Superman Doomsday – The CLOIS Report

Review by Kate Blake- admin CCC
We finally watched Superman Doomsday last night because nothing says 4th of July like the death and rebirth of Superman!

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Adam Baldwin ( Firefly, Chuck) voices Superman, James Marsters is the voice of Lex Luthor, Cree Summer ( A Different World) voices Mercy Graves and Anne Heche is the voice of Lois Lane. These are the top name stars in the production- the rest of the voice work is done by professional voice over actors.

Here is a BTS look at how they choose the actors for the movie:

James Marsters talks about being Lex Luthor:

One thing I found interesting- Cree Summer started out in voice work on kids toons before she joined Lisa Bonnet and Sinbad on the Cosby show spin-off “A Different World”, and she has worked almost exclusively in voice work since the show ended racking up an impressive resume of characters in the Marvel and DC universes. Cree has a strong sci-fi connection as well. Her brother Rainbow Sun Francks was one the first two seasons of Stargate Atlantis as Lt. Aidan Ford.

The movie has several plotlines running in parallel. We see Lois and Clark at the office with him getting ready to leave to go on assignment in Afghanistan for a prolonged time. Lois is upset that he is leaving but you can see she has more going on under the surface than what she is saying out loud.

Lex and Mercy are talking about his underground project to tap radiation at the earth’s core to power Metropolis and Lex’s need for power in all forms. At his work site two miles underground his engineers find a spaceship and a warning- which goes unheeded as the ship opens and a murderous creature emerges. This is Doomsday.

Cut to the fortress. Lois and Superman are having a romantic interlude and Lois is nicely nudging Supes to share his other self with her- she infers he is like every other man and afraid of a real commitment. Here we go with an example of Lois seeing Superman as a man first and not a god like everyone else does.

This whole scene is very subtle- Superman and Lois fight but it is apparent all she wants is for him to admit to her the truth she already knows.

LOIS KNOWS Superman is Clark Kent and she has not pushed him to admit, she won’t confront him or make demands. She wants him to know she is ok with it and she cares for him so much.

Their making up is interrupted when Clark’s robot tells him a horrible creature has been set loose and only Kal-El can stop it.

Cut to Metropolis- Superman drops off Lois who promptly finds Jimmy so they can hijack a helicopter and cover the events that are unfolding. Supes and Doomsday battle with the results we all know- Superman dies after taking out Doomsday.

Lois, Jimmy and Metropolis as well as Martha Kent mourn his passing.

Lois goes to visit Martha and they share their grief and later their concerns. Lois lets Martha know she and Superman were an item and she knows he is Clark- without ever coming right out and saying it.

One person is more perturbed than anything- and that is Lex Luthor. Lex makes sure no one can tie the mess back to him and after his loyal Mercy has done all kinds of work for him he takes care of her too!

Fast forward – Superman is back! But he seems different somehow. Lois knows as soon as he kisses her he is not really Superman.

When Clark Kent doesn’t show up when Superman does- she goes into overdrive hunting down answers.

Jimmy left the Daily Planet to cover the celebrity beat- he is really shaken by the violence of Supes death. Lois has to kick his booty to get him back on track.

Lex has been busy cloning Superman and talks to himself and the clone -a lot.

He enjoys tormenting the clone in a room with red sun energy and kryptonite brass knuckles. He knocks the clone around for the sheer pleasure of it.

He has stolen Superman’s body from his crypt and is stunned when it is stolen out from under him! The clone is tackling crime in Metropolis which is naturally on the rise with Superman gone.

Kal-El recharging in the Fortress

The clone rebels against Lex and pretty much takes him out of commission along with Luthor’s cloning facility just in time for Superman to re-appear weakened but full of spirit.

Superman is wearing a very un-Super black and silver solar suit to help with his recovery. He is also carrying a Kryptonite missile gun to weaken his opponent.

Superman of course wins the day with some strategic help from a krytponite bazooka launcher wielded by Lois and unwilling help from Jimmy who Lois has corralled into her plan.I love it when Lois tells Jimmy to “stop being a girl!”

Once the dust has settled Superman is cleaning up at Lois’s apartment – animated shirtless Clark! And without Lois saying anything Superman does something unexpected- he puts on his glasses and tells Lois they need to go to work!

Of course Lois is thrilled that Clark finally trusts her enough to set his worries about her aside to accept her fully into his life as she already has him.

This fan video pretty much covers all of the CLOIS moments in the film and all of the LOIS action!

Romantic CLOIS rules! I watched this and went YES! And this is how Lois Lane will not “recognize” Clark as being Superman- she will wait for him to admit it to her! She knows darn well from the beginning it is him but she won’t push, she won’t whine- she lets him work out his feelings and what is right in his own time.

The movie is great- really follows the core of The Death of Superman and Doomsday by focusing on the core of the story which is Clark/Supes, Lois, Lex, Jimmy and Doomsday. If we can get this type of focused storytelling on Smallville we will be in for a treat.
Fingers crossed for season 8!

Videos are from youtube users- and screencaps are from KEakaCK

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  2. I love the movie.

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