Erica Durance- Nominee Best Actor Regular Cast OSCK Awards

by Kate Blake, admin OSCK and CCC

Erica Durance who plays Lois Lane on Smallville is one of the four performers nominated in the OSCK Awards for best actor, regular cast. She is joined on this short list by Tom Welling ( Clark Kent), Michael Rosenbaum ( Lex Luthor) and in his final season John Glover ( Lionel Luthor).

This season Lois , much like Clark saw some big changes in her life. Lois came back from the dead to find her cousin in dire straits in the season opener. While things were literally falling down around her Lois was able to keep things together by focusing on one thing- finding out what Lex Luthor was up to and trying to figure out how to get him where he belongs- in jail! Lois’s vendetta against Lex began in season 6 when she found out Lex had turned her one time friend Wes Keenan into an abomination of a super soldier in some off the grid experiments. Lois got no support from her employer the Inquisitor, the tabloid she had begun working for in season 6, and Chloe and Clark her best friends and family didn’t support her journalistic efforts either.

When Lois thinks Chloe is in danger in Bizarro she doesn’t sit around worrying she heads off to find Lex and confront him. Instead she finds “Clark” and we get one of the first comedic moments of the season as Lois gets hit on by Clark’s doppleganger Bizarro. Erica is the queen of mugging for the camera and uses her expressive abilities to play out the comedy in this scene in the midst of a pretty big action episode to her advantage.

Erica’s episodes were spread out this season and her storyline was a bit disjointed. Having an affair with her editor who was a clone was just kind of odd but always the trooper Erica Durance never let her performance slip. Highlights for me this season were the few times we saw her with Clark, Lois investigating with Jimmy, and Lois and the return of Oliver Queen and thier final breakup. Lois crying on Clark’s shoulder that she can’t come second, she has always been second place and that Oliver has a purpose in life bigger than her was heart breaking and ironic especially when we know that Lois will be the one woman on this planet who will figure out how to share her life with a man whose job it is to save the world.

End of season we saw Lois really move into her reporter role with vigor- staying on even when Lex took over the paper and kept trying to keep her out of his business. In Clark’s alternate reality Apocalypse, much like we saw Tom Welling give us a glimpse of how he could be a believable Superman, we also saw a more seasoned reporter in Lois and one with the hutzpah to be a Pulitzer prize winning take no prisoners reporter which is in her future as much as the red cape is in Clark’s. Like Siren where we saw Lois cry on Clark’s shoulder and he provided her comfort, Apocalypse saw Lois reach out to Clark to pull him out of his worries for a time and share some time away from the weight on his shoulders.

Was there enough Erica Durance as Lois Lane this season for you? Was she why you tuned in the weeks she was on? If so- show your love for Lois Lane by voting for her in the OSCK awards!

Vote Now in the OSCK Awards!


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