Erica Durance will be the Lois Lane with the most Screen Credits by the end of Season 8!

Thanks to the longevity of Smallville on the CW Erica Durance will have the honor this year in becoming the Lois Lane with the most episode credits of any Lois Lane to grace the silver screen or the small screen in a live action version of the Superman story. Not this is not the same as total episodes- but her episode count puts her solidly at the number three Lois Lane of all time in number of episodes right now. Erica is continuing in the tradition of Lois Lanes being not only iconic characters but also sexy pinups! Here is the countdown:

  1. 87 Total Appearances as Lois Lane: Teri Hatcher played the first really modern post- silver age version of Superman’s one true love in the 1990’s series Lois & Clark : The New Adventures of Superman. Teri was the most downloaded woman on the internet in the nascent days of online pinups and continues to be considered one of the sexiest women on television.
  2. 81 Total Appearances as Lois Lane: Noel Neill played Lois Lane opposite Kirk Allyn and George Reeves , she played the iconic role 3 times in serials from 1948 and then she played Lois Lane starting in season 2 of the Adventures of Superman on television in the 1950s where she completed a total of 78 episodes. This year marks 60 years since Noel first played Lois Lane! Noel Neill was a studio player for Columbia in the 1940s and 1950s , during World War II she was the number two most popular pinups for GI’s right after the number one spot which was held by Betty Grable.
  3. 77 Total Credits as Lois Lane: Erica Durance plays a young Lois Lane getting her start in journalism and working her way through the publishing ranks as an all in investigative reporter. She has met Clark Kent before he has become Superman and they have developed a strong supportive friendship where they get each other out of trouble on a regular basis. Erica is slated for at least 13 more appearances in the final season of Smallville which will move her to the top of this list. Erica has been named to the FHM and Maxim sexiest women on earth lists several times and has graced both magazines with pinup covers. NOTE– actual number of episodes Erica has appeared in is 51 episodes putting her well ahead of Phyllis Coates. 13 more this season will have her well placed at number 3 over all.
  4. 26 Total Appearances as Lois Lane: Phyllis Coates was television’s first Lois Lane playing the part for 25 episodes during the first season of The Adventures of Superman. She was also in the serial “Superman and the Mole Men” on the big screen as Lois Lane.
  5. 4 Total Appearances as Lois Lane: Margot Kiddor is the archetype career woman that Smallville’s Lois Lane is based on. Bossy, rude , beautiful , driven and charming. Margot played Lois Lane opposite Christopher Reeve in Superman the Movie, Superman II, Superman III and Superman IV The Quest for Peace.
  6. 1 Appearance as Lois Lane: Kate Bosworth as an alternate universe Lois Lane as a single mom in Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns opposide Brandon Routh.

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  1. I understand Noel Neill is still alive. How would someone send her a letter or email?

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