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Lane & Kent Coming to Smallville- Stop the Presses!

Cloismas came early this year! If you haven’t heard the news and don’t want to be spoiled for the final season stop reading now…….If you do- read the next paragraph!

TVGuide spoke to Kelly Souders about the upcoming final season of Smallville and there are all kinds of juicy Lois and Clark teases! Clark will be hooking up with the Justice League again so we will see the return of some show favorites as Phil Morris, Justin Hartley, Alan Ritchson and Alaina Huffman reprise their roles as Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, Aquaman and the Black Canary. The last couple of years of Smallville have had distinct themes, last year was about reversals and focused on Clark learning more about his Kryptonian roots and accepting who he is. The new showrunners hinted back in April that they had some plans for having Lois and Clark in the heart of the show with the two of them working together throughout the season. Now this week we have word that Clark will be taking the job at the Daily Planet- just as Lois urged him to in the season finale Arctic!

Clark Kent working at a desk across from Lois Lane at the Daily Planet, the two of them going undercover and getting into tight situations….this year will be the year Clark has to work on his dual identity and hiding things from everyone. How will he hide his extracurricular activities from Lois when she is sticking to him like glue while they work? This may be fun- finally ! Will we finally see him don the glasses and upgrade the wardrobe? WAHOO!

Here is a fun wallpaper by Erika our CCC admin with Tom Welling and Erica Durance as Lois and Clark on Smallville.

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