Christmas with the Palffys

From The National Ledger.

The “Smallville” troops will be winding up production Dec. 20, “when we get hiatus for a couple of weeks, then shoot again through April,” reports Erica Durance, a.k.a. the show’s Lois Lane. “My husband (actor David Palffy) and I are just going to kick back. His family is going to be coming, and we’re going to have a big family party at our house, and then we’re thinking of going somewhere to see some sunshine. Vancouver just gets so gray.”

The beautiful Canadian actress notes that “Last year was my first Christmas with my husband in our house, so it was very romantic and sweet. My Christmases tend to be more old-fashioned. Growing up, all the Christmases were at home, and all were family-based. I’ve been through Christmases where the money was really low, and I remember just hanging out and listing to music and enjoying each other’s company. It made such an impression on me that Christmas is all about family and love and being together. I did have Christmas with no presents, and it was still Christmas.”


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