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Erica Durance On Being New Lois Lane

Source Sci Fi Pulse

29 December 2004

By Ian M. Cullen

One character that not many people would have expected to have turned up in Smallville is Lois Lane who later on in the life would become Supermans eventual love interest as well as the thorn in Clark Kent ‘s side. However for the episodes of Smallville in which Erica Durance’s Lois Lane is featured in, which by the end of season 4 could total 13, the writers are more focused on making Lois the aforementioned thorn in Kent ‘s side. During an interview with Ian Spelling for Dreamwatch Durance revealed how excited she was by playing the 21 st Century version of Lois Lane , who to fans of Superman is just as much an Iconic character than the man of steel himself.

The role of Lois Lane has pretty much launched Erica Durance’s acting career into the stratosphere, prior to taking on the mantle of Lois Lane Durance had been playing the part of the jobbing actor taking whatever work she could get in order to pay the bills. Prior to her role on Smallville she had taken guest roles on shows such as: Tru Calling and Andromeda. To date the role of Lois Lane in Smallville is the biggest thing in Television that she has done thus far, and one thing that Durance has had a tough time with is just how big of a fan base Smallville actually has, and having just come off of a flurry of her first conventions Durance has pretty much interacted directly with the fan base for a first time and it is fair to say that she is still buzzing from the experience.

“I had a couple of days of pretty intense signing.” Durance said. “It was my first situation of going at it alone and meeting the fans. It was actually quite shocking. I was like, ‘Um, I think this line is for some other actor, not for me.’ They all laughed at me. I didn’t have to get up on a stage in front of thousands of people at this show. I basically chatted with people on the line, as they came through, and I signed things for them.”

One thing Durance was worried about with regards to her first convention appearance was how fans would accept her as the new Lois Lane . Smallville may well be the new show about Superman, but as a franchise Superman is older than Star Trek, and there have been a number of different Hollywood performers who have taken on the role of Lois Lane, actors who some of the older members of the Smallville audience will remember. Indeed Margot Kidder portrayed the older Lois Lane in the Superman movies and in the 1990’s TV show Lois and Clark Teri Hatcher played the role so Durance had some tough acts to follow. However when confronted for the first time with her share of the Smallville audience Durance’s concerns soon dissipated.

“I really was worried at first because Lois Lane is such and iconic character, and what are you going to do with Lana?” Durance asks rhetorically. “Are you just going to barge in? A lot of them were really frank and said, ‘I was really worried at first, but now I think you’ve done a great job.’ That was kind of nice, especially coming from people who know so much about superman and the whole superman mythology. I’m sure there are people who don’t like my Lois, too, but you’re always going to get that. I’m my own worst critic. There’s always stuff I feel I need to learn.”

When this interview was conducted Durance had appeared in 6 episodes of the new season of Smallville and had just completed filming an episode titled Pariah which Durance reveals a little about.

”Pariah deals with one of the characters [Alicia Baker, played by Sarah Carter] from last year [Obsession] and it’s a follow – up to the episode before it [Unsafe, in which Durance did not appear]. So it’s a two episode arc about a character that Clark was involved with before. The episode deals with a lot of shadows from the past and it’s a whodunit show. After that they’re just looking for a way to get Lois back to Smallville for a lot longer. I’m slotted for some more episodes after Christmas. I think the idea they’re looking at is that Lois has done something bad at college that has gotten her kicked out. So therefore, where else is there to go but back to Smallville? I’m sure that Lois will continue to shake things up and that she and Clark will continue to irritate each other and, hopefully, create lots of fun for everyone.”

At the time of this interview Durance was slated to appear in 13 episodes of Smallville during its 4 th year, however the chances are that Lois Lane could well be in a few more episodes than the aforementioned bakers dozen, and if that does happen Durance is more than happy to come back to Small Town America to irritate the hell out of Clark Kent (Tom Welling). As far as a 5 th season goes the actress said she would be happy to continue on.

“I would be interested in coming back, of course,” said Durance. “That would be wonderful, to be able to be on this show for another season. I think they’re working on that right now and deciding how much of next season Lois might be back and where they could take the character. I know they’d love to bring her back, but there’s the film coming up and there are all sorts of things in the upper echelons that I don’t know reasons for, but I’ll probably know what’s happening for in next couple of months.”

You can read much more of this interview with Erica Durance in issue 125 of Dreamwatch magazine which is out now in the UK . The fourth season of Smallville has been airing in the US on Wednesday evenings at 8pm ET on the WB Network. British viewers should be able to catch new episodes of the series on both Channel 4 and E 4 respectively in the New Year.


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