Tension mounts for Lane lovers

Source: news.com.au

Article is about Season 5 on Smallville

THERE were many advantages for Erica Durance in landing a semi-regular gig on Smallville, the hip young series about Superman as a boy.

The 28-year-old gets to live in her Canadian hometown of Vancouver, she works hard, but not the gruelling hours of fulltime cast members, her profile is rising and her character Lois Lane comes complete with both big and small screen histories.

A downside, though, is that it’s an overtly sexy series and in an upcoming episode there are several big bikini scenes filmed at a spectacular lake to deal with.

“Oh, I don’t think those scenes are ever something most actresses look forward to,” she says. “I’m also not a huge fan of the water, and I had to keep jumping back in. No girl likes to run around in a bikini, but it’s part of the deal and you just do it – grin and bear – even though it was so cold.”

The sixth season begins on Ten this week – Durance’s third – and producers plan to give her more plot-altering screentime after getting viewers used to the idea of her presence. After all, in Superman folklore they don’t meet until Clark goes to work in Metropolis.

“They’ve been careful with Lois, haven’t given her a whole lot to play with so far,” Durance says.

“They’re still trying to figure out what they can let Lois get away with, what they can or cannot allow her to do and where they can take her storyline (in the context of the traditional story). But she will have bit of a love interest this year – they bring in the Green Arrow and they have an interesting relationship. But they haven’t told me much more, except that she’s a lot more serious about journalism.”

The characters are now in college and moving towards adulthood, which means a lot will happen this season.

Lex is increasingly giving in to the dark side, which is destroying his friendship with Clark, Lana displays an edge and the adults have lots to cope with.

The series has consistently run the line between fantasy and reality and Durance says it’s good to keep some things real (except bikini scenes).

“I grew up aware as any teenager of the Superman world,” she says.

“I definitely knew who Lois Lane was and of all the girls who are in different support roles for heroes.

“Lois is sassy and independent.

She’s not a victim and does try first to get herself out of things, even though Superman always ends up saving her. But she always turns to herself first and I like that.

“I think the producers want to keep in the fantasy stuff people love, but they try to make the relationships more grounded. They make the relationships real when everything around them is so not real. But I think they do a good job.”

So far Smallville’s Lois and Clark appear not to like each other.

“There’s definitely something there,” Durance says.

“Clark is quite irritated with me, but shows that if I need help he’ll be there as a friend, as long as I don’t tell anybody.

“They (producers) like to play with the attraction thing between the two – are they or aren’t they? She finds herself oddly attracted to him but is disgusted with herself because of that. It’s a fun little dance as an actor but they are definitely solidifying the relationship, which is still in the ‘friendship/annoyed with you’ arena.”


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