Crusade- Analyzing the introduction of Lois Lane

By Erika Blake, founder CCC, published 2007, poster by Erika as well

Other than EXILE & the Pilot, I’d rank CRUSADE as being one of the best season openers for the show – it had SO much going on in it and so much of the stuff just echoed to Clark becoming Superman somewhere in the future. For Clois fans it’s a goldmine for future Clois anvils falling (literally) out of the sky. I don’t even know if Millar/Gough realized that they did this or not, but they even beautifully wove their own mythos into Lois and Clark’s first meeting by having it directly tie to the Kawatcfhe legend of Naamen & Sageeth where Naamen fell from the sky, unharmed and fell directly at the feet of his future beloved and soulmate….just like Clark was delivered to Lois Lane, his future wife and great love of his life. (I say that I don’t know if they realized that or not because in he season 4 “Being Lois Lane” documentary they just mentioned that they thought it was a funny first meeting. Dorks! LOL!)

Gotta love the burning S and El shield that was burned into the corn field, other than a blue/red suit, we got the shield and cape symbolism of Superman in this episode.

When Clark asks “Who are you?” It’s spoken in nearly the same intonation that Margot Kidder asks Superman on the balcony scene in “Superman the Movie” with a small hint of wonder echoing through the words. Kal-El is completely fascinated w/ Lois.

Of course there’s the red blanket/cape.

Lois saying “Give me a nerd in glasses any day” to hint at Clark as a reporter (I’m hoping btw that Greg, the new smart editor guy will wear glasses as a means to inspire Clark to one day don a pair.) Kal-el’s flying and after the round of Black Kryptonite the only things Clark really remembered in detail from his time as Kal-El was the feeling of flying…and Lois.

Lois having a showdown w/ Lionel was great. We got to see her as gutsy and even though she had no idea that she would be interested in journalism CRUSADE set up a pattern of her following leads and chasing down stories long before she ever typed her first byline for the Torch.

Also gotta love Annette O’Toole and Margot Kidder getting a scene together as they both played Lana and Lois against Christopher Reeve in the original Superman films. Considering Margot Kidder went through some very hard times – she looked really great in that episode.

Also loved that once Martha learned why Lois was in town she immediately opened up to her and began drop small hints that maybe she should look at Clark as someone to be interested in. LOL! Martha SV’s #1 first Clois pimper

The cemetery scene was just marvelous – it’s another anvil because Superman is always sneaking up behind Lois and nearly always gives her a near heart attack just like Clark did to Lois at Chloe’s grave. Clark sees Lois at a vulnerable moment, there’s the awkward tension between them, and yet they can’t keep their eyes off of each other. What’s not to love about Crusade for Clois action?

Other than that – even the Lex & Lana stuff was good. The imagery of Lana taking on Isobel’s powers was beautifully shot and Jason was flat out adorable. I don’t think Kristin has looked more stunning than she did at the beginning of season 4. I just love the shot of Lex peering through the hole in his plane after the crystal vanished from his hands.

And finally yes, Crusade ruled for having Clark naked or shirtless for THREE full scenes in the episode!


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