Clois – Parallel Lives

Written by Erika, CCC Admin, first published January, 2007

Parallel Lives

I’ve been thinking a lot about Clois lately and how it is that SMALLVILLE is working to diligently show that Clark and Lois could in fact one day fall in love one day.

Things this season may seem a little grey w/ them, but recently I’ve been realizing that the writers are expertly following L&C on similar paths that we must painfully endure in order to eventually allow these 2 to finally falling in head over heels in love with each.

Lois is one of three people to share the most unique experience ever in Smallville. Along with the Kents, she happens to get into a vehicular accident after something fell out of the sky and wound up in the middle of a corn field only to discover a naked, wide eyed Kal-El patiently waiting there to be picked up and taken care of.

One of the things that’s interesting about the modern mythology is that we know from “Relic” that Jor-El chose the Kents to be the future guardians for his wonderful son. Clark seemed to instinctively know that the folks who found him in the corn field wouldn’t hurt him. Years later when Clark is reborn, he again falls out of the sky he is delivered straight into the arms of Lois Lane, his future love and wife.

It almost makes you wonder if Jor-El knew something? Why else did he sacrifice Lana the first time around in RECKONING?

Pure instinct tells Clark that this strange woman can be trusted, so much so that he stands before her, naked with nothing to hide. This is auspicious considering how much energy Clark Kent puts into hiding everything about himself to all of his friends in his life.

At the barest of levels, Lois Lane gets to meet the absolute core of Clark Kent’s character when he’s Kal-El. She meets him when he’s blunt, curious, confident, and confused. Without his Clark Kent essence or humanity we see that Kal-El really IS Clark Kent, it’s just him without the emotional baggage that Clark drags around with him everyday.

You’ll note that anyone else who has come face to face with the Kal-El side of Clark’s personality can’t figure out what to do with him and can’t get through to him…Lois however, can. She’s able to drag him around like a found puppy, he allows her to clothe him (like he did with the Kents) and when she hands him off to Martha, he continues to longingly look for Lois. Kal-El knows that there’s something about Lois. When he’s reborn he can look at photos of Lana and Chloe but feel or remember nothing about them. Then after Martha has brought Clark back and Clark’s memories are all jumbled the two things he remembers are Flying and Lois. Prophetic indeed.

First Loves


“Really? You two?”

“Wow she didn’t take any prisoners, did she?…Lana? Cute, smart…way too much for you to handle….”

“Lois? She’s bossy…she’s Stuck up, she’s Rude…I can’t stand her”
“That’s how all of the best ones start.”

“I only hope that I can meet someone as honorable as Clark someday.”

“Chivalry noted, but I’m not the one who you want to dance with…she is.”

What is it with Clark Kent that causes seemingly sophisticated, emotionally stable women fall for a bumbling farmboy? This is what Lois Lane wonders when she finds herself immediately dumped into the middle of the strange and complicated universe of the Kent family. She discovers after being in SV for a short time that her cousin fell hard for Clark and so did Lana Lang and it becomes her mission to find out why.

In her mind, Clark is this very odd guy, GONE has the best moment to describe her confusion over him

“One moment you’re all yes ma and no pa, and the next you’re the most over-confident guy that I know.”
“Doesn’t happen to you very often does it? Not being able to peg someone right away?”
“Oh get over yourself, Smallville, you’re not that complicated.”

To Lois who spent so much time on military bases she’s used to being around strong minded men who believe they are masters of the universe. Because of that she’s not put off by Clark when he goes all commando and take charge. She does think that he’s a bit arrogant and overbearing at times, yet at the same time she thinks he’s incredibly dull and not the most intelligent person on the planet. There is, however, something incredibly honorable about him that keeps her head spinning in confusion.

When she first meets Lana at the cemetery Lois is impressed with Lana’s take charge action and the two become friends. It’s easy to see that Lois always feels somewhat intimidated by Lana. When they first met, Lois was covered in dirt and had her attacker defeated by this classy and stunning young woman. Then when they arrive back at the Kents, Lois is covered in dirt and finds out that she and Clark have a “complicated thing.” Considering she doesn’t see Clark as complicated this greatly puzzles her. Upon learning that Lana was in Paris exploring the world she can’t understand for the life of her why she and salt-of-the-earth Clark would be interested in each other. What Lois doesn’t understand is that she ultimately becomes just as puzzling and complicated in Clark’s life.

Clark and Lana have this long standing tradition that whenever they start getting too close one moves away from the other. Years 2/3 Clark ran away to Metropolis, 3/ 4 Lana moves to Paris and 4/ 5 they finally get together but are separated when Clark’s true nature re-emerges and he’s forced to realize that he can never trust her with his secret.

The first awkward meeting w/ Lana, Lois, and Clark in GONE is wonderfully played out. If you watch the scene even without dialogue there’s tons going on in the scene. Clark is annoyed and his voice catches a little when Lois pops out of Lana’s truck. His saying of her name is filled w/ annoyance, but there seems to be a slight pang of guilt thrown in there also. Lois of course then outs Lana’s fling and Clark gets all wounded. Lana charges up to Clark and offers to help out with the investigation to find Chloe, and what does Clark do? He moves away from Lana and towards Lois and says “we” don’t know much of anything right now about the investigation, clearly implying that Lois and Clark are working together and Lana’s not invited to join the party. It’s when he does that that we see Lana’s eyes open wide open and she runs away. It also explains her highly intuitive comments to him in the cave when she outs his budding relationship with Lois.

From that meeting Lana should’ve known that she should’ve never gone back. Clark barely knows this girl and yet he’s already accepted her into his life as a full blown partner, even though it’s subconscious on his part. This is something that he’s never been able to do with Lana. The theme repeats over and over – in TOMB neither even think to goto each other to figure out how to help Chloe, their collective friend. They never do share that simpatico connection that Lois and Clark do when it comes to solving riddles together. At the prom, Clark was ready to move on when he shyly asked Lois to dance. If Lana hadn’t come and came anyways to the prom, things might’ve been different…but the timing just wasn’t there for Lois to take front and center stage in Clark’s life. Lois is NOT a second choice.

Lois of course sees how Lana affects Clark and after a long season of flirting with him and getting to know him on a very deep level, she does the selfless thing and throws him into her rival’s arms at the dance. Lois Lane is smart enough to know that she can never have a shot with him until he’s gotten Lana out of his system.

Is Lois interested in this? I firmly believe the answer is yes. Lois is harder to read than Clark, but she constantly does subconscious flirting, mating ritualistic moves that are in direct contradiction to her words and actions. She crowds his personal space, she gets into his face, she finds reasons to touch him – granted it usually involves punching him, but for Lois that’s the same as placing a hand tenderly on his arm. Even her highly personal barbing jibs at him reveal a deeper connection to Clark Kent than anything that either Chloe and Lana know about him. She brings the sarcastic Kal-El out in him. Kal-El is a large part of who Clark Kent really is and it’s only Lois who can break through all of Clark’s different layers to merge them into the man who he will ultimately become.

Lois is also the only one to ever end up going on investigations with Clark – Chloe does it sometimes but usually prefers to stay behind and let Lois take the heavy punches. Lois and Clark seek each other out because they trust each other and they know that they make a good team. I believe that Lois fully thinks that Clark needs her there to help to get him out of trouble, likewise we know it’s usually her brains and bravery that he needs in order to solve their mysteries together. She’s never one to back down from a fight. This does get her into trouble, but at least she’s got the guts to go for it, which is something that Clark sometimes lacks.

The end of Season 4 and into 5 when Lana and Clark are a couple, we see that Lois is no longer openly pursuing Clark. In fact, she tries to keep her distance from him, yet there remains a level of deep intimacy between them that is impossible to ignore. In FRAGILE Clark gets Lois a glass of water without her asking for it, and in ARRIVAL both of them let down all of their defenses and hug in the hospital. That might not seem like a lot considering it wasn’t very long, but it was the first time that they embraced each other…period.

The most interesting thing is during season 5, in the beginning when things are still pretty good with Lana, that’s when the producers of the show pulled out EXPOSED. EXPOSED is a great episode for showing that even though these 2 are NOT a couple, or NOT connected in any way romantically, their link that they developed over the past year is stronger than ever. The song playing during the dance is of course prophetic “Don’t cha” by the Pussycat Dolls – Don’t you wish your girlfriend was more like me? Don’t you wish she was fun like me? It’s teasing and biting at the same time and PERFECTLY mirrors the problems in the Clark/Lana/Lois triangle. Clark is completely turned on watching Lois dance and doesn’t look away until she spies him, he’s left highly uncomfortable when she leaves his lap. A man who’s 100% committed to his girlfriend would NEVER gawk at another woman the way he does with Lois. Clark then becomes completely obsessed with finding her when she goes missing. The level of panic that we see on his face when he realizes they might be smuggling her out of the country speaks volumes.

After their adventure is over and he sees that Lois is moving out, Clark immediately asks, “What are you doing? You just moved in!” He’s very confused and HURT that Lois is moving out of the house, again this is in direct contradiction to his joking early in the episode w/ his father “and Lois, I’d love nothing more than to get rid of Lois – I don’t think that would exactly qualify her as best friend material.” Of course she gets snarky on him and he as usual, masks his feelings with sarcasm. Their Talon exchange cements that even though they are not a couple, they are far closer on many levels than Clark and Lana will ever be.

The end of EXPOSED has a song playing in the background called Cold Hands(Warm Heart) the lyrics talk about a couple needing time apart before what they have falls apart…rather like when the producers used FLY during LUCY to show the budding true beginning of friendship for Clois beginning and their future launching, Cold Hands is perfect for showing that they need to back off from each other because things were getting too intense and confusing in their relationship at that moment.

RECKONING is one of the episodes that most people overlook for Clois action because so much time is spent on the Lana angst angle of it. But I think it’s very interesting that in the middle of this highly emotionally charged Clana-centric episode we have the stuff with Lois thrown in there, but even more that that, it’s very important that she was included. The first go around, Lana is there to save Lois and we get to see for the very first time what Lois really thinks of Clark. She pours her heart out to Lana with her line, “I only hope that I can meet someone as honorable as Clark someday.”

Second go around when he basically crushes Lana and she doesn’t make it to the Talon to save Lois, Clark remembers that something is out of place and when he when he realizes that Lois isn’t coming around, he immediately flies to her rescue. When he’s holding her and the lights are flashing on the floor all around him, he’s got the strangest “What the hell is this about?” look on his face. You can almost imagine him wondering, “Why would Lois be the one to take Lana’s place? I don’t love her.”

When he gets her to an ambulance they are again both very happy, smiling, and joking together. It takes Chloe reminding him that she lost Lana for Clark to even remember that his “great love” was imminently in danger. You’ll note that once again he barely makes it in time to save Lana.

Finally at the cemetery Lana does hold his hand and stand beside him, but he then let’s go of her hand and stands alone. Lana goes off towards Lex and its Chloe and Lois who’re together looking back at Clark. The two women who won’t betray him both have the greatest looks of concern and caring on their faces, whereas Lana just leaves him. If Lana really wanted to be at his side and prove that she was there for him, she would’ve never left him…but she didn’t stay.

When Lana and Clark finally fall apart Lois is there to give Clark tough love and gives him her highly intuitive Harley line. Clark is of course confused as he always is around Lois and is too clueless to understand the anvil hints that his mother keeps dumping onto his head that perhaps there’s another woman out there he’s meant to be with and it’s not Lana.


“Why do you always feel the need to lampoon anyone that I date?”

“I believe there is someone even more special out there for you.”

“Don’t worry Clark if I lived with such a beautiful woman under my roof I’d mask my feelings with sarcasm too.

“I then realized Clark Kent would never resort to Murder. I’m not even in the same league as you.”

Throughout seasons 4&5 we had times when Lois dated other men and we got to see Clark be very possessive over her and judgmental over her choices – from AC to Graham. Lois of course called him on it each time. Her snipping at him that she thought he might actually be jealous only further infuriates and confuses Clark to no end.

Why is it that when Lois dates someone he goes into high over protector mode to her and pulls up the dirt to show her? Why does he do this? Lois is only a friend who Clark goes crazy and possessive over like this. Chloe always manages to talk Clark out of going after Lana for moving on to Lex, even though Lex is a far greater threat than any of the guys who Lois dated. Then again, Lana doesn’t listen to Clark, whereas Lois usually does.

This season the tables are turned, it’s now Clark’s turn to sit back and watch Lois fall in love and be with another man. For Clark’s part after his investigation of Oliver in RAGE and getting Ollie’s head on straight after that, something amazing has happened, Clark found a guy who he believes is worthy enough for his Lois and he gallantly steps aside for them to be a couple.

I suppose it’s easy to see what Lois loves about Oliver, he’s smart, funny, gorgeous, and puts her on edge. The problem overall that I can see is that she’s uncomfortable living in his life. In FADE she told Graham that she wasn’t interested in flashy dates and she is never impressed w/ money and extravagant gifts, etc. At her heart, Lois is a simple woman who likes and enjoys simple pleasures…just like Clark Kent.

Lois’s behavior towards Clark in RAGE is a little out of character if you look at it only on the surface. However, if you look at it with her overall relationship with Clark, it’s not too out of character. Clark repeatedly over and over again does lampoon and find faults with her dates. This time around Lois has actual feelings for Oliver. Having her pseudo big brother-type wanting to go all possessive and find out why Oliver’s acting up is just the final straw on her back. As it is Lois’s record with men hasn’t been stellar. The last thing she needs is to find out that there’s something really wrong w/ her new golden boy – particularly from Clark.

When she’s snappy at him in the hospital it’s more a case of her venting her own frustrations and insecurities than having anything to do with Clark. By growling that she wants Chloe to help her, she’s hoping that maybe Clark won’t uncover dirt on a guy she actually likes. Lois can be quick to judge people and this is the first time that we actually see her needlessly lash out against Clark. Yet this is Clark that we’re talking about. You can tell he’s hurt by her words, but of course Clark as we know is also worried because he knows that Ollie and the Green Arrow are the same thing and is wondering that maybe Oliver is dead and Lois will have a LOT more pain coming in the future, so he backs off and doesn’t call her on her taunt. Clark Kent always tries to take the high road when he can.

Clark ultimately of course brings Oliver around and ends up and we get to see once again, another broken guy who’s completely intimidated by the depths of honor that Clark possesses. Clark then makes Oliver come to his family dinner and orchestrates Lois and him getting back together. There are several moments where we get to see that wonderful genuine smile that Clark gets on his face whenever he’s around Lois. He smiles because he knows he’s made her happy – but this time around, there’s a little bit of sadness that’s mixed into it. That is the smile of his own heart breaking and he doesn’t realize it.

One thing to note is that Clark is always respects Lois’s feelings. When she’s upset in LUCY he allows her to wallow in her room for two days and doesn’t disturb her, he also is highly conscious of respecting what she wants unless he perceives that what she wants will hurt her. He never shows this level of caring and respect for either Lana or Chloe. NEVER. So even when Lois is snappy at him in RAGE, he knows that there are deeper things going on underneath and tries to not take her 180 attitude personally. The look of gratitude & deep affection on Lois’s face when she’s watching Clark give his speech makes one think of her realization of him from LUCY, “You’re amazing Smallville, you still look for the best in people, even when they walk all over you.” No we didn’t get to see her apologize for going off on Clark, but you can tell that Clark sees her mending her relationship with Oliver was enough of an apology. The fact that she accepted Oliver back into her life, when he was brought back to her by Clark, shows how much she does appreciate her ‘big brother” type friend.

We still have the rest of the season to play out – but so far, Clark’s having to let go of Lois just like she did to him in seasons 4 & 5. In order for these two to ultimately end up together they need to get over the emotional roadblocks that are preventing them from getting closer to begin with. Much like Martha’s words to Lois in FADE, “Sometimes you have to get through all of the wrong men to find the right one,” we have to wait for those dreams that Lois has of a man in red cape to come to fruition before our two lost souls can ultimately meet up again and realize that they were meant to be. We need for them to both shed themselves of all of their old emotional baggage to really discover what they’re looking for in their soulmates and to realize that that person has been standing right at his/her side all along.


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