene, Lana was completely ignored again by Clark. The episode ended with one of the iconic Lois and Clark barn loft scenes with Clark telling her that he believed that there was someone out there even more special for her to love. He then put his hand on her shoulder in comfort and she didn’t pull away from the touch.

EXPOSED is probably one of the best foreshadowing episodes of season 5 for Lois and Clark. Both investigate a murder from different angles and end up at a gentleman’s club. Lois is forced into the humiliating role of pretending to be a stripper and a well dressed Clark is sitting in the audience trying to learn what he can about the murder by subtly using his abilities.

Unfortunately Lois comes onto the stage and performs. Clark, who is dating Lana at the time watches her with veiled interest…mostly because Lois is very uncomfortable and stripping very badly. Then Clark actually recognizes her. IF Lois had been just a friend, he would’ve taken his eyes off of her, instead he continues to watch her dance. It isn’t until they lock eyes that he attempts to look away, but can’t. When she approaches him and then eventually sits in his lap to maintain her cover Clark is beside himself. He’s nervous and turned on at the same time, to the point where he becomes completely incoherent as she leaves his lap. He also sticks his hands in his lap to control himself…not usual behavior for a man who’s deeply in love with his soul mate. He then spends the entire rest of the episode running around like mad desperate to save Lois. The helicopter scene is an iconic SUPERMAN moment and with them standing on the rooftop in red white and blue they both look very grown up – you can’t help but hear John William’s score in the background.

Afterwards we get more of the expected mating ritual stuff going on. First off in the episode Clark told his father that he would love “nothing more than to get rid of Lois, I don’t think that qualifies her as best friend material.” However, when she marches down the stairs with a box of packed stuff, Clark asks here where she’s going and looks hurt and lost that she’s moving out. They both also congratulate Chloe in sync at the talon and unlike how things usually go with them, Clark gets in the last word between them.
By the time season 6 rolls around tension between them is building and most of it is on Clark’s side. In ZOD the hand-holding scene is one of the first moments of real intimacy between them, aside from their brief hug in ARRIVAL. What’s more is that Clark is embarrassed and snaps his hand away when he sees that Lois is confused over his advances.

This season Lois finds love in the form of Oliver Queen and Clark is again thrown onto the sidelines to watch Lois date another man with powers that could compete with his own. From the moment he first faces off with the Green Arrow, Clark is dismissive towards him because he uses “gadgets” to get what he wants. Clark is impressed by Oliver’s passion for pursing his beliefs and helping those less fortunate than himself. And it is because of this that Clark allows for Lois to date Oliver.

Oliver in turn is in awe of Clark and always defers to him. In JUSTICE when he wanted to blow up the lab and told Clark about it, he did wait to obtain Clark’s final approval before doing it. The other 3 members of the team, Cyborg, Aquaman, and Impulse all defer to Clark and acknowledge that he is the true leader of the pack.
The pecking order of the superheros initiates an unconscious competition between Clark and Oliver for Lois’s affections. When Oliver first met Clark he was taken aback.

“You’re Clark Kent? This is funny, from how Lois described you I was expecting…”

“Expecting what? Me to be more of a geek? It’s nice to know that Lois has found someone who can overlook her personality.”

“Oh don’t worry about it Clark, if I lived under the same roof with such a beautiful woman, I’d mask my feelings in sarcasm too.”

“Feelings?” Lois


“…If you two are done marking your territory, which by the way is NOT me, I’ll be leaving now.” Lois.

Unlike with Graham or even AC, Clark feels really threatened by Oliver because he’s at least playing on a similar field as him. The tables get turned on end in HYDRO when Clark offers to help Oliver to conceal his secret identity from Lois by dressing up as the Green Arrow. This simple subterfuge should have been easy to pull off except that when Clark arrived to help a should be falsely in distress Lois, he finds her being attacked by thugs. Clark uses his abilities in front of Lois and Jimmy and ends up in a passionate liplock with Lois. Suddenly years of sarcastically bickering and unconsciously flirting to each other crashes to a new level of intimacy that is unexpected and exciting for Clark especially when he hears that Lois found the kiss to be amazing and privately informed him that the kiss was even better than anything she’s experienced with Oliver.

The game is afoot.


Animal courtship may involve complicated dances or touching; vocalizations; or displays of beauty or fighting prowess. Most animal courtship occurs out of sight of humans, so it is often the least documented of animal behaviors.

Psychologically, foreplay lowers inhibitions and increases the emotional comfort of the partners. In men and women foreplay is considered the precursor to orgasm.

In JUSTICE Clark barges in on Lois showing Chloe a sexy piece of lingerie that she’d purchased at Victoria’s Secret for a getaway with Oliver. Clark is tongue tied and bumbles around a bit at the sight of the intimate apparel. When she speedily leaves the apartment he boldly growls to Chloe “Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea of mine to help Oliver to keep his secret from her.”

To quote JK Rowlings, there’s a sleeping dragon that’s waking inside of Clark that he wasn’t aware was there. It takes having Lois getting hit with a love potion/Red Kryptonite lipstick cocktail for years of unrequited, pent up, sexual frustrations to emerge and crash to the surface between Lois and Clark.

The love spell/Red K gave a Freaky Friday effect to both Lois and Clark. Lois became the meek “Yes Clark” girly girl and Clark became “bossy, stuck-up, and rude.”

From the moment that Clark became infected with Red K, his years of posturing around Lois’s dates, his subtly pursuing of her get tossed aside as he aggressively purses her with the true intent of foreplay and selecting his mate.

Lois runs away from him and hides behind he desk barrier, Clark throws stuff off of the desk, showing off his might, and kisses her again. To those watching, we know he’s less than sincere in his reply to Lois’s query of whether this is the “real thing?” Uninhibited, Clark is simply acting on feelings that he’s had pent up for years about Lois and unlike Lana who he always saw as a fantasy girl, Lois is a woman and one he wishes to mate with.

He begins the mating ritual by outing Oliver as the Green Arrow. By giving away Oliver’s secret, he’s no longer a mystery to Lois. Lois walks away thinking about this new develop and Clark boldly walks behind her, lifts up her jacket, wraps his arms around her waist and nuzzles her neck. In the animal kingdom most animals copulate with the male on top of the female and there is a certain air that their highly charged moment of intimacy at the window is an open invitation from Clark to Lois to consummate their friendship and taking it to a new level. Lois immediately puts Oliver out of her mind and turns her head upwards towards Clark – an act of acceptance of his offer. Clark has a look on his face that’s nearly orgasmic with pleasure.

She then tells him that she’s glad that she’s found a normal guy, this brings forth the alpha male’s desire to further prove that he’s far superior to her previous boyfriend. He puts down Oliver’s costume and toys and offers to Lois the one thing that he has NEVER been willing to do to any other woman (unless he was under the influence of something other than just RedK) “You know Lois, I think it’s time for you to meet the real Clark Kent.”

Right before Clark superleaps Lois over Metropolis he says “I would like to see Oliver do this.” After the leap is over he asks “What did you say about a dorky farm boy?”

Of course then to further show his dominance, Clark breaks into Ollie’s apartment and is ready to mate with Lois and reaffirm his status as the alpha male in his strange world. Of course the invitation makes it’s appearance and the real foreplay that would lead to consummation is ended.

After all is said and done, Clark remembers everything about the evening and Lois remembers nothing. Clark finds it difficult to believe that he’s so openly and aggressively attracted to Lois. Although that’s what he focuses on when he remembers their evening, he has failed to realize the true significance of his pursuit of Lois Lane. When he was with Lois other than wanting sex he was desperate to PROVE himself to be worthy in Lois Lane’s eyes. He wanted her to finally see the true man that lurks behind the “dorky farm boy” facade that he has erected around himself for all of these years…a facade that Oliver mocked in ARROW.

When Lois even mentioned that she saw him as “normal”Clark was mortified by the implication that he was merely human and further postured by replying “Oliver’s not even in the same league as me.”
This is as significant as Clark offering to show off to Lois because for years all we’ve ever seen or heard from Clark is that he only wants to be seen as “normal” and “human.” With all of his inhibitions stripped and Clark listening to his gut instincts, Clark knows that he can trust Lois not only with his secrets, but he’s got the deepest desires of proving himself worthy of her affections and that he is a MAN, not a boy.

At the party he left Lois in the lurch when she said “She is your past, I am your future.” Clark replied, “But this is the present.”

Rather like how their evening came to an abrupt end without consummating their evening of intense foreplay, Clark kept the door open realizing that things between he and Lois are more than what he’s made them out to be for so long. In the loft scene the next day, Lois is stunned by her gift of a Whitesnake CD that she made for him filled with power ballads. Her breathy reply of “Wow I must’ve really liked you,” is completely sincere and full of terror. Clark who had been smirking and thinking it was a joke realized that by Lois’s own admission that she would’ve never made that CD for him with those particular songs on it if she didn’t have real feelings for him.

“Feelings???” Clark.

At their basic core both Lois and Clark are deeply attracted to each other. For right now that seems to only exist on a physical plain, however, considering their history, the fact that they consider each other to be “best friends” and are intimate together in ways that Clark doesn’t allow himself to be like with anyone else, CRIMSON’s events are the foundation for “the legendary love affair” to begin.

Gypsy “Something tells me that Lois and Clark’s destinies are more intertwined than they realize.”

And sometimes realization of that fate needs to be awakened by a kiss.


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