Kawatche Cave Legend – Clois

By CCC Founder Erika Blake, published 2007

Biggest anvil of all for Clois:

Kyla: Oh my God… It’s the legend of Naman. My ancestors have passed down this story for generations. They said it had been written in the earth long ago, but nobody ever knew where it was… Until now… It was prophesied that Naman would fall from the skies in a rain of fire. They say that Naman will have the strength of ten men and will be able to start fires with his eyes….

Joseph: According to the legend, a man came from the stars and fell in love with the mother of our people. Out of that forbidden affair, the Kawatche people were born.

Kyla believed that she was his great love…no, that was Clark Kent falling through a hole in the ground, it wasn’t Kal-El.

Kal fell from the sky and arrived to earth unscathed and unhurt after being reborn. Where did he land? He was delivered to Lois Lane…his soulmate and future wife.

Kal-El would’ve been aware of the legend – hence the confused look as he stared at Lois for the first time and asked for her name….and why he wasn’t interested in the pictures of Lana or Chloe in the loft…Kal-El knew who his soulmate was, it was neither of those little girls.

Granted, Clark then was a little fuzzy on things after the whole black Kryptonite thing – he didn’t remember the whole/legend soulmate thing, BUT he did remember everything about Lois Lane and found himself drawn to her and he had no idea why.

Or did he? AAccording to this wonderfully insightful comment from the comics that was posted by ELLA LANE:

In “Whatever happened to the man of tomorrow”, superman tells Perry: “You see, back when I was superboy, Lana was the only girl I loved. She still represents Smallville to me, that part of my life, and because of that I could never cast her aside. But since I’ve grown and become a man, there’s only been one woman for me. Lois. Beautiful Lois. I love her Perry. Dear God, I love her so much! But I can’t tell her withou hurting Lana. I’d never hurt Lana, so I just walk around with this secret, this weight in my heart and I’ll carry it with me to my grave…”

It almost makes you wonder if Clark actually was aware of his feelings for Lois all along and it wasn’t until season 6 here where he actually got to kiss her that he started to realize that he was holding back all of these years for no good reason whatsoever.


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