Interpretation of Jimmy’s NOIR Dream

Essay by Erika- admin CCC, first published on CCC July 27, 2007

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NOIR – Jimmy’s Dream Interpretation

A lot of people seem very confused over the dream sequence in NOIR and are taking the dream sequence to be too literal – you all are looking at the characters and thinking that they ARE the show’s characters and they’re not – the characters in the episode are symbolic of how the characters on the show currently exist. I have to confess the English major in me LOVES this episode, it was meant to be ripped apart and analyzed to death.

The dream sequence I thought was done really, really well and should more be viewed from an interpretation angle rather than a literal one. I also think that there was a HELL of a lot going on in it and that both Brian and Kelly used it to vent their own frustrations over the direction of show. Remember, they’re huge Clois shippers – they’ve always written Lana to be weak and disgustingly annoying, whereas they always pimp Clois when they can…they wrote GONE, EXPOSED, HYDRO, and CRIMSON.

Their hands were tied w/ writing this and PROMISE. I think that they utilized Jimmy’s dream to try to point out a bunch of stuff to us that obviously went over the heads of Gough/Millar in the dream sequence but was highly critical of where the characters all currently stand in the show. This is probably why I like the episode – it’s subversive. I mean how could they willingly write for this crap storyline when they got to write HYDRO and CRIMSON this season????

Hear me out.


Dream Chloe – They show Chloe being at the Daily Planet – but she’s nothing more than a secretary so they’re showing that really she’s of little consequence to the overall story-arc. In the end they show that Jimmy was the one w/ the brains to unravel the Lana mystery because he could see through her deceptions, Chloe can’t think objectively which is why she’ll never be an ace reporter. The whole Clark being the bumbling reporter around her shows that Clark is still too much of a distraction in her life for her to ever advance in her career.

This is mirrored in real life where she’s back to babysitting the obit hotline late at night. In the end of the episode Jimmy is the one who gets commended for figuring everything out and is the front news story – Chloe wasn’t involved in it at all even though she was the first reporter on the scene. This only further shows that she’s NOT destined for greatness as a reporter because she lacks the killer instinct and lets her emotions override her desire to track down the truth.

They also firmly showed that Chloe has moved on from Clark. When he caught her she didn’t moon over him (the scene could’ve come RIGHT out of Rush,) she played the victim and got to run into Jimmy’s arms. I think they proved w/o a doubt that Jimmy and Chloe are deeply in love with each other and Chlark is dead and buried.


Dream Lois was nowhere to be seen at the Daily Planet, why? Well TPTB seemed to have decided that Lois has no real purpose on the show for this last story-arc so why bother showing her as the star reporter that we all know she will eventually become? I think that they left her out of the DP team because at this point Jimmy doesn’t have a real inkling of her destiny – so why would she be there?

We got to see Clark staring lustfully at her at the bar which shows that Jimmy is still well aware of the heat between them – but again their relationship is elusive to everyone on the show and thanks to the complete 180 of the overall story-arc that’s been dictated by TPTB it’s on the backburner AGAIN. The flicker though shows that Jimmy knows there’s still something there between them and that even if Clark can’t identify what it is, he’s staked his claim on Lois – that’s evident in the “get in line” comment he makes. He spends the time Lois is on stage staring at Jimmy with absolute amusement, you can see him fighting back cracking a smile knowing that Jimmy would be absolutely ZERO competition for Lois if he ever decided to actually make his move. His line has a rumble of challenge to it that is VERY threatening, this shows that Jimmy is truly aware that Clark deeply is connected to Lois but doesn’t realize it.

Moreover though the fact that Clark seems to be standing IN line for her affections also shows that he’s aware that he’s in line as well, waiting for his shot.

Who else could be a flame for Lex then other than Lois? I really don’t think that their “relationship” had any other meaning other than in films of that era there’s always a sultry woman and Lois filled the bill.

So we don’t (seemingly) get her to be of any real importance in the dream – instead she’s being sneaky in real life and ends up w/ an unexpected gift horse from Lionel in getting a scoop on the possible biggest story of her life. Lois snagged the key piece of evidence that gave her the story of a lifetime. We all know Lois, threats aside she’s a pitbull on a pants leg and will take down the senator if that means getting her a HUGE byline.


Jimmy still doesn’t know what to think of Clark; but judging by the exchange he witnessed between Clark/Chloe at the DP, he sees Clark’s obsession w/ Lana to be unseemly. In the dream sequence he sees Clark’s obsession w/ Lana – the married woman – to be disgusting and dishonorable. It’s why he’s so confused over Clark and his seemingly dual personality in the entire dream sequence “Don’t worry, I’m one of the good guys.”

I think they put that line in there as a cry to the fans to not give up on Clark. Brian and Kelly know that the current storyline is crap but eventually Clark will get turned around and get sent back on his path. He’s not there though, it’s why they pulled out their favorite line from EXPOSED, “There are no heroes in METROPOLIS.” Yeah, there aren’t any BECAUSE CLARK WON’T GET OFF OF THE FREAKING FARM AND COMPLETE HIS TRAINING!


The dream ends w/ Clark putting Jimmy in jail even though Jimmy is a good guy who was played by Lana. We ultimately see that with Clark, there is “no grey area” when it comes to his morals. I’m hoping that they’re giving us some sort of insight that whenever Clark wakes up and realizes that he’s being played by Lana that he’ll wake up from his fantasy of her and be set back on his right path. That happened in the dream – he shot her because she was corrupt. He even was rather dispassionate about it in the end which leads me to believe that at some point the light will go on for him – or at least Brian/Kelly are making a bit of a promise to the fans that they will do everything that they can to make it happen.


Once again in usual fashion, Brian and Kelly painted Lana in an unsavory and unflattering light and BWHAHHA! Got to get devilish delight in having CLARK kill her!

Lana was painted as the deceiving woman. Jimmy even found himself ensnared by her charms and it nearly cost him his life. By believing in her lies, in his dream he ended up going to jail. By learning that she could play him in the dream, Jimmy was able to realize in real life that she probably wasn’t behaving like a saint when she was at the DP that night. He was able to crack the case because he was able to be objective. This is something that both Clark and Chloe are completely unable to do at this point. It’s why Clark is nowhere near his iconic self or on the right path to becoming a reporter. Developing that objectivity will be the final step that will make Clark iconic along w/ his getting a backbone.

Clark’s obvious deep obsession w/ Lana’s problems at the moment shows us all how far away he is from becoming closer to his destiny; she’s still twisting his perceptions and warping them, and preventing him from moving onward and forward.


Lex seemed to be nothing more than a pawn or patsy in the episode, but the Lois character was a symbol for 33.1. 33.1 and Lex’s project is the problem w/ his marriage not another woman and his evil doings are what stand between him becoming the villain we all know he will be and the self-sacrificing man from LEXMAS who he could’ve become had he learned to let go of his greed and insecurities.

Dream and Real Life collide and Lois finds herself suddenly in possession of key evidence that will crack wide open the 33.1 project. Lois is the glue to link all of these tangent storylines together and LOIS will be the one to end up cracking things wide open because just like Jimmy – she’s the only remaining character on this show who is completely objective and fearless and this can be done because she hasn’t been in the last few weeks of episodes and hasn’t been caught in the web of Clark’s ongoing drama.

And Lionel siding w/ Lana in the dream is Jimmy’s subconscious connecting the dots that the rest of our cast will have to figure out by the final end of the season.


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