More Lois in Season 8 Petition – over 550 Signature! Send in your letters supporting the petition now

Congrats to Kimmie for creating the banner above which was chosen to be the official banner in the CCC letter campaign supporting our petition. See the page link on this blog to download your own copy of the letter to mail in supporting our petition.

Winning badge by WickedJenn that you can use on your envelopes is below

And we also picked an awesom T-Shirt Design by CrystalRane. Design is 12″ by 12″ and you can use it to get a nice silkscreened shirt from for around $10, or you can adjust the size in paint or another graphics program and print it out the size you like and use an inkjet iron transfer and put it on your own shirt! It would be cute on a canvas bag you were taking to comic book shows and conventions too.

Jade M. had made this excellent post today in our campaign bulletin board as we passed 550 signatures supporting Erica Durance in Smallville in season 8- she illustrates what Superman fans like about Lois and what she does for Clark and how they are together and it has nothing to do with romance- it is all about them growing as friends, growing as young professionals and growing into their adult selves.

“Smallville may have started off with a pre-Superman Clark who was running from his destiny, but the show is about to go into its eighth season now. Clark Kent is no longer the man he was in season one, for good or for ill.

He needs to start looking to what’s ahead, not what’s in the past. The fans of Smallville have been waiting for seven years (some with a good deal of patience, some with far less) for Clark to show that he is ready to become the man we know he will be. Strong. Independent. Brave. Caring. A man that the world will look up to and respect. A symbol for everything that humanity wants to be, wishes it could be, and (perhaps) tries harder to be because of the man named Superman.

While in the beginning, it made sense not to have Lois on the show, she has been introduced. For years now, she has been under-utilized, and Clark’s development has suffered. No, Clark does not need to love her today. That comes tomorrow. However, Smallville’s Clark is a better character for many, when Lois is around. There are a number of fans of Lois Lane in Smallville who love her because of the man Clark is when she’s around.

With or without romance between the two, Lois Lane needs to be on more episodes of Smallville next season. The stories are more interesting when she’s around (one thing is certain: you never know what she’ll do next). Smallville as a show is more interesting – more lighthearted and more fun, which is something that’s sorely needed in a show that sometimes gets bogged down in angst. And Clark Kent is a better character when he’s around. He tends not to be the brooding, moping, obsessive, self-destructive, near-suicidal Clark that has developed over the last few years. He’s stronger. More independent. More carefree. More likeable. More the man that decades of Superman fans know and have loved for all this time.

Clark in Smallville needs to start looking more towards his future – and that means the DP and Lois. Regardless of whether or not they pursue a romantic relationship between Clark and Lois next year, we NEED to see Clark becoming the man he will someday be. We need to see him as a man that the world will both love AND respect. And we need to see that he and Lois WILL be together, even if it’s not today. That these two people were meant to be together, and that’s as true today as it was 10 years ago, 30 years ago, 70 years ago. We need to see not only why this man would choose this woman but why this woman will someday choose this man, and that neither of them would ever choose differently even if they could.

We don’t need to see romance, but we need to SEE Lois and Clark grow closer – no more “Well, they grew closer offscreen…” After seven years of Lana and Clark’s character regression, that doesn’t cut it any longer. We need to see Clark become the man he’s meant to be, to start looking towards the future (and Lois is a large part of the future). And, frankly, after all the drama and angst, we need to laugh a little more when we watch the show.

We need more of Lois Lane.”


One Response

  1. after seven years of the never ending shananigance between lana and clark we need to see more. the only reason that most of us have been patient htis long is because you have kept the storyline interesting. but we insist that it is time that we saw clark embracing his destiny and becoming superman; it’s the only reason why most of us fans wake u each day just to watch that on emore episode. lois should be in more episodes if not all of season 8 and possibly 9. the sparks have been flying and it is time that they were cultivated. clark is an even better person when lois is around: more humorous(he actually makes us laugh then instead of the moping character we’ve seen for seven seasons), more loving, more daring and definitely more willin gto take risks and man up. so please, let us see clark embrace his destiny and become the man of steel and the object of lois affections that all superman fans love and know. this is the season to make it happen. patience is only understanding to a point before that limit is reached and it wears thin. don’t cheat a series as brilliant as samllville out of the ending that it truly deserves.

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