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Forbidden Fruit – the Fall of Lois and Clark

By Erika Blake, founder CCC Published 2007 Wallpaper by Erika as well

You might be able to tell – I loved CRIMSON. The episode was not only hot but it was riddled w/ foreshadowing of things to come in the future for our favorite couple.

I found myself wondering today if the writers of SV had put any thought into WHITESNAKE being Lois’s favorite band of all time when they first penned that into her character back in Season 5 at the mention of it in EXPOSED. The band is older and would probably have been a favorite of one of the 30-something’s writers who pen the scripts – but why select it for Lois especially after the show goes out of it’s way to constantly find hip, young music to showcase on the show?

This past week we got a glimpse on why that might be the case. Even without knowing anything about Whitesnake’s music (which I don’t aside from a couple of their hit songs) all we need to do is look at the cover that Lois hand drew out for Clark and the answer becomes obvious. Upon examining the covers for Whitesnake’s album collection there isn’t one that perfectly mirrors the picture that she drew, however, there is one album cover that depicts a white snake coming out of an apple…Lois’s drawing is a take on that image, instead of it being an apple the snake is wrapped around a heart.

Taking the immediate Biblical references of Adam and Eve into mind, it gives their mischievous and sexually charged frolic a whole new twist. In the beginning Lois is very sweet and innocent with her advances on Clark, offering him a handmade gift (something I will extrapolate upon later) and wanting to dance with him even though she knows he’s bad at it.

Clark in turn is captivated, charmed, turned on…and terrified by Lois’s suddenly 180 degrees change in showing her feelings to him, which she reinstated the previous evening at the dance. In the opening kitchen sequence Lois touches Clark’s hand seductively. Completely freaked out Clark snaps his hand away and takes a step back. He seems to briefly entertain the idea that Lois’s advances would be a welcome change in his life at that moment but he quickly decides that something must be up with her altered personality and superspeeds away from her – a move btw that is not only completely unnecessary but extremely comical overuse of his super abilities. This is the absolute first time we’ve EVER seen Clark Kent do something like this which makes it even more hysterical.

When Clark confronts Chloe he’s terrified. Chloe laughs at the situation which only further flusters Clark. Why? Because Clark has been harboring none too innocent thoughts about Lois Lane in recent days and the thought that she might actually want to now pursue him has sent our poor superhero’s world on end. Clark’s attraction for her has been building all season, although it’s been subliminal for most of the season by HYDRO when they first kissed and the excitement that he felt upon “getting one over on Lois” – Clark’s hormones have been going into overdrive.

Lois then arrives and shows him, yet again another heart with his name on it. This time instead of being on CD cover she’s had it inked onto her chest into a tattoo that reads “Lois and Clark Forever.” It is located over her heart.

Panicked Clark tries to talk sense into her and is hit with the lipstick/RedK cocktail. For this episode RedK truly acts like the forbidden fruit, for Clark, who’s apparently been ignoring all of his own needs/desires/urges this Season is suddenly free to release his venom of pent up emotions against everyone in his life. Lois, Clark’s Eve, allows him to fall from grace and embrace his inner masculinity and inner desires that he represses on a daily basis. Clark very much lives in a glass house where he’s terrified to do anything that might offend anyone. He bottles so many of his own resentments up that it’s amazing he doesn’t explode more often. One thing you’ll note that he doesn’t have any lasting resentments towards Lois that he needs to lash out at her. Why? Because they constantly bicker and fight off any resentments that they might have for each other. What is interesting is that what Clark is left with is a lingering and overwhelming desire to not only have sex with Lois but to prove himself as a Man in her eyes.

The office sequence, flight, and near consummation of their relationship in Oliver’s apartment were gone over in detail in my essay “Foreplay to Destiny,” however a summary states that Clark is working to assert his masculinity over Oliver in Lois’s heart and show himself as the alpha male. For once he wants her to see his real self and balks at being called normal. This arrogance and overbearing confidence is something we NEVER see in Clark Kent and is a growing awakening that has only happened this season of a man who’s realizing that his future might be bigger than he’s been willing to realize.

One thing to note is that even when he’s acting all grandiose and territorial with Lois she remains his equal. She’s able to control him and is able to keep his wild side in check. After he goes to the party and he’s with Lana, she is not fit to handle the beast within Clark Kent, why? Because Lana is not his chosen partner, nor is she his equal. Perhaps this is why Clark leaves Lois at the party and leaves with Lana. He wants to finally trump and become the dominant male over one of the women in his life.

At the end of the day Clark is more confused then ever over his feelings for the women in his life. When he lists them off to his mother, Lois’s name comes first to his mind and he asks “I want to Kiss Lois?” (A very PG understated version of what he really wants to do with her, BTW.) When she arrives and shows him the tattoo she laughs it off. Clark assumes upon her reaction to the tattoo that she’s going to see everything as a joke. And why wouldn’t he? Before their wild evening began and they both found themselves standing together at the Talon Lois shot down Clark by calling him halibut to her hot fudge.

The scene ends with the CD that Lois made for Clark. In the past Lois gave Clark a journal so that he could write his thoughts down into – a gift that was very thoughtful of HIS feelings and needs. The CD is completely a reverse gift, it is something that she put a lot of thought into and meant a lot to HER.

When Clark pulls out the CD to show her, something that Chloe laughed hysterically at, Lois is struck silent and the scene suddenly goes from being awkward and light to being very serious as she replies, “Wow, I must’ve really liked you.” Lois meets Clark’s eyes and all traces of merriment leave his face. Lois gulps in response. All of the while over the scene fans are given the tantalizing sounds of John William’s SUPERMAN music to overlay the rising importance of the scene.

At the end of everything –the RedK frolic will forever change the relationship between these two. Rather like Adam and Eve who were living so blissfully in denial of anything other than the obvious that was in front of them, after partaking upon a sexually charged adventure that obviously both were repressing, they might both be less likely to ignore those strange new feelings that are looming under the surface of their friendship. From that attraction and friendship more can grow. Time will only tell us which party will dip their oars into those murky and strange waters first. And if CRIMSON is any indication of the passion and fire that these two characters can create together, the writers of SMALLVILLE promise that discovery will lead us all on one hell of an exciting and exhilarating ride.


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