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Erica Durance : Actress of the Week

On AskMen.Com

Why we like her?

Erica Durance is a smoldering beauty. She may be a relative newcomer in the entertainment industry, but her physical presence is stunning in all the work she has undertaken. She’s only at the beginning of her career, but a little sex appeal goes a long way.

Why is she famous?

Erica Durance landed the role of Lois Lane on the WB’s Smallville in 2004. Her small guest-starring roles on other television shows before this gig don’t hold a candle to the amount of exposure and celebrity status that Smallville has brought her. As the sexy counterpart to Superman, Erica Durance has arrived.

Overall rating 77

Erica Durance is in the early stages of her career; she only recently picked up the role of Lois Lane in the successful WB series Smallville. In just three short years, however, she has managed to launch her acting career, play opposite Tom Welling’s Superman character and get married.

In this regard, Erica seems to have everything in balance and under her control. She continues to work on Smallville, but we eagerly await her new projects in the future; she’s a celebrity on the rise.

Personality & talent 73

Erica Durance’s personality has shone in all the roles she has taken on in her short career. She’s bubbly, inquisitive and spontaneous; definitely three traits we love. But Erica is also very private. Although we see photos of her everywhere, we don’t hear much about her new marriage or see the couple featured together often. Ironically, her ability to separate celebrity from reality only makes us want to know more about her.

Not all actors on popular television series have that much talent these days. In the case of Smallville, much of the show is built around eye candy (one of its stars is Kristin Kreuk, after all) and Erica falls in that category. None of her roles to date have had the potential to stretch her acting ability, but being on a popular show is great for her resume. It’s what she does after Smallville that will determine if she can take the path of talent in the industry, or if she’ll fall deeper into the abyss of being just another pretty face.

Sexiness 82

Erica has made more appearances in photos on the Web than she has in television and film. For those who were unlucky enough to watch House of the Dead (2003), the one payoff of the whole film was being able to see Erica Durance go skinny-dipping. Granted, she only went topless in the scene, but her form was slender and everything seemed to be quite real in the breast department. She has a slinky walk that matches her long locks, and is a true vixen with her full lips and wide eyes.

Accomplishments & Fame 65

Without Smallville, we might never have known Erica Durance. Her brief appearances on shows like Tru Calling (2004) and Andromeda (2004) didn’t really grant her the exposure she needed. She may have exposed too much in House of the Dead (2003), but we didn’t mind watching, and just maybe that had a little bit to do with her being offered the part of Lois Lane in Smallville. All in all, Erica’s fame and fortune have yet to be revealed, but she’s one to keep an eye on for the future.

Natural beauty 83

There isn’t one feature that stands out more than any other for Erica Durance. She is one of those women whose body and face are very well-balanced. Some guys love her high cheekbones; others say it’s in the eyes. We think it’s Erica’s smile that radiates her presence from head to toe. Her hair has been featured curly and straight, and both styles frame her quite well. Makeup for Erica is always very basic: she lets her features express themselves without playing them up too much. Erica Durance is basically keeping everything simple; we hope she sticks to that mantra.

Personal style 80

Erica seems to have a signature color: black. There are many actresses in the industry who like to take chances with fashion and this often lands them on worst-dressed lists. Erica Durance, however, avoids the risk taking and the bad red carpet remarks by embracing black. At the Los Angeles premiere of Batman Begins (2005), Erica arrived in a full-length, form-accentuating black dress. In January 2005, Erica attended the “Warner Bros. 50 Years of Quality TV” celebration in a double-strapped, knee-length dress. It showcased a fair amount of cleavage, but it was still a safe choice that matched her low-key makeup and loose hair curls.

Secret Wish

To film any of her future skinny-dipping scenes.


“I think both ladies did a really lovely job of playing the part… Both of them were at different stages in my life, and I think they did a great job.”
-Erica Durance, on Margot Kidder and Teri Hatcher as Lois Lane


Erica Durance was born on June 21, 1978, in Three Hills, Alberta, Canada. Her parents Joel and Gail Durance, a truck driver and librarian respectively, raised Erica on a turkey farm along with her older brother and sister. When Erica completed high school, she relocated to Vancouver to begin work as an actress.

In 1996, at the age of 18, Erica married her first husband and took the last name of Parker. In 1999, the couple divorced, but she is still credited as Parker for some of her early acting jobs.

Erica Durance in House of the Dead

In 2002, Erica made her film debut in the Canadian film The Untold, known as Sasquatch in the United States. Durance played Tara Knowles, daughter of billionaire Harlan Knowles. Although the film had an approximate budget of $3 million, it received little notice.

In 2003, Erica landed her second film role in the adaptation of the popular zombie video game, House of the Dead. While working on the film, Erica started a relationship with costar David Palffy. Although the film had a wide release, it was not a success. That same year, Erica had a role in Devil Winds, a made-for-television movie about tornadoes. By this time, she was still a relatively unknown actress.

Erica Durance flies high in Smallville

Erica made guest appearances on three popular television series in 2004: Tru Calling, Andromeda and Stargate SG-1. The exposure she received from these jobs led to her being cast as Lois Lane on the WB’s Smallville in September 2004. Erica continues her work on Smallville, as this role has increased her notoriety significantly.

On January 8, 2005, Erica married David Palffy; the two recently purchased a home and currently reside in Vancouver.

What else do you need to know?


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