Examining Clois – Why they work so well together

Essay by Erika Blake, founder and admin CCC

Published 2007- Watch for more essays on Clois appearing here once a week for the next 4 weeks!

I’m a Clois shipper. I went into the series thinking I’d like Lana but that never materialized and I think it comes from the fact that I just see zero chemistry between her and Clark. I just started watching the show this past month and love Clark and Lois as a couple. When you can watch the series objectively w/o any pre-conceived notions going in it’s easy to see how well these two characters work together and the chemistry between them is electrifying.

I love Facade, it’s one of my favorite episodes from season 4, which is saying a lot considering I loved season 4.

When you think of them both, Clark was just so timid and completely confused w/ Lana, yet with Lois, he faces her with a fearless ferocity and is even defiant (arms crossed over chest,) he’s jeering jokes at her “Come on didn’t those boys on the base teach you anything?” and he’s SMILING. He challenges her because unlike Lana, she challenges HIM.

Although he does hide his abilities to Lois, the rest of his personality is REAL with her. He talks about in Season 3 how he had to put up a facade of the man who he thought Lana would like him to be. Lois already thinks he’s a big dork (a hot one, but still a DORK) so he can act like his true self. Face it, after already seeing him in his all-together he really has nothing to hide from her, does he?

Because he doesn’t, initially at least, see Lois as anything other than an annoyance he’s got nothing to hide from her. Lois’s hitting him on the bulls-eye is a metaphor for their relationship overall. She’s got him pegged on so many levels and the fact that she’s grooving on his same brain-waves drives poor Clark bonkers. She completes his sentences, tells him exactly what he’s feeling, is able to decipher his “clever” codes (Krypto as the dog’s name,) and she can just care less about what he’s feeling. Lois is FREEING to him.

Lois is more like a guy friend to Clark which is part of what I think he finds unsettling with her. She kicks ass and repeatedly pulls his butt out of the fire which turns his whole perception of women on end. Having LOIS dunk him further solidifies his confusion. Lana and Chloe both see his football stuff as “guys stuff” whereas Lois who spent life on the military base background she sees that there are no limits for women.

The dunking is also in some ways a metaphor for Clark to wash away his past and receive a fresh new start. The path to Lois may be winding and confusing, but ultimately they began with a bang.
I finally watched “Exposed” for the first time last night and LOVED the tension between the two.

What I love about Lois and Clark together is that they could probably ignite an engine w/ the supercharged sexual tension that fills the air whenever they’re together. From the very start their relationship and how they react together is far different than any of the prior loves that Clark has experienced in his life. He and Lois connect on a more mature level and at this time in his life – he has no idea how to handle those strange and new emotions that he feels when he’s around her.

These two are written to follow the “love/hate” formula for falling in love. My favorite moment in all of the show that explains this is Lana confronting Clark about Lois in “Gone.”

“I thought after all that we’ve been through it would’ve been harder for us to move on,” Lana.

“Us?” Clark

“Yeah, you and Lois.”

“Lois? She’s bossy….She’s stuck up and rude…I can’t stand her.”

“That’s how all of the best ones start.”

From the moment Lois first gets her complete eyeful of Clark in “Crusade” these two have had an electrically charged relationship filled w/ stolen glances and witty zingers.

One thing you’ll note w/ Clark is that he is constantly zinging Lois he doesn’t do this to ANYONE else in his life. Why? Lana and Chloe already love him and adore him as he is, but Lois doesn’t see him “in that way.” So he needs to compensate and find a way to get through her tough girl facade. She thinks he’s dorky, dull farmboy so Clark pulls out witty zingers and insults to show off that there’s more to him than just Mr. Dependable w/ a pretty face and great body. This isn’t intentional on his part but it’s a subconscious thing that’s going on in him. Because Lois already has him pegged in so many ways he needs to figure out what to do to get through to her.

Clark also laughs when he’s around her and grins in a wildly free way that he never does around anyone else.

“Exposure” is a fantastic episode because even while Clark’s with Lana the tension between he and Lois is palpable. I just love Clark’s reactions the entire time he’s in the club. First when he sees Lois and doesn’t recognize her he’s trying to cover up that he’s interested, then he completely gawks when he recognizes her and the two of them share a look of absolute mortification together.

After she’s done her pole dance, Clark still adjusts his collar and then squirms everywhere in his seat when she’s strutting his way. He’s been caught eyeballing and drooling over a girl he claims to “hate.”

I also think that it’s somewhat telling that he rescues her at the end wearing his suit they both look very mature in their evening wear. It felt like great foreshadowing to adventures that they could share in the future when working at the Daily Planet together. I loved Lois calling him 007 – she also is subconsciously aware that there’s something deeper going on between the two. A word of female wisdom, no woman would call a man 007 if she didn’t find him attractive.

Their relationship is just more mature than anything he shares with Lana. Lois is a “distressing damsel” not a “damsel in distress.” She can use the occasional hand to help in rescuing her but she does hold up pretty well on her own until the cavalry arrive.

You’ll note that at the end of the episode for a split second he’s sad that she’s moving out and then covers it up w/ more zingers. Clark’s back to zinging her, the attraction for her isn’t only because he saw her wearing next to nothing, it’s because he’s unconsciously still drawn to her and he doesn’t understand why.

For so long he pined for Lana and loved her in that crush/perfect girl way that he doesn’t have any real experiences for understanding where the actual emotions of true/soul mate love are coming from or how to recognize them. I think that’s what makes watching Lois and Clark together so much fun. They’re both treading in uncharted waters and it will be interesting to see if the writers ever give us any kind of satisfying conclusion over their developing love. I think that the series might end w/ Clark recognizing and acknowledging his feelings for Lois – that would certainly go along w/ him becoming a man embracing his destiny as the Man of Steel.


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