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Rcary Graphics- Lois Lane Erica Durance 4th of July Icons!

Celebrate the 4th of July with these fun all American icons by Rache on LiveJournal featuring Erica Durance in the season 5 episode of Smallville “Exposed”.

Stars and Stripes Forever! I have posted just three here- check out her page for 31 in total!


2 Responses

  1. There is only one problem with having Erica Durance icons to celebrate American Independence Day, July 4th: She is a CANADIAN staring in a t. v. series (“Smallville”) filmed in the Burnaby area of Vancovuer, British Columbia, CANADA, where she also lives. It seems that half of the cast of “Smallville” are Canadians, including Kristin Kreuk and Laura Vandervoort. For example, I recognized the subway/light rail transpoart of the Vancovuer area, the “Skytrain” when it passed by tin the background in the scene in the episode, “Apocalyse” when Clark rescues and picks up Lois Lane outside a building (presumably, one of the stuiios used by Smallville). It would be a more appopriate if there were CANADA DAY icons (which is on July 1st to celebrate Canada’s “Confederation” of its 4 original colonies of what are notw the provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario in to Canada in 1867 to which the other provinces and territories were added later). I am sure that Erica will be celebrating Canada Day with all other Canadians. God bless CANADA ! ! !
    A patriotic CANADIAN from British Columbia ! ! !

  2. Erica’s CHARACTER is an American and the show is shot in Canada which is why they hire so many Canadians. Superman which is the all American superhero and seen as the epitomy of American values was written by two Jewish artists who could not get published until a small struggling comics publisher gave them and The Man of Steel a shot. Lois Lane who was part of this American story set in the mythic American city of Metropolis was based on an American film actress from the 1930s.
    If Erica was portraying a Canadian icon I am sure someone would work on some patriotic Canadian artwork to celebrate Canada Day which incidentally this American only learned about this week because I had a business meeting in Toronto cancelled because the people I need to see realized it was a holiday for them.

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